Freakshow and Supafreak moved to flowering tent D38 😳👍😎 Such a strange looking strain! Love it ❤️

  1. Im also curious about what the flower is like in terms of taste, smell, potency... Is it good for bubble hash, flower rosin, etc ? I do think it's just really cool to have a strain in the tent that looks SO different. I'll probably grow one at some point just for shits but it's not on the top of seed wish list.

  2. It is for fun growing when you are bored. That said, I throw away plants if they start looking like that. I would never even consider growing it let alone paying for it.

  3. idk bout anyone else, i paid 3.50$/seed and got double what i paid for, 100% germ, the leaves have massive veins under each finger, meaning very possible higher water content, being better for cold press juicing and eating raw which we love! just gotta find you a seedbank that cares about you over profits hahaa! keep that boat floatin :)

  4. Well señor, as you know, it’s great for guerilla grows. Why someone would do flower indoors is beyond me, but some people just want to try it. It’s crazy looking. Freak show and abc, they’re just shocking to look at imo, when knowing what a regular cannabis plant looks like. Maybe people perceive it as rare and thus more worthy of a smoke. Idk just my $.02

  5. I’m sorry man , didn’t mean to upset you by posting this . I didn’t know there was such a controversy or dislike of this so much .

  6. My dad got a wedding cake clone and I swear the guy gave him a pepper plant. It only is growing rounded leaves.

  7. Your freakshows look awesome. Got a few clones and a bonsai mother right now. If you are intrested on how the buds look on the freakshow, check out my most recent post. Gotta a few pictures of the buds up close.

  8. Back left is black lime bubba and back right is bubba fett :) on day 90 from sprout D75 flowering 👍🙂

  9. Oh wow! The leaves look almost fern-like! I've never thought of cannabis as a particularly pretty plant, but I like this one! I'd stick it in a pot in my living room!

  10. Do you know how tall they can get? Wondering if I could grow one of these in my space trashcan build.

  11. Two things I don’t like about the airpots water flows out the sides and each open hole is like a tiny cave for fungus gnats .. the mesh bags from radicle bags better so far than the airpots

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