this made me mad

  1. That resembles a blanket I received when my baby was born. It was my favorite. A rainbow is still just that to me.

  2. Rainbows are exactly just that. The pride flag is for sure a rainbow. This does not suddenly turn all rainbows in the sky into pride flags.

  3. I treasured every homemade gift we received for our baby, even the ones with colours I liked less. I mean, FFS - so much time and effort goes into crocheting and knitting. It’s honestly the thought that counts more than using exactly the right tones or stitches for someone’s taste. The thought of someone crafting something especially with my baby in mind makes my heart sing!

  4. I always liked rainbows as a kid because they're very colorful, but my brothers and friends were very quick to teach me that rainbows are only for gay people.

  5. Imagine being scared of colors! Is this woman going to prevent her daughter from having unicorn dolls as well? We all know what that’s slang for.

  6. My 5yr old loves pink, purple, and takes dance lessons. You know how many people have just assumed he is/will be a homosexual? No one, because he’s five. Also because none of those things are bad or gay (or that gay = bad) on their own until someone decides that they must be. Which can just whisk away a source of a child’s joy when this world has made joy such a hard thing to find and hold onto.

  7. Because rainbows are rainbows and the pride flag is the pride flag. Getting mad about rainbows is akin to screaming about pushing religion every time you see a lowercase t.

  8. I remember some rainbow fabric art thing hanging in my room as a young kid, it matched the furniture which was white with primary/secondary color accents. A blanket isn't going to turn a kid gay, bright colors are just a thing for young kids.

  9. I actually was so confused why this would be an 'inappropriate' colour for a girl. I have two kids and we love rainbow stuff so it's everywhere and I have never once thought of it as gay. I mean there's obvious times when you know its a pride flag but also kids just love rainbows ahaha

  10. Right? Jen is gonna flip the f°°k out when she finds out the white, pink and blue on hospital baby blankets are the same as the trans flag.

  11. Rainbows are a symbol of hope, as it’s a reminder of the covenant with God, that he promises never to flood the earth again, after Noah’s time.

  12. It’s a beautiful blanket. Plenty of people would be thrilled to receive it. This is more than mildly irritating this is deep into i am a total piece of shit territory.

  13. I knew a girl that had a baby right after high school (as in she was probably pregnant before she graduated), she stayed with her mom for years. Anyway. I went to visit them when the baby was still tiny and she went on a rant about how her mom bought her son a purple something. I don't know what it was, just that "purple is no boy's color!" Like, wow, he's an infant, he doesn't care. And people that do care, shouldn't.

  14. Im a teacher. My whole decoration theme is rainbows because I love them and the kids love that its so bright and inviting in the room.

  15. Just take the damn gift and put it in the closet if you don’t like it. Being rude to someone who cared enough to make something like that for you is a real dick move Jen.

  16. Absolutely. I had a friend commission a crocheted blanket for my first baby and she was so proud to present it to me. It was horrid. The yarn was really scratchy and the colors were whatevs, but the fact of the matter is that I'd never let my baby's skin touch that rough scratchy yarn. So I gushed at his lovely it was and thanked her for the lovely gift and whatnot and then it went on a shelf in the closet. I finally donated it to Goodwill, like, seven years later.

  17. Anyone dumb enough to think a pseudo-rainbow is "inappropriate" for a kid's blanket is also stupid enough not to understand basic decency.

  18. Time to let Jen overhear you talking about how pink has been a gay symbol for decades, and then work your way through all the colours, assigning them to various sexualities, until she's only left with grey. Have fun in your claustrophobic grey world, Jen.

  19. Actually, I’d appreciate this. It’s nice when someone you consider a friend shows their true colors. You get to move on knowing they’re a shitty person.

  20. Those big crochet blankets take FOREVER too! My mother made a queen sized one for me when I moved out, it’s absolutely my favorite comforter for my bed

  21. Wait until her coming daughter goes through her inevitable unicorn stage. There's so many rainbows in my house it looks a pride parade exploded.

  22. To be fair not every girl does that. I did, but unicorns were never my mom's thing as a kid. She on the other hand was more of a fairy princess kind of girl.

