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  1. I don’t hate on anybody. I’m just not afraid to tell you that coming out after years of being a loser just makes you a gay loser

  2. I feel like this would be an equivalent of the holocaust with some homophobic version of hitler named Warren Spinklebottom

  3. I just saw this at the lgbt sub and wanted to come over and say one last good bye before the war starts

  4. Your use of "I" is actually reinforcing cultural anxiety about egocentricism in persons in positions of power. I'm quaking rn

  5. Recently I posted a positive reply to a post but for some reason everybody took it the wrong way and down voted me into Oblivion I can't even say nice things or politically correct things without getting downvoted any more let alone anything edgy like damn nobody can take a joke these days

  6. I can say simple statements on Reddit that cause the most heated debates for no reason and this isn't even specifically about the LGBTQ community

  7. Just went trough your profile to see the post and most people just say that they don’t care about it, just because they say they don’t care about why you are part of the community doesn’t mean that they are hating you, you are not the center of the universe no one cares of what community you are on get over yourself

  8. I just checked too. I thought OP had a legitimate reason to be upset but they’re just being whiny. The comments only said they wanted actual memes not unnecessary statements

  9. Funny how one sexond it smells like incel and the other ppl are complaining about everyone being too pandering

  10. I think at this point we need a whole new website alternative... uhh I dont see any better alternatives

  11. hasnt it always been complete bigoted trash tho. i've seen shit like this for years on my old account. im unsubbing here. fuck the bigoted shits here. they can have this rotten shithole of a sub

  12. When a joke is about the suicide % of different people groups, laughing about dismissing someone's identity and relentlessly going after people I think it might have gone a bit too far.

  13. I thought the alphabet people aren’t allowed to be made fun of/memed/mocked etc. It would automatically label you a bigot for some dumbfounded reason

  14. 90% of those are trolls. They just like pissing people of and target people at areas where they are vulnerable(like gender, religion, etc.) to make their life seam less misserable. Just ignore them.

  15. I only give an opinion after seeing the meme, because what has been going on around here is hate disguised as a "meme"

  16. Considering all the jokes that are made about men, women, straight people, gay people, bisexual people...and so on and so forth, members of the LGBTQ+ should be able to take it on the chin to prove how unbothered they are by them. Responding negatively to people's jokes is the exact reason they keep coming back for more.

  17. Because not speaking out about being proud of your gender identity or sexuality won't change laws or the blatantly oppressive society we live in???

  18. honestly bro probs because it was way too blatant. making a meme like "when i am the gay haha gay gay the joke is that im so gay epically gay and relatable being gay gayness" it's not even funny or subtle

  19. there is also the same "haha funny straight man still virgin no pussy memes. your point here is redundant and just comes off as "i dont want gay shit shoved down muh throat"

  20. Just bare in mind that gay people only got the right to marry in the 2000s... Before that it wasn't allowed or either ILLEGAL to have that kind of relationship. So to those communities, it was almost as if their entire government and most of society invalidated their entire existence.

  21. Idgaf what a grown adult does with their body or how they live their life because theyre a grown up and old enough to make theyre own decisions. Just dont expect me to agree with the choices youve made when I dont ask you to understand mine.

  22. Pretty much! I fall under a part of the LGBT umbrella and seeing people demand acceptance of their choices makes no sense to me. Yes we had to fight for basic rights and equality, yes there are still grey areas there, yes there is still way too much hate. But there is hate directed at every group these days. If people just minded their own business and agreed to disagree things might be more simple.

  23. It’s weird to think that someone would cry about someone else’s humour. It’s subjective, and crying out loud to whoever said the joke isn’t going to influence their true perception of humour

  24. If my "humour" was just straight up saying that all minorities should die, no punchline or anything, would that protect me from getting flamed for being racist?

  25. Lmfao looking at your profile, you're the most hateful mf I have seen in a month. P.S: LGBTQ isn't an organization, it's a literal acronym for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer" lmfaoooo

  26. Freaks? You mean the annoying ass straight people who keep talking about ass, boobs, pussy, and all that, and spreading their sexuality everywhere, with their weird fetishes, even when told to cut it out, and then have the audacity to call other sexualities the weird ones?

  27. Idk, didn't work out so hot for Netflix. Maybe don't be like Netflix? Let me ask you something? Do you give a shit about my straightness? Exactly.

  28. Oooo found someone in the wild who serouisly believes corporations are gay propaganda or something, and dedinitelt not doing it for the money... Also do you seriously belive Netflix is failing because a show is Queerbaiting and not because of their recent dumb actions???

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