The washroom in the clinic I’m at has an actual cloth towel dispenser instead of disposable paper towels

  1. Before I worked at Alsco, I thought these things were filth. But they launder them in ridiculously hot water, with chemicals that can take blood out of a white shirt, and then dry it in a giant oven powered dryer (and apparently some depots have a UVC light to pass it through as it rolls to disinfect it from anything in the laundry before it goes out.)

  2. Not as much as they do a bin full of moist paper towels, or an air dryer that just spreads faecal material around the bathroom at 40mp/h

  3. Child of the 70s. These gross things were dirty and wet. Worthless. I never used them. Got TP from a stall. They reminded me of my late dad carrying a dirty ass handkerchief in his pocket and using it for everything then trying to wipe my face with it. GTFO old man. Gross.

  4. When germs were good all the pansies with their hand sanitizer keep being germ free and you will get seriously messed up by germs

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