I have a wart on my finger and when changing the treatment pads afterwork i noticed it left a perfect smiley face

  1. Ugh man, this is kinda really gross, but it also reminds me of the time I pulled a wart chunk / core out of my foot after some treatments. Satisfying like pulling old scabs / dead skin

  2. I had a wart for about 5 years when I was in high school. I eventually numbed it with ice, cut the sides with a razor blade and pulled the "core" out with a pair of pliers, and it never came back. Didn't even hurt or bleed much.

  3. I am also a core remover. Cut out the sides then quite painfully yoinked that fucker out and threw it in the trash. Caused me so much uncomfortable walking I really should have kept it as a trophy, or at least a proper destruction…

  4. Yeah had a triplet on the bottom front of my foot. Got tired of the slow treatment, so just grabbed and ripped that shitt out after fiddeling a little with a knife

  5. Treatment pads are rubbish and time consuming. Either go to the local GP for a liquid nitrogen application or use

  6. Dry ice works well and is available in many grocery stores for way less than any over the counter remedy. Little difficult to handle safely, but not compared to some of the methods in this comment section!

  7. doc charged me $500 for the liquid nitrogen. was in the room for 10 mins. didn't work. complete rip off. wart came back looking the same after the skin healed. used a soldering iron multiple times over course of a month to finally get rid of mine. all better now.

  8. I always just soaked them, then got them out with a knife. If the skin under bleeds freely, you're good. Just clean it out and the skin will heal over. If the skin under doesn't bleed freely, take some sandpaper and scrape away until it hurts and the blood starts.

  9. I had a stubborn one on my finger here in Ireland, and the doctor immediately recommended something I’d never seen before: beetle juice. I mean specifically Cantharidin which comes from a Blister Beetle.

  10. Fuck warts. I got one on my foot as a little kid, somewhere around 8 years old (in my 30s now), it itched so I scratched it. Flash forward to them spreading all around my fingernails on every finger, I couldn't get rid of them for years. Did everything in the book and saw every doctor in my area, a lot of it was painful as fuck for a little kid but no luck they always came back. Then I finally saw a new doctor once and he said, "There's this drug called Tagamet that helps some people with warts, it can help with the immune system, give it a shot." So I took it and they went away like they were never there in the first place. Fucked with my self esteem for years, fuck warts.

  11. I hear you take and split the bean, and cut the wart so as to get some blood, and then you put the blood on one piece of the bean and take and dig a hole and bury it 'bout midnight at the crossroads in the dark of the moon, and then you burn up the rest of the bean. You see that piece that's got the blood on it will keep drawing and drawing, trying to fetch the other piece to it, and so that helps the blood to draw the wart, and pretty soon off she comes

  12. You're right, I had a wart on the bottom of my toe for a while and I wore duct tape on my toe for a long time and it vanished. It took at least 2 weeks but was gone for a few years.

  13. My mom used to duct tape garlic to my finger tips and around my knuckles on my warts when I was a kid. Sure enough, they even went away.

  14. I had a wart on the bottom of my foot years ago which made it uncomfortable to walk on. One day I said fuck it and grabbed a knife to start picking and digging it out. I was pretty nervous but it didn't hurt at all, it just came out. Warts are weird.

  15. From reading the comments here a lot of people are saying either ducktape or freezing it off works best. The treatment pads I bought were jut over the counter at Walgreens

  16. Everyone's taking about treatments, soaking, freezing, cutting it out. And I'm over here wrapping it in duct tape, and having it gone in a day or two.

  17. I got rid of mine by duct taping the inside of a fresh banana skin to it. Left it for a day, burned like a bastard but after a couple of tries it was gone!

  18. Apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, hold it over the wart with a bandaid. Wear it for a long as you can, mainly at night due to the smell. It took 7-10 days and my hand warts died.

  19. This right here. I've gotten warts on my hands for years. Nothing would get rid of them but Apple cider vinegar. I've tried everything too, and nothing worked.

  20. Can confirm. Got rid of a huge one on my foot like this about ten years ago. Sanded it down as flat as I could with a Dremel tool, then did the above. Burned a little,, but it turned black and disappeared in a couple weeks. Hasn't been back since.

  21. I saw this work on tiktok!! I’ve been dying to try it for a wart on my face but I lost my job and haven’t been able to buy apple cider vinegar yet.

  22. Warts must not like metals. I had horrible warts in high school (imagine 1-5 per finger) and nothing helped. Decided to polish my coin collection with copper polish without wearing gloves. Within 2 days every single wart was gone. Wish I'd done it sooner.

  23. Typically speaking, when you get home from work, you remove any bandages you have one your hands before washing them. OP just happened to notice the happy face while in the process. Hence the sink in the background.

  24. I used to get warts on my hands and feet all the time as a kid, also managed to get one on my scalp of all places. I always used to freeze them off

  25. When I was a kid I had about 20 of them on my hands. My aunts father was a pretty prestigious doctor. He told me to soak my hands in bleach and warm water for 20 minutes and sit in the sunlight for 20 minutes each day. In about a month they all fell off. No scars, nothing. 30 years later I’m still shocked at how well it worked.

  26. I had this same wart once, I took a roofing head nail heated it up burned the wart, tore it off, the brunt the hole where the root was, it never came back ever again!

  27. I had a wart on the back of my hand in elementary school... wore duck tape (name brand) over it for 1 week and it was gone. Duck tape for the win!!

  28. Ugh. Warts. As a kid I'd get them on my hands every so often. My mom knew I hated it, and she'd always take me to the doctor to have them removed. I remember the doc would give me a few numbing injections, and he'd talk to me about what he was doing while I watched him slice as much off as he could. He'd then dab the crater-like wound with a silver Q-tip looking thing (which I later found out was silver nitrate). It was the only thing that ever worked for me. Haven't had one pop up for about 25 years or so!

  29. I usually get those tubes of salicylic acid and just dab it on and cover with a bandaid, when the skin dies I cut it off with nail clippers and then reapply. I wanna say the wart works like a dog's toenails and the blood recedes back in as you trim periodically.

  30. keep on it for a month or two after it is gone. I had one reccuring for years and my dermatologist said I had to keep the salycilic acid going for a while afterwards. Also somehow duct tape makes the salycilic acid work faster. I don't know why, maybe moisture, but it totally works. I just dropped the acid on, let it dry, and wrapped the finger in a narrow strip of tape.

  31. I remember using my nails scratch one on my finger years ago in secondary school. I would get pens and pencils in class and use them to cut and dig bits of it out. It bled a lot in classes but it was fun. I remember biting chunks out of it in class too. Eventually I got enough of it out that it just fell off one day.

  32. Hey man - here’s what you should do. Get a cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar and tape that fucker over your wart so that no oxygen can get in there. It’s crucial you make sure it’s not loose so it suffocated the wart. Keep changing it out for at least a week or so. I tried all kinds of treatments and store bought stuff and it never worked. Apple cider vinegar literally melts it away, allowing you to pull the root out. It might leave a simple in your finger where the wart took over your skin, but it’ll regenerate after a week or so. Warts suck!

  33. I had a wart on my finger that I froze with a chip of dry ice and it worked great to remove it. Way faster and cheaper than getting a doctor to do it.

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