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  1. Because European politicians actually care about their kids and have secure schools with mental wellness, instead of painting targets on them and indoctrinating the students with insanity.

  2. False equivalance. Mass shooters depend on a tool to be mass shooters. If they don't have it they can't be mass shooters. Rapists only depend on themselves.

  3. I don’t think there’s meant to be a comparison between the rapist and the shooter here— just the similarity of them being 100% responsible of their actions.. and blaming nothing but that said person.

  4. Yes people will find a way to obtain guns, but the fact of the matter is that most of these mass shooters have no underground/criminal connection to obtain said weapons. The problem is that any kid and his dog can legally obtain incredibly deadly weapons with no effort.

  5. Drink drivers don’t obey the law either, and yet we have DWI laws. People are not asking to take your guns, just make it harder for people with mental health issues to get them. That’s it.

  6. Op is so clever! No one is responsible of anything as long a he did not pull the trigger! The NRA defend is own interest by blocking aymny law of regulation on gun, they are juste sellers not scooters!

  7. Uhhhhhhh, Germany has fairly strict gun laws and a guy made a gun at home and killed people with it. You can use 2 metal pipes with a nail in one end and a shot shell in the other, this method was used in Germany 2020. The Same shooter made a rifle. Sweden has a shit load of new crime involving guns and explosives and Sweden also has fairly strict gun laws.

  8. Have you not heard of mass shootings in Europe where guns are mostly illegal to own? Guns are not the problem. The people wielding the guns are. It's like saying that you should get rid of the "dangerous dogs breeds" because they bite people, instead of holding breeders and bad owners responsible.

  9. I mean in theory yes but I don't think getting to "there are no guns" is a simple proposition in practice.

  10. You have “Islam” as a potential cause of mass shootings while ignoring the fact that far more mass shootings in America are caused by angry Christians than Muslims. Why do you think Muslims are even mentioned then? Could it be because you are a brainwashed simpleton that has bought into a narrative of nonsense and propaganda intended to outrage you rather than address a serious societal problem?

  11. Excellent logic. Now we deduce that homicides, home invasions and and assaults are all caused solely by the perpetrator(s) and not by lack of weapons to defend oneself. If you follow that logic, guns to defend yourself or your home are unnecessary, and you can just as well give them up.

  12. No that is just no. The crime is still commited because they have no idea how many guns you have if you store them right. Or you could own a shop.

  13. We can’t cut off the sexual organ of every potential rapist, but we can regulate guns and stop selling assault rifles to every potential mass shooter.

  14. Obligatory most guns involved in crimes are not purchased legitimately, and most were stolen from people who did purchase them with proper licenses.

  15. Like someone already said, someone who's gonna do a mass shooting isn't going to use a legal/registered weapon. Those can be traced. If they want the chance to get away with it, they can't use a weapon that'll point right back to them. Using illegal weapons means its harder to track. MEANING that gun laws won't stop the shootings. There's a deeper root issue that has to be solved first.

  16. Both are these are obviously bullshit - anybody can observe data from other countries and realize that the United States has deep fucking problems and lazy ass meme bullshit from alt-right fucking losers aren't going to fix it.

  17. Yes but unlike rapists, we can take away guns from shooters, we can’t take anything away from a rapist to stop them raping

  18. People really think that gun control will solve anything gun control will only take away the responsible gun owners guns the gun owners that dont go on mass rampages because criminals are criminals and most guns used in crime are either stolen or bought off the black market

  19. why are there quote marks around assault? like, are fully automatic high caliber guns useful/used for anything besides trying to shoot as many people as you can? im pretty sure guns such as the AK-47 was specifically designed for warfare, in fact i just checked, and yep it was designed for war, so how is it not an assault weapon? also, can someone explain to me why making it significantly harder for average schmucks off the street to get literally military grade heavy ordinance would be a bad thing?

  20. Cuz ar does not stand for assult rifle it stands for armor light. Assult rifle was a term coind by the nazis durring ww2 to make the allies more afraid of their new shtermgavare.

  21. The US should ban guns so I don't have to submit to a background check anymore when buying them. It's such an inconvenience.

  22. And both are equally healed responsible for those actions. Right? We’re gonna sort it so that they stop doing both things, right? Right?

  23. While the argument of “If guns are outlawed then only the criminals would have them” is true, if banks stored all their cash in the middle of the lobby, there’s be more robbers.

  24. The problem with the USA is many people are very mistrusting, pessimistic and insecure. They don't trust their friends, their family, the govt etc hence why its difficult to get rid of the amendment. Maybe its the system fueling propaganda for profit, maybe its the diversity of culture and tradition brought by embracing immigration, and maybe it could be a thriving virus of loneliness and depression. in an generation of smart phones and workaholic cultures. But fear and disunity is more governable profitable than love (- Machiavelli) so leaders would never go for it. smh

  25. Only in America do we have mass school shootings. Something must be done. What ever the causes are, something must be done to prevent psychos from getting guns and murdering children at school. Israel has armed guards everywhere, and they still have their people getting gunned down regularly for decades. Armed guards aren’t helping, there’s something else Israel needs to do to live in peace.

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