I cut my quesadilla perfectly today

  1. I’m just waiting for someone to overlay a grid to make sure OP isn’t full of shit! Hey OP! You’re a .25 of an inch off!! Lol

  2. One time, 10 year ago, I asked my wife if she wanted her quesadilla cut into 2 pieces or 4. She answered “3”, boy does she regret that move, I have painstakingly cut every quesadilla I ever made for her into three equal sections for years, and I have no intent to ever stop.

  3. 3 is the proper number. Also I stopped making mine like OP and started making two half quasadillas. This way the folded edge helps hold things in! (And allows for cutting into 3rds, to get 6 pieces for all 360°)

  4. I've been using this recipe for my quesadillas for at least 8 years. It's a very good copycat. And as someone that doesn't like mayo, there is so much going on with it that I honestly don't notice it.

  5. Don't sincronizadas have meat in them though? This is just an American style quesadilla popularized by taco bell.

  6. I use a pan and toast the tortilla first. I add cheese after the first one is browned then put another tortilla on top. After that, I use a plate to flip it onto and then it goes back onto the pan for its final toasting. I never really spill any because the melted cheese basically acts like a a glue!

  7. Two tortilla always superior to one tortilla, if that’s what you mean? Just don’t spread the cheese too far out and smash down a bit if you need coverage later.

  8. I don't think you can make those claims without having it measured by an expert first. We will await for a re entry with certified proof. We will have to confiscate the quesadilla by the way, I haven't had lunch and that looks good.

  9. Cada quien se come lo que se le de la gana. Ni que las quesadillas fueran un gran manjar como para andar poniéndose mamón por como lo prepara la gente.

  10. Question: do you all do 2 tortilla shells for your quesadillas or just one and flip it closed? I’ve always learned with 1 but I’ve seen people just layer it up like a sandwich. Thoughts?

  11. Both are good but most restaurants seem to use one tortilla and I do think that highlights the cheese(s) better.

  12. Pro-Tip; use a single shell and fold it over, then cook each side to melt the cheese and seal it. That way you always have one solid edge so your fillings don't fall out.

  13. As someone who made these in a kitchen for 4 years, I still don’t think I’ve ever cut one this perfect looking. Bravo!

  14. I’m more of an 8 slices type of girl but this perfection is making me rethink how I cut my quesadilla. I want it like this now

  15. Grandpa was a grinder. He had a abandoned knife that he gave me. It is stupid long, like 16 inches long or so. I only use it for cutting quesadillas. It is awesome. I can generally cut mine into 12ths pretty close to perfect. Only the gods can be perfect. I will make an animal sacrifice to you.

  16. Protip: Kitchen scissors are ideal for cutting quesadillas and frozen pizzas. No promises they will be this perfect. YMMV.

  17. I have never seen a more American quesadilla. And now I’m hearing about putting cream in that!?!?

  18. You got queso in there? Do you make your own queso? Queso seems to ruin the easy convenience of making quesadillas for me.

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