It is 1958 & you have $65 dollars in your pocket ($670.27 today), what do you grab?

  1. haha, funny how they are all the same prices there, but today half of those are still cheap and the other half over $1000!

  2. It wasn’t till 2014 I was old enough and had an income that could allow me to fuel my firearms hobby I have today. I remember going online and seeing crates of Mosin’s for sale for under $1k and how I’d love to purchase an entire crate. Sad those days are gone.

  3. I think one of the interesting things is that googling airfare prices (for a few months from now because holidays) I'm seeing about $300-$350 as the cheapest airfare direct NYC->London->NYC. Admittedly air travel might be a tad less comfortable now, but it is way, way more affordable for the average person

  4. $13 in 1958 is roughly $138 in purchasing power today. So if you held a carcano for 62 years, you essentially lost money.

  5. NOTE*** If you can see the fine print, there are some $4 bayonets- Swiss Normal or Saw-tooths and French pokers!

  6. 2 Norwegian Krags, 1 Steyr, and 1 commando knife. Makes the total $63.80. Commando knife just to bump the total up closer to $65.

  7. I shot a Springfield 03A3 yesterday. A steel but pad, 30-06 ammo, and off a bench gets less fun with every shot.

  8. Have to go with a krag and the steyr. I’ve been wanting both for too long now and still can’t get my hands on either at a decent price.

  9. I’ll take one Springfield, a Norwegian Krag and a Fairbairn-Sykes commando knife. Probably would be the best return on the investment.

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