Why exactly is it taking so long for the Oakland A's to get a new stadium and move out of the coliseum?

  1. If i was the city of oakland i wouldnt want to build a new park for an owner that cheap. The team brings nothing to the city right now. No one is travellingto go there, stadium is shit and the team is shit even people living in oakland dont go anymore.

  2. One of the factors involves the SF Giants. San Jose would love to have the A's move there. Stadiums have been proposed, etc. But San Jose is the business center of Silicon Valley, home to many tech giants that currently financially support the Giants. It's not hard to figure out that it's in the Giants' best interests to keep the A's in Oakland or move them out of the Bay Area altogether. (Vegas has been mentioned.) MLB appears committed to backing the Giants' efforts, thus blocking a lot of the A's options.

  3. The Giants have exclusive rights to San Jose, so that city's not an option for the Athletics. I hate seeing the A's in this awful position.

  4. Someone has to actually build them a venue. No one has yet. No one has offered a concrete plan to them and then subsequently committed to go ahead with it. That's why.

  5. By asking this,it is clear you are from out of the area, know very little about what a nightmare all things about Oakland are, and haven’t even taken a look at the recent Raiders and Warriors moves.

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