  23. My parents had three girls. All of us loved blue, green, and purple over any other color choice. I'm so tired of parents trying to color code their children before they're even old enough to care.

  24. I'm literally wearing a unicorn head band with rainbow flowers right now because my daughter just gave it to me. I'm a straight man. And i fucking love this unicorn phase.

  25. I have three girls. My home is cover in rainbows, unicorns, sunflowers, and glitter. Not gonna lie, it brightens my mood being around so much cheerful imagery. Only downside is I’m constantly covered in glitter. I sparkle at all times.

  26. Seriously. That note makes my blood boil. I’m willing to bet this person is a huge asshole in other areas of their life. OP can count this as a blessing in disguise because now they know to not get any closer with this coworker.

  27. I would be really tempted to take the blanket and the note and display it somewhere obvious, saying X didn’t want this - would anyone else like it?

  28. Probably because it looks too similar (even though it's not) to a rainbow and the mom is probably a raging biggot.

  29. The cunt who wrote the note fully believes she's in the right here. The best thing you can do for those people is understand they more than likely are unable to grow past a certain point if it means confronting their own biases. Treating them as a contagious leper is the only correct thing to do.

  30. For real! My elderly mom crochets a lot and honestly some of the color combinations she uses are kinda ugly. She's given me a few blankets and scarves and while they're not to my liking I would never ever say "Ew, this is ugly. I don't want it."

  31. I wouldn't cost her anything to just take it never give it away and never tell OP about it. And also that is some really good craft wich bothers me even more because the coworker should se that OP put in quite some time and effort into it. Some people are just hopeless

  32. I'm 99% sure that this is about homophobia rather than aesthetics. The recipient thinks that the perceived assault on her morals justifies throwing basic decency out of the window.

  33. My old lady neighbor gave me the ugliest quilt I’ve ever seen when my daughter was born. We thanked her and then put it into a plastic bag in a tub and plan on donating it (in another town when I’m visiting family lol)

  34. Had a secured Santa at work a couple years back. Gave a card game for my secret and she then proceeded to ask who got her and when I told her it was me she gives it back and says I don't want this....

  35. Pretty sure that’s not even the issue. I think Jen is a homophobic cunt is what’s happened here.

  36. Yeah wtf is this note? What a complete ASSHOLE. like EVEN if you don’t like it, just take it and be gracious. Ewtf??? Is this real?

  37. Absolutely. This person thought enough of you and your child to HAND MAKE a blanket? And then just throw it back in their face with a nasty note? Not even face to face? They could have just folded it up in a drawer and said a polite “Thank you” but no. Who does that?

  38. Being taught that you have the right to speak your mind about anything and everything that upsets you, is what causes this type of behaviour.

  39. Christianity is a hate group. They don't care about anyone but themselves. It all needs to be burned to the ground.

  40. Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson. Everything is an agenda or conspiracy hell bent against ruining your life, deeply held beliefs, and the American way

  41. This is appalling. When my son was born someone made me a blanket, it wasn’t keeping with the theme in my nursery, and frankly it was ugly, but it was so thoughtful. I thanked them and used it regularly! Are people really so lacking in manners now days?

  42. Yep! My friend is very new to knitting, and she spent a lot of her time and energy knitting some boots and a hat for my son when he was born. Honestly, they were ghastly. But I still used them very often until he grew out of them, because it was a very thoughtful and loving gift. It made her really happy that we used it!

  43. When my daughter was born, I got a couple of quilts from my dad’s boss. Ugliest colors and hideous patterns. But I accepted them and took them home.

  44. My first kid "purple & elephants" themed nursery 2nd kid "blue and bunny" themed nursey A dear coworker and her mother, made my first child a beautiful purple elephant baby quilt. It's a freaking treasure! the second kid uses that blanket everyday , theme be dammed that quilt is amazing

  45. Someone gave me a fuzzy blanket with bible verses on it. It was such a thoughtful gift, and why would I burden someone with my disdain for the church! Better believe that blanket took a fucking beating in the first year of my son’s life.

