They don't deserve this much hate

  1. For real the devs are trying man they really are but there's only so much they can do I'm talking about raven sledge treyarch and IW they really do care about the fans but on the other hand you have activision they are the ones we should bitch to and send all the hate to! I feel bad for what the devs put up with people are so harsh on them . People bitch for change and quality of life improvements to warzone they do what fans ask and still get shit on .

  2. Horrible blame truth is alot to blame for the drama ... Apparently now he's living in a tent in the woods and quit call of duty . Hopefully he goes missing and never is heard from again

  3. The cod community is one of the largest communities in gaming, is it all the suprising that the worst of the community speaks the loudest

  4. I do not follow this sub so I don't know what this is in reference to, but a game that updates 100gb every few months I try to play, is one created by a trash company that lacks proper developmental planning.

  5. That is so over exaggerated as hell. If you are actually having an issue with the game constantly failing to update, you should contact customer support and get technical assistance there or on reddit and stop whining like a bitch.

  6. Isnt it funny how the biggest haters on COD and the devs tend the always be the ones who clock the most hours logged in on the game and spend the most on bundles and blueprints 2 faced clowns

  7. Pretty sure they deserve every criticism of their game as they are responsible for the state of it. Their communications and interactions with their customers is pretty pointless. Their manipulation of the items in their finished game to get you to purchase their new game is an abusive business practice and in any other sphere of business they would be taken to court for the repeated implementation.

  8. I don’t think IW has been running this game for over a year, its been Raven. When IW was running it (when it was still being updated) things worked. Unfortunately now keeping MW functional is the job of like one raven intern id guess

  9. Lmao stop playing and caring about the game but still care enough to come to a MW thread .. I'm calling bs the biggest haters on this game tend to be the ones who spend the most and have the most logged time

  10. Every gaming community has been doing this to CMs and Devs. From death threats to doxing, it’s become so bad. Gaming is the last good thing we have in this shitty world, why attack the people creating them? If anything give shit to the publishers who are creating this scam/pay to win monetization mechanics.

  11. im just fuckin annoyed at the progression system, why do they have a battlepass in mw2019 that ONLY unlocks cosmetics for vanguard? why do i only unlock cold war and vanguard guns? its such a load of shit

  12. The root cause is activision and raven, they ruin the game to grind money from kids’ pocket, so quit terrible company is definitely an option.

  13. Why would they shit on Infinity Ward? They're the only devs left who actually do anything remotely meaningful with COD. It's Activision, Treyarch, Sledgehammer that deserve to get shit on. They're responsible for everything we hate about the franchise at this point.

  14. Technically they didn't. They all left to form respawn early on in MW3's lifecycle. (Ironically enough they ended up selling their soul to EA after Titanfall 2 but that's another story.) Activision then proceeded to basically rebuild IW from scratch.

  15. They got the hate cause the promised to give us some good games what do we have to show for it? Lousy games even worse a false anticheat and things that where said to happen day 1 of vanguard but didn't for anothb7 months or so. So I don't wanna hear they dont deserve this hate. Pal they do and then some.

  16. Mate are you seriously saying these people deserve to be constantly harassed by death threats? There is a big difference between criticism and hate. Sure they have been involved in making a disappointing couple of cod games but if you're claiming they deserve hate then you're out of your mind.

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