These little bastards are always a nuisance

  1. Fingernail clippers are OK, but cuticle nipples nippers are better. They function much the same way, but they have a lot more maneuverability and a smaller blade

  2. Use Seki Edge nail clippers — not cheap, but they’re ultra super mega sharp and can cut this down to the skin. When I use that, I never need anything like a liquid bandage.

  3. Superglue also works. Although, you should make sure to get the stuff intended for it. I think the regular stuff is probably not that good for you. I went to go get stitches once when a table saw kicked back on me. Sliced my hand pretty deep with the board. The doctor just glued it shut. Worked like a charm.

  4. Screw liquid bandage, just use superglue. Literally, ERs use superglue for most cuts if they can get away with it. My sister once hit her chin on a diving board and split it open, my doctor dad told my mom over the phone to superglue it shut. It might sting for a hot sec but you will be fine

  5. First, moisturize your fingers. Especially after using soap or hand sanitizer. Second, do you have decent pain tolerance? Cut off the flap and douse that shot in rubbing alcohol. lots of pain for a short time but will burn the nerves and reduce sensitivity for days. In my job, I cannot flinch my hands or risk cutting something important, like fingers, so I need to reduce the amount of sensitivity. This works!!!

  6. I use a cuticle cream on top of hand moisturizer and man does it really reduce any issues I have with this kind of thing . Works for me and totally worth the extra 5 minutes a day.

  7. I love picking/biting them off but then that leaves more edges of pickable/bitable skin and it just keeps on progressing until it looks like my finger tips have been through a pencil sharpener.

  8. Doesnt usually happen to me at the sides like that, i can leave it alone until it comes off or i can take it off

  9. Get yourself a moisturizer and a pair of gloves. Every night, put a thick layer on, the gloves on top and sleep in that. It works wonders to avoid these little pesky things.

  10. Get cuticle nippers, so you can slide the edge way down next to the base and then just close them and sniff it off

  11. Sometimes I see stuff like this and I get an existential dread from just thinking “Chances are, this is gonna happen to you again. Chances are it will be soon. And it’s gonna ruin your fucking week.”

  12. Nail clippers. Use a pair of small nail clippers, put them perpendicular to your finger, get the hangnail bit between the blades, and press, hard. Perfectly takes away the hangnail at skin level, every time. No more snagging it, no more pulling at it painfully. Been doing this for ages and I haven't had to suffer through a hangnail for years.

  13. I recommend you use jojoba oil and it will no longer be as much of an issue. Game changer when I moved to a dryer environment from the coast.

  14. I know this gets used too much: drink more water. I used to get them all the time! Now I’m hydrated and hang nail free. I lift weights a lot and have bad calluses and generally dry fingers too. I use the O’Keffe cream for dry hands! Works miracles !!!!

  15. I put Triple antibiotic ointment on it. Usually the name brand neosporin. Then clip it with a nail clipper. Don’t bite it with your teeth. It can rip and pull back. Makes a bad thing worse.

  16. I usually use a nail clipper to chop off the protruding skin, then wrap a bandaid around it to help prevent it from getting worse.

  17. Pinch between fingernails to clip them off as close to the base as possible If you 'have' to pull it, pull towards the finger tip.

  18. they should invent some sort of healing gel you can apply to that. some sort of adhesive patch to cover it with would be good too. I bet it would heal 175% faster.

  19. You people would throw up if I posted pics of my fingers. Also, does anyone know any subreddits for people that bite their nails/want to stop

  20. Pull it up with the tweezers and put some rubbing alcohol on it, then try out some moisture and they should be less frequent

  21. Get yourself a good hairspring cutting tweezers. They’re expensive but it will last you a lifetime. My hands are a nightmare, my cuticles grow straight up & split, I get hangnails & stuff like in the picture all the time. Hairspring cutting tweezers are really sharp & can cut right at the skin removing anything like what’s pictured smooth without further injury.

  22. Root Cause for me: This happens to my hands if they get too cold. While it's not unbearably cold, if I am walking outside in 40 degree temp, my hands will start to do this, so I wear gloves to prevent this. Lotion also helps.

  23. I’m such an idiot I thought the circle was a ring stabbed through the nail and I was thinking nuisance doesn’t seem to describe that shit

  24. I like to pull them, like I’m trying to start a mower, and see how long of a strip I can peel. I’ve never been able to get a strip down my whole finger but that just motivates me.

  25. I have this problem constantly from handling so many keys at work. To the point where I have to wear thin nitrile coated gloves just to prevent further damage. There's this stuff called "working hands" that you can use that helps a lot with the dry skin and helps prevent this. I just forget to use it when I have it.

  26. Whenever I get one of these I always get all surgical making sure not to pull on it and to clip right at the root. Or else it comes back, stronger than before...

  27. How is it I can watch people literally die in videos and not flinch but this photo makes me curl up and go sssoooooohhhhh

  28. This is why I have way more sets of fingernail clippers than is probably normal. I keep a pair at my desk, in the car, everywhere. Fuck hangnails.

  29. The worst are "accessory nails". I have them on both my pinkies, and my pinky toes. It is literally a 6th nail that grows out and always gets caught on gloves/socks/whatever. They fucking hurt

  30. I don't have any at the moment. All my have been harvested . I can't wait to grow more, there so satisfying to pull. You just can't not do it.

  31. get the nail clipper and hold it under hot water and then cut that little shit off. you'll have a little "cut" for a while, but you won't have the little fucker around anymore.

  32. My son (6) just learned this painful lesson. Peeled about 1/3 of the skin off the bottom of his big toe. Mother freaks out, I'm standing there like, "gonna do it again?" He says, *sniff "no" *sniff. And I know that's a lie.

  33. I have a fucking huge one on my index finger which has been there for 2 days now... Pain dude, I feel you

  34. Tea tree oil or cuticle oil applied regularly prevents this if you're prone to it. I grab (bjj) gis a lot and I get those annoying peels if I don't tape my fingers

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