  46. I have also been slowly learning to crochet and knit. My store rep was pregnant and I decided to try a C2C blanket. I didn't know the sex of the baby so I made it in a soft yellow. She sobbed when I gave it to her. She was so overwhelmed that I spent the time and effort for her baby. When her son was born she sent me a picture of him wrapped in the blanket.

  47. Especially considering you know it's getting vomit and all sorts of spills all over it, an extra blanket is never a bad thing to have.

  48. Those became my car blankets. I have three kids stuffed back there and they love having little blankets to lay their heads on.

  49. This makes me feel better. I'm a novice quilter (bucket list thing, never had time before) so am dipping my toe in the water by quilting baby blankets for expecting family and friends. It would devastate me if they hated it our even just returned it.

  50. I crochet myself, but my aunt made my son a blanket when he was born. If you crochet you know what a triple crochet is. It’s a tall stitch and will make the blanket uahe like holes. Gaps.

  51. It’s not about the colors it’s that it’s a rainbow and they are hateful and think that owning the blanket is an endorsement of lgbtq people

  52. My coworker made a very beautiful pink blanket for my daughter at my baby shower at work. The blanket was very beautiful but we didn't use it for no particular reason and was stored away. Fast forward 11 years later, that pink blanket is her favorite throw blanket around the house!!! And she knows the story behind the blanket. I truly appreciated that my coworker thought so dearly of my family and took her precious time to knit the blanket. I was and still very grateful.

  53. If someone crochets you a god damn blanket, you put that blanket on the back of your couch and leave it there til the end of time. Anything else would be considered rude.

  54. When my son was born I received several handmade quilts and crochet blankets. I made it a point to take them with me on every move, including across the country. Those blankets will become a family heirloom by god!!

  55. Sadly, all my handmade blankets go in the closet until the dog gets over the chewing phase. Any day now :(

  56. Is that the issue?? It's not even a rainbow. I'm a flaming bisexual. Didn't fot a second think "yup, must be cuz it's a gay blanket"

  57. I’m making a rainbow blanket for a baby. I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy, so I figured rainbow is gender neutral, and bright.

  58. People seem to think gay people own rainbows or something. It's a shame because rainbows now get used less and less because people assume it just automatically makes something gay or some shit. Like the whole point is that it includes everyone, which is why the LGBT selected it for their flag.

  59. My youngest loves rainbows. Wears them all the time. I couldn’t care less and that blanket is beautiful and I’d accept it graciously.

  60. My daughter fucking loves rainbows. She's five and has no concept of sex or sexuality and only a loose understanding of gender that is entirely flexible.

  61. I am 100% not defending this Jen person, because I think this is really awful as well, but some people refer to babies who are born after miscarriages (or something like that?? Or maybe it’s the actual miscarried fetus itself? Maybe someone can correct me…) as rainbow babies, so maybe she’s offended about that?? I’ve heard about ppl getting angry over “misusing” the rainbow colours bc it’s “disrespectful” to miscarriages or something other bs.

  62. I feel like I remember a story about a coat of many colors in the Bible and I think it was supposed to be a good thing? What a weird response to a nice gift

  63. I have written this before, but it bears repeating. I categorize people into two groups - those who appreciate the time, thought and effort that goes into homemade stuff and those that don't. I give homemade gifts to the first category and never to the second. Sometimes I I categorize people incorrectly, but the older I get the more I nail it. Sorry this happened to you.

  64. You're right but I think op's problem is a bit more than the coworker doesn't appreciate homemade gifts. They seem to be a shitty person on a more deeply rooted level than that.

  65. This is excellent advice and I do the same. I usually ask people before gift giving how they feel about homemade gifts, but usually someone who won't appreciate it will be really obvious.

  66. I mean, even if you hate it... You act surprised, thank them, take a single picture of the baby wearing it and text it to them... and you don´t have to take it out of the drawers ever again. No need to be so ungrateful!

  67. Isn’t this a third category? This coworker could love homemade stuffs. She is just hateful. I think she would be mad yelling at the sky after rain cause the sky turns gay.

