Last time it took me 30 minutes

  1. This was me 20 years ago whenever I got working on a new pc with nvidia, after a week of trial and error

  2. And the next time you updated your system it broke the nvidia drivers and you had to start all over dinking with it to get it working again.

  3. Don't know but clearly the Linux user has a GUI so they can just use that to change the wallpaper which is going to be at least as convenient as it is in Windows.

  4. Shellscript? I make my wallpapers part of the OS and inaccessible by any user, so to change it I recompile my own OS versions. Get on my level! /s

  5. I've been running Red Hat since I was 5. I have everything patched together just the way I like it so why use anything else?

  6. Several years ago, an Argh user was telling me how great it was because you could do useless things (his words) like install multiple desktops. So he showed me that, and then said it would only take almost an hour to put it back the way it was, which actually took several hours.

  7. Yep. KDE is full-featured but lightweight and is hugely customisable, and yes, I usually spend hours on the initial configuration to get everything exactly the way I want it. That said, right-click on the desktop and "set wallpaper" is the first item in the menu.

  8. You can't really get into Linux without the capacity to laugh at oneself. It's a coping mechanism necessary to survive the first Linux days.

  9. Honestly nowadays I think you'd be hard pressed to find an easily available Linux distro that didn't have "change wallpaper" as an option if you right click the desktop (because I mean like, pretty everyone uses one of the same three windowing systems)

  10. I gotta be honest. I work with Linux and have Ubuntu installed as a secondary operating system and really basic stuff trips me up now and again. Like recently I did a clean reinstall and for some reason firefox would play videos properly. I think I had do install some codec pack and disable an option somewhere.

  11. Ah, takes me back to the days of 3D desktop cubes and Compiz / Beryl. When it worked it was glorious. Until it worked it was a lesson in pain tolerance.

  12. For the last 15 years I've used linux and macOS on my own computers. I'm completely lost when I have to use windows. It changed so much since the XP days.

  13. Depends on the WM/DE. On most DEs, it's really quick and easy. If you're using just a WM, you probably already know the command.

  14. I'd say it's easier, even. On KDE Plasma the right-click menu has a 'change wallpaper settings' option and it opens up the best wallpaper settings menu I've ever used.

  15. Hey psst. Linux has a graphical interface too with all the features and we actually only use the console when its actually faster with it.

  16. With all these discussions under this meme I just wanted to say that linux works great for me. I use it for video games as well as for programming. 80% of stuff runs without problem for 19.9% there's a workaround and for the remaining 0.1% there's an alternative.

  17. The amount of people in the comments not getting the joke and genuinely getting upset that it's actually not hard to change the wallpaper on Linux lol.

  18. No no, we get the joke. It’s just that it’s completely unoriginal, always made, and just makes (GNU/) Linux look more intimidating, discouraging new users. And most people will never read into it and find out these stupid jokes aren’t true.

  19. They get the joke. They just don't find it funny. A good joke should subvert reality, not be completely detached from it. A joke should make me think "haha, true" not "what... What is he talking about?"

  20. why the fuck would you need a wallpaper? What's wrong with the majestic display of commands in fonts such as /usr/lib/kbd/consolfonts/URW_Chancery_L?

  21. I've been using computers since I was 5, I'm turning 30 now and still baffles me we really only have two system interfaces commercially available to the average user, windows and apple, I'm sure there's plenty out there, but the average user can not use Linux or open source system interfaces ECT. Most people will buy a computer, pre installed systems on them and leave it at that. We should have least a 3rd commercially available by now.

  22. Do you know that windows had to create a hyper complex system known as windows Linux subsystem, just to ship a GNU/Linux environment because so much software does not support windows?

  23. No industry reliable software supports it, I mean you know 90% of the "internet" and whatever online service you use is backed by Linux somehow right?

  24. Windows users after they managed to crack windows to change their wallpaper format (and get a monero miner as a bonus)

  25. If you use GUI, setting up wallpaper is identical to Windows and if you do not use GUI you do not set the wallpaper.

  26. Completely untrue. Most Linux or BSD operating systems have a normal, modern desktop environment by default. Though I use the recently open-sourced Common Desktop Environment. An oldey, but a goodey.

  27. Seems legit. I had a roommate in college who was a computer programming major and he had a serious love-hate relationship with his Linux laptop lol

  28. Linux user here: you sound so uneducated it takes years to gain the skill needed for the wallpaper change, and it takes far over an hour.

  29. To be fair changing wallpaper here is same difficulty as in any other os. It just can be disorienting with ui which you was not accustomed. But running some unsupported game in wine - that is another story. But most people are too windowed to know this.

  30. I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is, in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken into calling it, GNU+Linux. Linux is not an operating system onto itself, but rather a free component of a fully functional GNU system made possible by the GNU corelibs, shell utilites and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

  31. It is bit like windows actually doing its day job! Like effective memory and disk management . Like finding out you do not have to defrag the disk and thing loosely called the repository . It's like finding out your machine is actually secure. It's like having control when to do updates and when you update one product it does not mess up another. But off course changing your wallpaper is so important........

  32. Right click on desktop, click on 'Change desktop background', click on one of the images that come up in your Pictures file. 10 seconds :)

  33. The computer on my school use linux, theres a wallpaper of gta III on it, the kid who did it is smart asf

  34. And then "Windows interface is not intuitive to use" comes out. Ohh I knew guy like that bitching on windows every single chance he had but when I was walking outside 2 weeks after I finished game he were almost done with instalation.

  35. Right click on desktop and choose "change background". It's so complicated indeed. This meme maybe was relevant 15+ years ago.

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