Broken Lizard Starts Production On ‘Quasi’, A New Satirical Take On ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame’ Story

  1. There was talks a long time ago for Chandrasekhar to direct an MCU project. I always thought Broken Lizard would be the perfect people to make a Great Lakes Avengers movie. I have supported all of their movies since puddle cruiser and I’ll certainly see this one.

  2. A fun light hearted MCU movie would be amazing if done by Broken Lizard people. I’ve never heard of Great Lakes Avengers but after a quick wikipedia read I think that would be a fun project for them.

  3. I would watch the hell out of a Broken Lizard Avengers movie. I see it being riddled with the awareness that they’re third-string at best. I mean, 3/4 of the pantheon are in NYC. A few are in LA (presumably), but Chicago? Their stars are Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl, and she went back to New York. I see Great Lakes Avengers as a battle between young go-getters who are trying to make up for their lack of powers with gung-ho attitude and cynical veterans who are openly disdainful of the New York powers.

  4. After Super Troopers came out they were so big. I remember watching Club Dread and enjoying it but I know most didn't. After that though they kind of fell off the planet. I really don't think they took advantage of how hot they were at the time. That being said I fucking love Tacoma FD.

  5. Nice! Been loving Heffernan and Lemme's show Tacoma FD but was wondering if the whole crew would get back together again for another movie, this is good news.

  6. Same- love Tacoma FD and was thinking maybe they had moved on from the films. Having Paul Soter on in season 1 was a real tease.

  7. I can see Jay do it as well. He played a similar role that is needed here in Club Dread when he woke up in the middle of nowhere naked

  8. I definitely recommend people checking out Tacoma FD. It's not the greatest sitcom on right now, but its good enough to make me excited for new episodes each week. It's not officially a broken lizards show, but it does star Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, as well as guest star the other guys. Worth checking out

  9. A little maybe, but his novel isn't really about the hunchback at all. Quasimodo and all that are just vehicles to bring people into his fetish of architecture porn. The whole purpose of his writing is to jerk it to descriptions of the cathedral of Notre Dame itself. Like how Quentin Tarantino makes "movies" that are just expensive means for him to partake in his foot fetish on the unfortunate actresses.

  10. I love Super Troopers and Beerfest, but these guys haven't made a good movie in a long while, and some of what they have put out is just unfathomably bad (looking at you Slammin' Salmon) but I hope they can recapture the magic.

  11. What was that one movie they did where they were playing live action Pac-Man at some island resort? I think it predated Super Troopers. Man what a pile of crap that one was. Heffernan was pretty cringy in his young days.

  12. Maybe an unpopular take but these guys have failed to come anywhere close to recapturing the magic of the original super troopers in every movie they have made since.

  13. That was the cringiest part of the movie, they should of done research because the scene where they speak funny french dressed as mounties is French not Quebecois.

  14. Even more unpopular opinion: The only funny thing about Super Troopers was the meow scene, they're entire career has been riding on the tailcoats of that since.

  15. Seems like an odd choice. So it's a period piece about the Pope vs. the King of France? I love Broken Lizard so I'm down for whatever they put out but it's an odd concept.

  16. Chandrasekhar must have worn out his baiting hand after 2 years with Covid and decided to make another movie :) I'm not saying that guy jerks it a lot, but if he got a nickel for every time he did, he wouldn't need to make movies.

  17. Meh tell me when its done and then I'll care. People start working on all kinds of things these days. This is like telling my wife I'm starting to work out again.

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