Governor Tim Walz on Twitter: It's time to legalize adult-use cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions in Minnesota.

  1. I wish there was a way around the Senate's rule that only the majority leader can bring a bill to the floor for a vote. Like make it so 1/3 of the senate signs off and that forces a vote or something like that.

  2. Pretty sure what you want is for the state to allow ballot initiatives(?) Like Colorado, which is how they pushed for legalization. iirc the last time we as a state come close to achieving that by amending our state constitution to allow ballot initiatives was in 1984. 1980, and before that 1916, and before that 1914

  3. What stops a single issue majority of senators from just recalling the speaker, appointing a new one, passing a bill, then allowing the normal vote for speaker to take place and og speaker gets his job back?

  4. The state has a $9.25 billion surplus. That won’t go toward needs, why would cannabis revenue? They’d legalize it and then pass a bill to give themselves pay raises.

  5. If you want legal mj and you vote republican, you will not get legal mj. Votes matter. With that said, I have more faith in the Vikings winning the NBA finals than positive movement on this front any time soon.

  6. There's also the dumbasses who vote for those fake candidates planted by republicans running under shit like the "Legalize Marijuana Now!" party. I know there were multiple districts where if the idiots who voted for that fake candidate had voted for the democrat instead, the democrat would have won.

  7. The problem is these people voting Republican are able to buy and smoke weed rather publicly. They don't care since they're pretty much allowed to by the cops who don't fuck with them. Went to high school with some people who're massive stoners and Republicans and they don't care if it's legal because they've never had legal problems with it. We're talking never goes anywhere without weed and their cars never not smells like it.

  8. Last election I was dating a guy who told me he voted for the fake weed party and I dumped him for it. So god damn stupid.

  9. I agree, I tend to vote more GOP however the GOP in MN is a complete and utter joke . The tax revenue alone would make it fiscally conservative, but far to many dipshits in the MN gop. This should have bipartisan support.

  10. Imagine it taking decades for people to realize it is insanely safer than alcohol yet there are bars in every almost every single town in this country.

  11. At least people are warming up to the idea of legalizing weed; any time you mention even a sniff of wanting stricter alcohol control/laws you're hit with "wE aLrEaDy TrIeD tHaT oNcE" followed by an unwillingness to even listen to anything else. Which is why we have people with 10 DWIs on their records still out driving.

  12. The new majority leader of the State Senate still wont bring the bill up for a vote. Best bet is flipping the Senate in the midterms but who knows if that will actually happen.

  13. The Republican leadership for the most part, who have baked it into their culture war. But I also think they're able to do this because there's something about Minnesota culture that is excessively moralistic and judgmental about substance use.

  14. Just a reminder the Republicans in the Senate are the only obstacle in the way of adult use cannabis in Minnesota- don’t forget that in October when it’s time to get your absentee ballot!

  15. This is one of the few things Governor Walz is right about. The amount of resources we've wasted on chasing down people because of Pot is ridiculous. And even worse is the number of families who have had their lives turned upside down because of a pot arrest or conviction. There is ZERO reason that any reasonable person would thing prohibition is beneficial to us as a society.

  16. Walz, please save from from the legal "weed" options are the tobacco stores. They have no effect on me. But I'm such an introvert I can't find a connection to the real stuff to save my life. Yes, chronic pain sufferer here. I have an Arnold Chiari malformation and it's absolute hell when my brain slips into where my spinal cord should be by itself.

  17. Yikes! Man I’ve got spondylolithesis and I thought my radiculopathy was bad but I can even imagine what that feels like!

  18. Try delta 8 made from hemp. Delta 9 is the strain in typical mj. Delta 8 is legal in MN and has close to the same effects. Places that sell CBD often times sell delta 8.

  19. GOP - the party who wants personal freedom and guns for everyone, is shockingly against this. Again another issue that is political. GOP are such hypocrites. Guns have killed far more people than Marijuana.

