I choose #2

  1. Pretty sure Québec and the maritimes have it too. I know for sure I’ve seen it in Quebec tho (although on the border of Ontario tbf). Also certain South American countries such as Argentina have bagged milk

  2. What does "anime GF" mean here? Is it a character from an anime (or following anime tropes) realized as a real person? Is it a person with proportions and features of an anime character in real life? Is it an actually two-dimensional being existing in our three-dimensional world? Is it a body pillow? If so, does it think and talk? Is it an animated character on a screen? If so, does it think and talk?

  3. We also have to ask what does “milk bag” mean here? Is it just the bag for holding milk, and you have to fill it with your own damn milk? Is it a bag filled with ultra pasteurized milk that will last a long time on the shelf? Or is it a bag filled with unpasteurized milk that will spoil quickly? If the latter, I’ll choose the anime GF

  4. why would you choose #2? You see, this bag is around 2L so its worth about 5 dollars. #1 on the other hand, with all of the organs, skin and probably jewelry can be worth as much as 10 million dollars!

  5. Canadian here. Milk bags are a pain in the ass and wasteful as hell. At least jugs are only one piece of plastic, but with milk bags you buy 3 plastic bags of milk which come in yet another plastic bag. You always have to have scissors handy to change bags so most people don't bother to change it and leave it for the next person. And if someone doesn't cut it properly the stream will come out weird and hard to control and there isn't much you can do until you reach the end of the bag.

  6. Bagged milk is so much more sanitary than bottled or jarred. Have you ever seen what people put in empty jars? Same reason I only buy beer in cans

  7. Dude, it's choosing between something great that you will have for a long time or something you can just use up in a day. It's an extremely obvious choice.

  8. I didn’t realize it was different until I dated a girl who just moved from Australia. She said it was the most baffling thing she’d seen .

  9. I ain't gone never drink from a milk bag those god awful Easterners thinking they are the only canadians

  10. Does it count if I am the girlfriend? Also can confirm bag milk here in Canada, I live in NS and walked into a Giant Tiger and lo and behold. Sweet bagged milky

  11. Ok now think about this. If we pick #1, this would mean they go under anime and HENTAI rules. Which means we have a constant source of milk

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