Which Nic Cage movies are a must-see before watching The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent?

  1. Great movie. I'm a Lynch fan, and went to it in the theater on Sunday (for the second time), and it really benefits from the theater experience and people chuckling.

  2. It’s also without spoilers one of the movies that gets referenced the most in unbearable weight so I’d definitely say it’s a must watch before seeing it.

  3. He has other good films but you don’t need to see any of them before watching this. There is no Nic Cage Cinematic Universe (NCCU) but now that I say it there should be.

  4. The film you are referring to but don't know the name is Wicker Man. For all on here you should check out the original with Christopher Lee, it is a weird and wonderful masterpiece

  5. I would say there is very little that you won’t get in the movie if this were the first Nick Cage movie you have ever seen. There are plenty of references and call backs to movies he has been in, but nothing that the plot relies on.

  6. I haven't been to this, but I'm curious - does it contain any references to Wild at Heart such as clips, posters, et cetera? Cage said he tried to get Lynch to appear in the movie, but Lynch wasn't leaving his house at the time. So he got David Gordon Green instead.

  7. I finally got around to watching Bringing Out The Dead the other day and really enjoyed it. Very dark in places but compelling.

  8. Con Air. When I saw it as a kid I didn't think anything of it, watching it the second time, the southern accent he was performing was atrocious.

  9. Let me, some how, be the first to suggest DeadFall for peak insane Nic Cage. Its not a good film, but every scene Nic is in is wildly unhinged to the point its hilarious. So bad its good, imho.

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