2 questions about EQ and reference track

  1. For the reference track, obbviously the higher quality the better... BUT, keep in mind that you should be using this as a GENERAL reference.

  2. Thanks, I'll try to use tracks from some CDs as references then. Is it acceptable if they are well mixed or there are some specific sites that I should look for to find the cleanest quality?

  3. first important things is to make sure everything is leveled between your song and the reference track in terms of Volume or LuFs or whatever, then follow what everyone said in this thread

  4. For example purposes, let’s imagine that you are recording and producing a mix of solo instrumental guitar. There is only one track. Are you running an HPF over it? This is only a solo instrument. There is no “bass build up” from a lot of competing instruments. So would you run an HPF?

  5. High passing tracks can lead to a mix sounding thin or sounding too ‘seperated’, so I would try bypassing the low pass in that section to see if you get more energy and weight. If the high pass is too extreme then it might sound weird when the sound jumps from bypassed to not-bypassed, in which case it’s probably best to leave the filter.

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