  20. The freedom thing in particular is taking a sharp backseat and hasn't been in vogue for a while on the right as anything other than a meaningless catchphrase. The Republican base now is all about government control of culture, but the libertarian elite on the right are still pretending like they're relevant

  21. It’s a criminal justice issue, it’s a tax revenue issue, it’s a human rights issue. Vote DFL, let’s get this done!

  22. well we got used to treating WI as the place for easier access to alcohol and fireworks, so for better or worse I could see that being how it ends up going down for marijuana.

  23. We can actually elect a DFL legislature, Wisconsin can't with their gerrymandering, and Wisconsin doesn't even have medical marijuana. This is such an idiotic talking point. If you said North Dakota (due to their referendum process we'd lack) you'd actually be correct.

  24. Wisconsin isn't going to pass it because the state Tavern League's lobbying is in the way. I know people who just cross over to IL or the UP to get weed because it's easier. It's a shame too - those are tax dollars the state could be raking in going someplace else.

  25. I mean someone who's somebody had to say it eventually. Classic example of the bully pulpit. The first governor in our state to say so clearly afaik.

  26. Republicans will oppose anything that brings happiness or prosperity to the state. Plus keep in mind the people they consider “undesirable” are in their for profit prisons.

  27. Minnesota doesn't have for profit prisons. And i doubt they wake up every morning thinking "how can I make people miserable". They have a different view of what appropriate governance is, yes, but we don't have to act like they are literally Satan.

  28. I am a (minor) political operative with the DFL and while I'm not privy to upper echelon strategy I think this is very good news for the DFL.

  29. I have faith that y’all in MN will figure it out. Thank your gods that ya don’t live just west of yourselves in SD. The people of SD long ago voted overwhelmingly via referendum to legalize both medical and recreational pot. GOP Governor Krusti Gnome, of course, called in some IOU’s and got it challenged and thus defeated in the SD Supreme Court on some no precedent ruling involving methodology of referendum presentation for ballet access. This all in the birthplace of ballet referendums (SD).

  30. It's a little shocking to me to see how many Minnesotans and Americans in general that are basically begging for a dictator. Walz, like Biden, can only do so much. The Executive Branch only enforces laws. I guess the closest Walz could do is commute or pardon all current marijuana sentences and request that state forces don't prosecute marijuana offenses but he can't unilaterally make changes to laws.

  31. no, i think most just want the senate to do their fucking job and stop doing shit that nobody wants like telling us what we cant do on our free time.

  32. Yeah, it's terrible announcing a policy that the majority of the people are in favor of on a day that's directly related to said policy.

  33. Only a dumbass sees Republicans block progress and blames democrats for not delivering progress. Do you blame your fucking car when it runs out of gas when you're the idiot that didn't fill it?

  34. It would pass easily and we could move on quickly if the damned Republicans would quit blocking or refusing to even bring the bill up for a vote.

  35. Couldn't Walz mass pardon all those people imprisoned for possession of small to moderate amounts of Cannabis? Or would the proposal include the folks with 500 pounds in the trunk?

  36. MN has a pardon's board that includes the governor, the supreme court head justice, and the attorney general. They would all have to approve every single one individually.

  37. It’s a distraction. He’s saying it to get re-elected and distract from all the crap he did during Covid. I’ve got relatives in Colorado and it’s not worth it. They want to move due to it. The worst is their kids at school and church getting pressured to vape the CBD liquid. Even in grade school. People really need to start thinking about this before you vote yes.

  38. I say this every time this is brought up. Legalize it, and use the taxes for education. Make Minnesota the best state for education in the country. A better educated work force means more companies would want to be here, and the overall quality of life in the state would improve.

  39. It was time a few years ago when you got elected, and if I'm not mistaken the same thing that made you not do it then still is the case now

  40. So we write our senator for this one, right? I just want to make sure I tell them my thoughts. Medical mj would make a lot of people's lives happier, and if Walz says he's gonna expunge that's even more cause to yell at our senators/representatives to legalize

  41. It’s wild living in a place where my senators, rep, and governer all believe in legal recreational cannabis, and it’s simply impossible. By wild I mean maddening.

