Describe a Greek mythology as shitty as possible and others have to guess which story it is

  1. Some dude gets on a boat and has to worry about what could be a whale, a squid, and an island that’s got goats on it, and possibly a massive one eyed creature

  2. Hot ace guy hurt a few peoples feelings by ignoring their sexual advances got cursed to like the smell of his own farts and turned into a fucking flower while doing so.

  3. Woman maintains relationship with man whose face she’s never seen. Under pressure, decides to look upon it, man leaves her.

  4. fire steal from gods dude, gets liver ripped out by giant bird. don't know his name, it starts with a p I think

  5. forgot his name but it was Artemis' best friend drove mad by Gaea or something and went on a tangent murdering everything until I think Artemis idk summoned something he couldn't kill

  6. Man and woman love each other, but because of a kitten both commit suicide while permanently changing the color of a fruit

  7. I forgot his name but he watched Artemis' hunters bathe and got turned into a deer (i think idk) and Artemis and her hunters then hunted him

  8. This isn't Greek mythology this is just the news last week lol amber heard pooping in her bed to assert dominance over Johnny dep

  9. the sons of the Gaea who had hundreds of hands and the other had hundreds of eyes, forgot their names but they were banished to hell where furies whipped them for years until the greek gods overthrew Kronos with their weapons forged by them and then they were free, they got banished because Kronos or Gaea's wife idk which thought them ungly so they got thrown to Tartaurus

  10. Dad is having a fight with Mom, and when their son tries to protect his Mom, his Dad yeets him out of the window, crippling him for life. Later, when he gets back into the house, his Mom thinks he is so ugly and is reminded of her fight with her husband, so she yeets him out of the window a second time.

  11. Man snitches on kidnapper, evades punishment (temporarily) with help from accomplice. Finally punished with hard labor.

  12. Man believed to be invincible inadvertently becomes responsible for a phrase used to describe a debilitating weakness.

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