It do be like that

  1. Also government backed student loans instead of an actual bank so there's nobody going "This shits too risky, he's never going to pay this back with that degree" and denying loans.

  2. Well.. yes Danes do get literally paid to attend school/education BUT it’s really not that much money, so they give you the option to loan some extra, so you have enough money for both rent and food, buuut you’re still gonna pay them back, and if you don’t they can take em right out of your paycheck before you even receive the money (Edit) spelling. Also, back to topic, many Danes do graduate with student loans

  3. Even if they don't graduate with student loans they are still paying for it for the remainder of their working lives. The difference is that they never SEE the money taken from their check because it was already disbursed to the government.

  4. I can tell you making more money than most with an associate's degree, while only having a GED and having zero student debt feels pretty fucking good as well. Except for the fact that I'd have a rough time finding a new job. But I just stuff those worries down.

  5. Anyone on here graduate with Debt? What was your experience? I went to a school in Utah so tuition wasn't much and I had a job. No debt for me.

  6. I’m in the us and I graduated with my second degree last week with no debt, worked full time and only took 4 classes per semester, took 5 or so years. Guess I would have been a bad accounting major if I had done it any other way though

  7. Honestly, apples are way worse than oranges, but only when you leave them in the sun for a month and rub them on the floor before eating them slathered in mustard

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