Please help. I just got them done today and I hate the shape. It’s so thick and shaded. I just wanted hair strokes. I don’t know what to do. I just wasted $500.

  1. Y’all... you saved my meltdown with your words. I was so freaked out and even one day made a huge difference. My pigment is really really really light now which is confusing, but I think taking off my foundation and concealer got that pigment on my brows where they’re scabbing over and I don’t want to scrub it off, so it looks odd. Has this happened to y’all? I expected the loss of color within days 5-7, so I’m not sure what’s happening. I may try a different cleanser to get the makeup out of my brows rather than just makeup wipe.

  2. You have to be careful with getting makeup on the brows, you can get an infection really easily. I advise my clients to wash them once the night they get them done, then only use aquaphor or tattoo ointment on them. If you do wear makeup, make sure you have a good layer of ointment on first, so you don’t get makeup on them. You shouldn’t be using anything abrasive to clean the brows themselves or you risk taking color off and having a poor healed result. I advise my clients to only blot with a tissue if there is ointment buildup. Proper aftercare is crucial for the first 1-2 weeks after getting them done.

  3. Trust me the colour of your brows will fade significantly! They’ll look quite dark for about five days then you’ll notice a drastic difference. I think they look pretty amazing! It looks like you’ve been given more of a powder brow than Mircoblading. X

  4. I know about the waiting and healing process and all that, but I look like someone who just discovered brow gel and thinks they look fire. I see pictures of “newly done” brows and people say how in love they are with them and are sad as they heal, but I missed that stage completely.

  5. Fellow microbladed eyebrow girl (similar style too) here. I honestly HATED how dark it looked at first and it faded quite a few shades lighter. I have auburn hair and medium fair skin/brown eyes and my eyebrows are naturally light brown and not super great looking.

  6. They look amazing! I cried for a week after mine. I love them now! I would joke that I had chola eyebrows. Don’t worry!

  7. The shape of your eyebrows should compliment your features. I think they look great! You can also have the color corrected at your touch up appointment.

  8. The color-correction... does that take off anything if they were to use ink closer to my skin tone? And thank you, just that bit of reassurance helps.

  9. I think they look great! It's always scary at first because you're not used to them. Dont worry, they will fade.

  10. These look almost exactly how mine did on days 1-2 (shape too!) A lot of the reason they look so thick and shaded is because of the redness and irritation underneath. I’m on Day 5 now and they’re visibly thinner and cooled down in tone.

  11. They look amazing to me, I get the look you were going for though, you didn’t want the makeup look - you wanted them more natural

  12. My eyebrows look exactly like yours and I hate them. I just got them done today. Do you have a picture of your healed brows? I have half a mind to cover them in cream to try to get the pigment out.

  13. So I never updated this, but since I still see comments on it from time-to-time, I wanted to do an “after” photo — like everyone said, it took a few days and scabbed over and the pigment lightened up — turned out great! The only photo I could find that was within a relatively short timeframe was a filtered IG photo, but you can definitely see my brows and I was definitely loving them enough to post a selfie, haha. I promise y’all, just trust the process!!!

  14. Oh wow! You and your brows look gorgeous!!!👍 Done mine yesterday. Absolutely love my right eyebrow! But left... Girl said, it must go with my "bone structure", then it looks balanced. But when I look at the mirror, keep having a feeling it's a little higher... Just a tiny bit... My husband says, they're exactly the same. But maybe he just doesn't want to upset me?.. ...By the way, I actually like the colour very much! And when they fade, I would probably ask to make them like "day 1" again!! :)

  15. I have mine done today, the artist was highly recommended by several people.... I don't now why... How to add the picture?

  16. What can I do if just got mine done and noticed that one is longer than the other? I'm freaking out! Scrubbing with peroxide on the wrong corner, trying to fix it. Any other products I could use? I read the salt could work but they are quite hurt now and I'm afraid the pain will be too much 😭

  17. I understand you, I did mine too yesterday and I hate de dark shape. Let it heal, then you can either do correction, laser removal or wait 18 to 24 months to fade away. Good luck.

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