  68. What will she do if the kid ever gets a pack of crayons? Probably demand speaking the manager of the crayon company

  69. No you don't get it. She likes individual colors but when they assemble and turn into the gay master color scheme it scares her

  70. I hope that child is gay just to piss her off. But then again, I wouldn’t want to wish that because I bet she won’t be a supportive mother, and it could a painful life for the child. I dunno. Fucking sucks man. But I like to believe the world is getting better, and the younger generations will be more woke & supportive

  71. Corner to corner. You crochet diagonally instead of in rows. It usually Makes a beautiful square of diagonal stripes,-perfect for a baby blanket. You can add some In the middle to make it a rectangle. This is looks like a beautiful example that Jen did not appreciate. It is a shame her daughter will miss out on a blanket she would have cherished her whole life. I still have the crocheted blanket my aunt made me in 1978.

  72. Could you imagine being so awful as to be homophobic about your unborn kid? Also all people like rainbows.

  73. It's not even like a true pride flag, right? No red? No orange. No green? It's just a selection of a few colors.

  74. I want to start out by saying I don’t condone this rude behavior but want to at least convey that there is another reason to not want rainbows on a baby. Some people call babies rainbow babies when the mother had a miscarriage before their current baby. So she could be upset by the implication that she has previously had a miscarriage or doesn’t want other people to think she has a rainbow baby.

  75. I cannot believe how incredibly rude your coworker is!!!! You did an amazing job. We are all proud of you and your hard work.

  76. As soon as I read the 'uh, no' on the note I knew I was going to hate her. Just that in itself shows what a disrespectful garbage human "Jen" is. I hope she sees the post and the comments and begins hating herself as much as the rest of us do and changes herself for the sake of her unborn child.

  77. But it's not... is it? Isn't the pride flag like red and orange and green, too? So it's not even like half the same colors?.

  78. I remember when I was younger no one would question a child wedding rainbow colors now they can't have anything

  79. The only people who do that now is bigoted straight people, it’s so sad that they will get so worked up over literally anything.

  80. This is exactly how I felt upon first seeing it. Maybe I am naive and my heart doesn’t want to believe people can be such piles of garbage. However, it seems strange, that this person would know ‘Jen’ well enough to want to crochet her a nice blanket for her soon to be born duaghter, but also be so clueless that ‘Jen’ is a uptight conservative cunt who would heartlessly reject a gift for having rainbows on it.

  81. It's the handwriting for me. I don't know anyone of the younger generation who would be having babies that have handwriting in cursive like this.

  82. You can just assume that anything on Reddit that's easy to fake probably is, anyone can write out a note and put it next to a picture of crochet.

  83. The specific instance could be fake, but this happens all the time. Even my own brother did it to a gift I made. I crocheted a granny square blanket with with the outer edges in white and the centers in pastel rainbows alternating purple to pink at the very center.

  84. In the case of the gofund me, even if it was true why the fuck would you donate? Im not getting anything from paying for someones house decoration

  85. It gave me that vibe too because, it's the crochet style. It looks like Tunisian crochet which is more rare and something that English-speakers usually only try after years of regular crochet. I think it's the honeycomb stitch in Tunisian. It's not exactly HARD but it's just like, a specialized style of crochet that uses specialized hooks and stuff that is harder to get.

  86. She’ll send her daughter’s artwork back to the teacher with a note. Ms. Smith- These crayons are not appropriate for my daughter! Seriously?!?!

  87. Aw hell nah😂😂I’m punching the shit out of her and when that baby turns 18 imma beat the fuck out of it😂

  88. Not all rainbows are associated with Pride. Some are for leprechaun hunting enthusiasts, or for fans of all the light in the visible spectrum. Perhaps Jen simply doesn’t support the slaughter of rare, yet delicious little people of Irish descent. Can’t say I blame her. But if her displeasure is over the fact that the rainbow is also a symbol of the LGBTQ community, fuck that bigot.

  89. Usually, when a woman suffers a miscarriage, the next healthy baby she carries to term is called a “rainbow baby”. Maybe she just meant that her baby isn’t a rainbow baby because she has never suffered a loss? Just a little benefit of the doubt, doubt she deserves it but it’s my default setting

  90. That was my first thought. I've seen the term rainbow baby multiple times in my Facebook feed. If I were to post a pic of an infant in a rainbow blanket those friends would assume my baby is a rainbow baby as well.

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