I’ve never seen someone lose everything this fast

  1. Exactly his point. You can attack everyone except one. Once you start with them, you get canceled. What happened to equality? Only equal when they want to be.

  2. and they were probably responsible for making intelligent decisions on things like how to maintain relationships with his children if his ex wife wants to stop that, huge things that can/will change his life

  3. West hasn’t been mentally right since his car accident / mother passed away. He’s been full-on crazy for at least 6-ish years now and suffers from the more severe form of bi-polar disorder for which he has not been getting treatment. He has been on a bender saying offensive things about black people for at least 3 years, but it picked up steam about a month ago. Still, no one cared. Then in the past several days, he stepped it up to anti-Semitic remarks, and now he is being dropped from every partnership and deal he had for them. He has been getting “advised” by known conservative grifter Candace Owens and has basically been repeating her talking points word-for-word while she convinces him to buy her husband’s failing business, the conservative version of Twitter - Parlor. Meanwhile, the media continues to gleefully book him for interview after interview while he is blatantly suffering from a manic episode.

  4. Kanye doing kanye shit, you know how it goes, he gets a microphone and either starts rifling off conspiracy theories or just insulting people and saying his a god and a genius while sounding like the lunatic that he is, or a combination of both

  5. Well and just he has tons of wealth in hand already also. So the meme would be more appropriate as *cries into stack of hundred dollar bills *

  6. Even if he lost everything and had only $1 mil or a few saved, he’d still be richer than most of the population

  7. I dont get what people expect to happen here lol he’s already pretty damn accomplished. Not getting additional endorsements or business deals wont take away the money thats been hitting his bank account for the last 2 decades.

  8. If he ever did lose his money, he would still fit right in with the working class folks with his work boots and faded goodwill Gap hoodie look right now.

  9. I think it's funny that people defending him are blaming cancel culture when this man up and got himself cancelled. Fuck Kanye. Stop giving that narcissist the spotlight he so craves.

  10. Was still a billionaire until recently when adidas dropped him. Lost hundreds of millions of his worth and dropped far out of billionaire class

  11. Imagine if he surrounded himself with nice people when he was stable, they'd never let him do these stuff. There's reason why a rich person can be this hateful, because of the decisions they made on their own

  12. I’ve got a friend who’s a Kanye music fan, and he says that while he thinks Kanye is an awful person, he thinks his most epic album is coming soon because the more insane Kanye gets, the better his music becomes

  13. I think he made some SLIGHT progress towards understanding what he did wrong during his Lex Friedman podcast, but he didn’t fully understand why it’s bad to generalize an entire group of people for what individuals have done. Especially when he is in a position of power.

  14. It went down before. Kim just jumped ship early. If someone is mentally ill like Kanye and is not willing to work on themselves you better leave before you go down with them.

  15. he compared jews to black people (just staying what he said) and downplayed the Holocaust which is a.. fucking disgusting and straight up sick Thing to do

  16. Many things. He spewed antisemetic statements about how the Jewish are the root of all problems in the world, sold white lives matter merchandise, etc.

  17. He will be handed millions if not billions by people who love him for "being real" and his next CD will be a chart topper thanks to "separating art from artist"

  18. Kanye is gonna start his on Yeezy line without adidas or Nike this time, and y’all still gonna f with it weather you think he’s hitler or not

  19. Man can put on a fucking swastika armband if he wants, it'll never cross out what he brought to the culture in my eyes... And y'all comparing him to Hitler is ridiculous...

  20. Did he lose anything though? He doesn’t care about media & he’s a billionaire. He literally gives zero f*cks anymore. The best way to attack his ego is to ignore him.

  21. Yea if he talked bad about Muslims no one would give a shit. He wouldn't lose his career. That says something about what he's been saying.

  22. Why’s there always some moron in the comments saying stuff like this, the reason is because antisemitism makes up 60% of hate crime in the US, yes everyone does talk about Islamophobia, yes we flip our shit too when it happens, but how about instead of trying to undermine the current situation and suffering of Jews, we don’t join in with it, and we think before spreading more antisemitism, which is what you’re doing, you’re an antisemite

  23. Good riddance. For as long as he’s been around, I’ve never heard a good thing about him. Check him for a brain tumor or early-onset dementia, but dude defo seems completely responsible for his actions. Deplatforming and banning him is the famous person equivalent of “talk shit, get hit” so it’s nice to see consequences for misbehavior. For as long as he’s been acting out (Katrina, Taylor swift) we have got to stop giving him the time of day. Breaking news: Kanye is still a pot-stirring egoist with no handler.

  24. What I don't understand is how can he be demanding to see contracts provided by top executives when they have nothing to do with him. No court in the world would ever allow him access to another person's business contract just like that. I'm sure someone like Taylor Swift, Jay-Z etc would all tell him to mind his business. Like how this guy made so much money and here I am struggling to pay my bills living with major depression is just mind boggling.

  25. Never really liked him anyways, every now and then this guy comes out of deep hibernation just for his asshole to shit out something dumb on twitter

  26. He went on an interview with piers Morgan and began saying the most random shit for an hour, none of it made any sense and it was hilarious but he’s clearly gone mad

  27. I think every day people lose everything all the time for unfortunate reasons. This guy squandered it all for shock. What a shame I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

  28. Oh no how tragic it would be for me to only have $400million. I absolutely hate kanye but like regardless of whether or not he is a billionaire he is incomprehensiblely rich

  29. Wasn't he LITERALLY begging Mark Zuckerberg for money few years ago? Weird how life comes at you fast, then gives you everything and then taketh away once you don't appreciate all the good you've been given.

  30. He is mentally ill. He needs help and somebody needs to lock his twitter. People need to stop spectacularizing the psychosis of this guy.

  31. Did he really lose "everything"? Does he not own a house (that's probably paid off?), does he not store liquid cash somewhere in his home? Like... he surely has offshore accounts & non-liquid real estate in other countries... does he not still get royalties from his hit albums??

  32. His recent interview he stated that he has 120mil in his bank account. I’m sure he has other cash flows but after buying parler, he’s gonna be owned by Candace owens and her husband. But it’s ok. Slavery was a choice accord to YE. This is all by his own design.

  33. im pretty sure it took him a day between his latest anti jewish tweet and adidas dropping him, hell, i think it ws less than a day

  34. ''Lose everything'' Dawg Kanye living life, he's rich as fuck, he's had his years of fame and now he gets to retire and no one will really bother him in public.

  35. Still worth 400 million, ive lost faith in kanye too. But lets just be real hes still gonna be well off for the rest of his life and he knows that. Hes just being an ass cause he feels like he can

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