Newly restored teak chairs with paper cord? Worth 2k? Seem to be in great condition… help, we’re newbies!

  1. In my opinion - very few mcm deals to be had these days unless you put in serious work. If these chairs make you happy and meet your needs go for it. New chairs in that style would be similar in cost at a minimum.

  2. It’s kinda uncommon to find woodworkers working in Teak as well. You’re more likely to find Oak, Walnut, or Maple these days. So if you like teak then refinished vintage is probably the best place to look.

  3. No those are pretty generic late era danish BUT let's say they needed new cord, joint repairs, and the wood cleaned up you're paying me 1000-1500 to do the set. Skilled labor and materials cost money. People here really need to understand the pricing on some fully refinished things like this. Yes I do know some people get nuts with pricing and I would never consider buying these.

  4. Make an offer for 75% of asking price and see what happens. Markets, condition and style differ but my area has 6 Danish teak chairs for $1200. Is there $2k in value and labor in these? Probably, but like an automobile, just because the labor to fix up an old car can be proven with receipts to be worth thousands, doesn't mean the car is worth thousands when there are other options available. $333 a chair is the cost of high end new chairs, in this case you're likely paying for them being vintage or a specific brand which doesn't seem like a good enough reason to buy a chair unless you're a collector. They probably would have good resale value if you decide you want to change things up in the future, but at a fraction of the cost there are other high quality chairs in very similar styles online from reputable dealers and even big box stores. Buy chairs you like for style, not for fashion. In this case I believe the style is a teak/cord chair, and the fashion is simply the trendy thing of being vintage (>20 years old) never mind the cost.

  5. I think $1500 is probably right on the money. I think teak isn’t farmed at all anymore but I could be wrong.

  6. That recording does take forever. Plus, the wood, as well. They look like they’re in great condition, so I feel like $300 a chair is super fair.

  7. If you love them and they’re worth it to you, get ‘em. You always try haggle a little

  8. If I had the cash and I was happy with them who cares. Just go for it. You don’t need to catch a deal on everything in life.

  9. If this is from a store front I could understand the price point, but from a fb market type seller that doesn’t have overhead? Ripoff.

  10. I paid $230 for 4 of the same chairs a few years ago from a vintage reseller that works primarily on marketplace/Instagram.

  11. I’d never pay that for those, but that’s not necessarily saying they aren’t worth it. Just thought I’d share :)

  12. No, I paid $600 for an American in Martinsville walnut set in great conditon (6 chairs + tables + extensions):

  13. I mean I bought six teak chairs in slightly worse shape for $600 a couple years ago? Mine are stamped with a Swedish maker on the bottom.

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