I like BBWs

  1. Get me pictures of fat spider woman (seriously, I need them. This is no longer a joke. Send them to my DM’s as soon as you can find them)

  2. It was kind of the opposite tho, man said something unpopular, people criticized him for it, and he ran off crying.

  3. If you ran into someone thick in the morning, you ran into someone thick. If you run into thick people all day, you're thick.

  4. If you live in the real world, it’s comprised of mostly assholes. The amount of them that you run into per day, is purely coincidental. So…regardless of why people don’t like you, you should just assume you’re an asshole, even if you do nothing but try to be good to others? You sound like an asshole.

  5. The issue was that he saw a women he found unattractive and called it “authoritarian tolerance”. Bro, no one is making you buy the magazine

  6. He didn't even say he "didn't like" it. He acted like it's objectively true and publishing pictures of women who don't fit a certain beauty standard is authoritarian. The magazine is authoritarian because just showing a woman with a body type you don't like is somehow forcing you to do something?

  7. I also feel his language was an issue. I dont think it's fair to say someone isnt beautiful, but just he doesnt find it attractive. Big difference imo

  8. JP literally had a mental breakdown and ragequit twitter after people made fun of him for not being able to handle a slightly thick woman being on a magazine cover. The mental gymnastics to make this meme are inspiring honestly.

  9. some moron called jordan peterson said on twitter said that featuring chubby women on a sports magazine is "authoritarian tolerance" and got bullied out of twitter

  10. Nah it’s more like “Hey this model is heavier than what I like. That means she fucking ugly and it’s forced by the woke left”

  11. Did Peterson even know there was 4 covers? 3 of 4 was his preferences. One was Kim, one was another skinny artist, one musks mom, and one the plus size model. 2/3 of the population is overweight and obese it would make sense for one of the 4 covers to cater to them. Hoping they buy magazines. Not everything is for everyone. If he didn’t like it pick one of the other 3.

  12. Yeah, but it can also be problematic to "normalize" being fat. I mean ofc being fat isnt a bad thing(execpt for you health) and acting like that its normal and beautiful to be 50-100kg more than you should is wrong. Way to many people are fat right now and it really shouldnt become more. Dont want to live in a world like Wall e

  13. i mean isn't that just the type of people you like for example i don't find obsesse (fat) women attractive at all and wouldn't date one does that make me fatphobic?

  14. According to a particular group of self-righteous fat fucks, yes, that’s extremely fat phobic and you should be cast out from society for not wanting to bone fat people.

  15. No one cares if you aren't into chubby or overweight women. However, if you cry about how "authoritarian tolerance" is supposed to make you attracted to overweight women just because one is on the cover of a magazine you are just a joke.

  16. People are allowed to have preferences. It's perfectly fine to not like fat chicks. Though announcing it unprovoked seems a bit assholey. Now if someone asked you, it's completely acceptable to answer truthfully.

  17. There's a distinct difference between having an attraction preference and going out of your way to shame people for things that are none of your business.

  18. And again, the trolls represent the equation as though Peterson is some "wise guru" and he said something that "triggered the libs."

  19. dude…everyone can have a bad opinion but it doesn’t make everything else they suddenly become dumb and stupid.Not to defend JP on this matter but a lot of his philosophy lecture is really good and intellectual. Maybe think of him as your college professor, not everything he said is right, but a lot of it do have its merits

  20. He is definitely an intellectual, no debate about that. Not everyone who you don't agree with is an idiot.

  21. “It seems like he tried to rub one off to the magazine cover and failed, and is now trying to make a political issue about it”

  22. "Being not skinny is ugly, and liking fatter women is authoritarian (like Stalinist Russia🥺)"

  23. You can have preferences. But going out of your way to just tell everyone your preferences, and try to force others to fit your preferences and shame those who don’t fit them? That’s a whole other rude thing

  24. His opinion. Deal with it. I fully agree with him. It is a shame for ANYONE to grow old without seeing what his / her body is capable of. Start working out, and if u dont want to, then okay, u do urs, but do not complain if people dont wanna fall in love with u because of personal preferences.

  25. I'm even afraid to ask what the hell this is, the sub here lately has been so pro-incel that it's even worrying

  26. It can be attractive to some people, but I agree that it at a certain point it becomes dangerous to both the mental and physical well-being of a person.

  27. Or chicks with dicks....which apparently makes me a transphobe 🤷‍♂️. I could say I'm not gay and I get "but they're women!!" THEN WHY DO THEY HAVE A DICK KAREN!?!?!

  28. He’s allowed to have a preference, but just blatantly being an asshole about it on Twitter is crossing the line. He got what he deserved.

  29. With tears in his eyes and a crying voice "I am so sad for yung males, and it makes me very emotional, even tho men don't know how to act socially they deserve women as their slaves" -jordan penison

  30. Don't kid yourself Jordan Peterson is an idiot. You just like him because somehow before seeing him you had never imagine self improvement existed. And that on you.

  31. Bud I think you gotta get off the internet for a bit. Literally no one I've met is on the "fAt PrIdE" bandwagon, at best it's a vocal internet minority. Try filling your feed with stuff you like instead of stuff that angers you

  32. I am going to research this through Google because this reads more like a personal slam piece than a legit informative article.

  33. This is by far the worst article i have ever red. I dont even care about who that guy is but this fucking article reads like it was written by some 12 year old

  34. he had a point. if i was still subscribed to SI i would have cancelled after that issue. fat chicks are gross lol like fuck body positivity so run a mile and lay off the fancy mic donald’s. seriously fuck fat ppl

  35. Some people are like, "Dont fat shame" and im there thinking maybe some people dont want to be in a relationship with a person who has health issues that could affect the longevity of the relationship and cost a lot of money to cater to or treat.

  36. That's not what happened. Jordan Peterson said that fat women can never be beautiful and putting one a magazine cover was propaganda. Then he ran off Twitter crying.

  37. He was crying about not being able to beat off to her (he was trying very hard). Its a normal body type for women people that deny that have never interacted with women.

  38. It's not that, it's that Jordan Peterson said that having a mildly fat woman in a bikini on a magazine cover was leftist fascist propaganda because no fat woman can ever be beautiful. Then he ran crying off Twitter.

  39. The question is, what is he defining as fat? There’s a trend these days that if you aren’t thin as a photoshopped model, idiots like him call you fat. Folks can’t seem to handle real women.

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