  42. As a cancer patient and a sensible human, I support full legalization. Last year I signed up for the medical cannabis program, so which cost $200 just to get in the list so you’re eligible to buy. This year I got it down to $50 because I’m on SSDI.

  43. I still can't believe that after Colorado legalized it, and made a load off taxing it the first year, that every other state government didn't fast track legalizing it.

  44. It’s kinda funny in a sad way my 6 year old needs a soccer coach. OID #241275 checking in. Oh you got caught with 2 OZ of weed at 20 and told the cops and judges they were ignorant. Disqualified.

  45. That would be another step to such a dumb law. Another reason Waltz is so I tune with the population FREE THOSE JAZZ MUSICIANS of all instruments

  46. The endless whining in the legislative branch is wasting thousands upon thousands of our dollars in useless debate over an issue that is almost certainly going to end up making cannabis legal. Pass it now and quit prolonging the inevitable. You’re wasting time and our money.

  47. Oh look Walz trying to get votes again!! Politics suck - need to replace them all and get a new system! This is almost the same as everyone hating Trump so nobody wanted what he wanted - Walz has done the same to Minnesota! He’s just lip service at this point to get re-elected along with many others on both sides! I am all for legalizing this, but won’t vote for Walz just because he tweeted this!

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  49. Agreed but for some reason even mentioning that triggers the fuck out of some people. Someone once basically had an aneurysm just because I said I prefer to buy something that works fine for me that I can buy at multiple head shops walking distance from me than either have to traffic in stuff from legal states at a much higher price or deal with a shady black market (that is also a bigger risk to me because of my job) because that means I'm the reason all weed isn't fully legal in Minnesota or something.

  50. Imagine thinking making a current crime legal increases crime. also places that have legalized it are reaping in billions of revenue from it so that's a big fat lie.

  51. Calls self hardcore libertarian… next sentence concerned about law enforcement and enforcing laws and punishments LMAO

  52. A "hard-core" libertarian asking how to give the power to police... time to change the party's logo to a snake eating its own tail.

  53. Look at the legal states for example how to do things, an if that’s the worst you haft to worry about than the positives outweigh the negatives. Colorado has brand new schools, homeless are taken care of all from the taxes made. It’s 2022 Canada and Mexico are even legal. Thought this was the land of the free.

  54. I think "driving while stoned" is one of those fear issues that get brought up. Lots of people already use cannabis and many of them drive under the influence of it already. Legalizing cannabis isn't going to drastically change those numbers. If it was an acute crisis now, I suspect we would know about it.

  55. How do you police someone for driving under the influence of Vicodin? So tired of these same bullshit arguments.

  56. you police it the same way you do everything else while driving. just like sunday sales, this wont lead to everyone driving around stoned.

  57. Here's a fun thought: let's make sure all police officers have body cams and use the video to let the judge or jury decide if the driver appeared impaired.

  58. Booze is far more dangerous, yet can be consumed in public spaces, cigarettes as well in certain areas. What's the difference?

  59. Can you explain why? Why can't I smoke a joint out on the boat or while camping? I get public places where others are exposed to the smell/2nd hand effects, but that includes a lot more than private residences.

  60. Why not expunge prior convictions for low level non-violent offenders? Seems wrong to have someone locked up or struggling out in the real world due to a charge that is no longer a crime.

  61. I don't think we need to cater to your viewpoints to be honest. You're the biggest boot licker on our local subs. You're the guy who was outed as a cop then deleted his whole comment history as a response. You obviously believe in expunged records.

  62. It's already illegal, even in legal states, to smoke pot in public. So what's the deal? And I suppose your past is picture-perfect and you've never made bad choices in your life. Congrats dude! What a righteous person you are! Reefer Madness with you, my man. Welcome to 2022. Thankfully you don't mean shit to the gov't and they don't care about your "non-starters".

  63. I don't know that I've seen ANYONE in any state wanting to legalize for public consumption. That doesn't mean it won't happen. Just like morons that drink over the limit and drive. But I don't know anyone saying such a thing. I'm pro Marijuana, obviously, and I don't even think it should be legalized in public spaces. That's why I'm saying you're acting like Reefer Madness out here. Good grief.

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