This kid from my gym who I barely know asked for my number this week then asked me this🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  1. This is a certain brand of person who we've probably all met at some point or another. They have zero shame and try every possible angle to get what they want, no matter how embarrassing or outright bizarre it may be.

  2. On the way back from the airport he will ask if it's alright if we stop by his place to move all of his stuff into his new place really quick

  3. Since the initial contact happened at the gym that would make the most sense. I mean, you can actually confirm that people are able to carry certain weights.

  4. I’ve never had more messages from people coming out of the woodwork than when I had a pickup truck. It was like 2 weekends/mo people asking if I could help them move. “I work 3 jobs. But if you drop me off and pick me up and drop me off at my second job you can borrow my truck during the day” I rarely got responses back. Fuck right off.

  5. I once had a neighbor like this. He had just moved in and came over asking for a ride, which I gave him since it wasn’t far. After that, this mf came over EVERY DAY asking for stuff. Password to my wifi, 6 bucks, weed, beer, help deflating enormous beachball, more rides. It was the most bizarre thing. I stopped answering the door, and would mute my tv when he would come. I don’t know how people don’t have a basic sense of self awareness.

  6. Had an older neighbor like this. Guy had some difficulties getting around and I saw him trying to walk up the stairs and he was stumbling up the first couple of steps. So I help him up the stairs. A couple days later he tells me he needs a ride to the doctors to get his prescription refilled, which is why he was having difficulties going up the stairs. So I helped him again. He said "for repayment we can go out to eat sometime." So a week later he asks if I wanted to go eat with him. I said sure and after eating he says "were paying separately" to the server. What ever, not a big deal. Then he asked to use my wifi because he's moving out soon and he didn't want to pay for just a month when his new place has wifi built in. 3 months later and he's still there. Hasn't said anything to me during this time. So one day I change my pass word, after an hour he's knocking on my door saying his new place fell through and if he could have my wifi password again. I told him I never changed it. A while later he asks if he can run an extension cord from my apartment into his....

  7. I knew a neighborhood guy like this and his entire oddball family was the same way, just no sense of embarrassment and no sense of boundaries. They would say anything with no filter and request the damnedest things

  8. I’m a leverage type of guy. Is the airport pickup conveniently timed for free breakfast? If gym dude says no, there is his answer regarding the ride.

  9. This. I had a cousin like this who would verbally and emotionally attack me if I didn't do what she wanted. Kinda like a bully. Edit: we lost contact when I was 19 because she bullied me and got my bf at that time to cheat on me.. I'm 23 now. Note that.

  10. I wouldn't say no. I would say "Sure. My rate is $200 an hour plus gas up front" it's basically a no with a small chance for some well paid work.

  11. If this were me, not only would I say no, I’d be looking for a new gym. Someone like this isn’t going to go quietly.

  12. Is there any world where someone would say yes to this? I feel like the best response he could get is a nice lie, and I even find that a stretch

  13. lol they might be scam texts, i get a lot everyday regardless if i block the number or not they just text me with a new number

  14. I'm with you. I don't know the whole story, maybe the dude is in a bind. I'd help him out this once, and test the waters. See if they're the type to actually be a shameless beggar, or if they're a decent person who really needed a safe ride from the airport.

  15. JFC I don't think I'd pick the guy up from the airport or even respond either but fuck why is Reddit so eager to characterize a dude literally described in the post as a "kid", as a creep and leech?

  16. And this site wonders why nobody has empathy anymore. Like we have one text and a title, but the comment section is calling him the antichrist. Simple reply as well, “sorry bro cant see you at the gym Tuesday”.

  17. Annoying group text. Mine is at over 1k because I haven’t checked it in two weeks but seen the previews and they are talking about dumb shit.

  18. I played ball with some dude twice over a 3 month span. He added me on Facebook and he asked if he can use my car to do his drivers test.

  19. How old is this kid? If you don’t know each other that well, I’d be worried for him. Maybe he’s in a terrible living situation, when the only person he could think of asking help was a gym buddy…

  20. What does being in a “terrible living situation” have anything to do with trying to bum a ride off someone that you don’t know without offering anything in return? He clearly can afford both a gym membership and plane tickets so don’t say it’s bc of money

  21. Yeah nothing like a good time to be honest and give him the lowdown fr. Things only get worse when you say yes.

  22. Right like this could be kinda sweet depending on how this person was acting towards OP, maybe they just see OP as a friend already

  23. This gives me vibes of that kid in Detroit where he was befriended by a guy then asked for a ride and shot in the back of the head / body and left to die. Luckily he survived.. idk I think the dark side of shit always 😂 this is probably just a needy person.

