My first post here. I can't be the only one with J right?

  1. You need to read following message in full. We will NOT reply to modmail messages similar to “what is reason my post was removed?”

  2. Whenever I bring my metal straw out with me I can't decide if I am the baddest mother fucker in the room or a loser turbo virgin

  3. K is for being sure to not drink from the same part of the cup when you are sharing a drink with your homie just to learn they did the same.

  4. Between I and J, handle must be at F. There must also be gallons of coffee to drink all day long. But then it becomes C and D.

  5. I can't be the only one who carefully places both lips inside the mug and starts slurping. It's like dirty kissing my drink

  6. I don't usually care for hot beverages so I don't actually drink of of a mug. But, even I know people who drink from K don't care about this world or the next.

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