  24. Lolol. Really though, I feel this when people on my Facebook who I haven't talked to for 10 years ask me for a favor. Usually a ride from jail

  25. Poor kid must really be desperate to be asking someone he barely knows for that level of help. I would totally help them out in that case. Discuss boundaries on the way back, and maybe ask about the situation why they felt they had to ask you. They might not be a mooch if you find out more.

  26. Finally a reply that sounds like it was written by a fucking adult. I don't know how old this kid is but if he's asking virtual strangers for rides from the airport he probably needs a better support system

  27. Idk maybe he’s txt the wrong number but only you would know if you should or should not. People grow up different and have different social boundaries. Perhaps you giving him the number meant more to him than you.

  28. This same kind of issue is why you never tell anyone you own a truck or a chainsaw. Or any tools for that matter. Or any skills or really any vehicle….. ok best to just remain quiet and stay to yourself.

  29. Ugh.. had someone like this who always at the beginning of each month asked for money. Minimum 100€ to help her so that she could buy milk and diapers for her baby.

  30. A coworker (who I was pretty sure didn't like me) once invited me to a "pool party" out of the blue. I told him that I would think about it (because I was confused by the invite).

  31. Tell him to send nudes first. Then never pick him up and print the nudes blurred out. Take them to the gym front desk and tell them you want him banned from the gym for airdropping nudes.

  32. You should be straight up with him so he can learn appropriate social skills. Be like I barely know you dude, not an appropriate favor to ask

  33. Well, shit. Pick him up, charge him $20 for gas and see if he can talk about anything you might have in common. Who knows, you might hit it off.

  34. Ask him straight out wth is up? Please 🙏🏻. I wanna know the answer now too. Gimme his phone #! I'll get to the bottom of this! LMAO 🤣 🤣 🤣 JK JK. But you really should ask him and tell me since I'm completely nosey and love gossip. C'mon HMU 🤙 🤪

  35. Just seems like a lack of tact. If he was like “Hey I know You don’t know me very well but I’m in a bind, can I ask you for a ride tomorrow? I’ll buy you lunch or pay for gas. Thanks!”-that would be pretty reasonable. Y’all are assuming this guy is a mooch, and he may well be, but what I’m reading is he doesn’t have manners. Other possibilities include: he wasn’t taught or maybe he’s autistic or something. Never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance, I think the axiom goes.

  36. You didn't even reply to his first message, so why did you even give him your number? Are you that stupid?

  37. Before saying “no”, let’s back up to what makes him think you would even consider this? Is it like demonology n shit where if he knows your phone number he can compel you to do anything?

  38. The fuk, 🤷🏻‍♂️. my brother commented to me the other day that he switched churches bc the kids at church his age did not want to hang out with him outside of church so he felt like they didn’t like him. I was like bro, church friends and outside of church friends are going to be different. It’s like wanting to hang out with all Your coworkers - it ain’t happening. Being nice and polite to someone doesn’t automatically make you their friend

  39. You’re assuming this is a compliment. This person could have asked a number of people they don’t know. Picking someone up from the airport is absolutely horrible. Time, gas - none of which are cheap.

  40. I mean what if he doesn't have anyone else he could ask? A rational person doesn't just end up asking a random acquaintance for a favour unless they're really out of options.

  41. Yeah but you would offer something in return if you aren’t close friends. Gas money or free lunch or something. I get that taxis/ubers are expensive but paying for gas at least is fair

  42. Not everyone has close friends. Haha help him out if you can. He will most likely rember it. Maybe y’all will talk and become friends

  43. Everyone here is absolutely shitting on him, but I’m wondering why tf some (apparently) near stranger from the gym was the best person to ask. Without any other context I low key feel bad, like does he seriously not have a single family member or friend to ask instead?

  44. My guy how do you have 273 unopened texts? Also help the dude out maybe he doesn’t have 273 texts from people and needs a quick favor.

  45. I mean he didn't ask if you would he asked if you could.... like if you have the ability. Since he's from the gym it sounds like he's asking about how strong you are and just added a location for the hypothetical lifting scenario

  46. He may be going through something. As someone who has had neglectful parents that is immediately what I thought of. I know it’s not your job but I don’t feel like he has anyone else and that’s kind of sad considering how young he is….

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