What movie that has a low score on Rotten Tomatoes do you actually enjoy?

  1. I loved that film. Denzel and Dakota had such chemistry. He said she knew her lines as well as his. Her talent was amazing. I don't know why either that people didn't rate it higher.

  2. Never knew it had a Rotten score. It's held pretty favourably alongside the first, the third one however definitely isn't treated with the same respect.

  3. What dreams may come is incredible. But I feel like it has a special niche for anyone who’s loved ones have depression or BPD or other mental illnesses. It hits hard

  4. The 13th Warrior scored just 33 percent and it's one of my all-time favorites. The atmosphere and the ensemble cast are fantastic. I quote it every day.

  5. I love the bit where he is picking up the language slowly. And reveals it by insulting another guys mother or something

  6. Out Cold (8%): it's SUPPOSED to be a ski resort romp like from the 80s. I think the whole Casablanca parody made people think it was taking itself seriously.

  7. I loved this movie. The beer ski game down the hill, the running gag waking the brother up in weird ways, all the cringe guys trying to impress the hot girl even including the gay guy, the Weezer love song lol, just tons of character and fun and probably a lot of stuff you just won't get passed in movies anymore.

  8. Wait, people watched that and thought they were trying to make a serious movie? That and Eurotrip were peak college movies that we always seems to have on in the dorm.

  9. I legitimately assumed joe dirt had at least a solid score like a 60s or maybe 70s. I'm blown away. It's a completely solid movie and probably one of David spades best movies lol.

  10. Both National Treasure movies. They're like a fun mix of James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Nic Cage; what more could you ask for?

  11. These type of movies getting bad ratings is why i hate sites like rotten tomatoes. The movie has a clear objective, fun adventure movie. It hits all its objectives prefect. Yet when critics watch it they judge it by what it is not and what it never tried to be. It doesn't want to tell a deep story, it doesn't want to show amazing acting. It wants you to enjoy a lazy afternoon with a fast paced fun story.

  12. Butterfly Effect has a 34% but I still liked it a lot. Wasn’t groundbreaking by any means but had an entertaining premise and I liked the early 00s nostalgia

  13. The movie had two different endings but I preferred the directors cut version. It was far more dark. Tbh I never understood why it wasn't recieved that well by critics. It was a very interesting concept for a movie.

  14. I really enjoy Oblivion (2013). It's great sci-fi, with amazing visuals. The story isn't perfect, but keeps you hooked till the end. I don't really understand how it only has a 54% on RT. Also, the credits song SLAPS.

  15. What I find interesting is the director, Joseph Kosinski, also directed Tron Legacy. Then when Hollywood needed a director for the new top gun they were like, "who can direct a sequel to a 35 year old movie AND also direct Tom Cruise?" And this guy was just like, "yo, that's all I do."

  16. The reviews Oblivion got were a joke. Some of the best visuals ever, an amazing score, a solid story that keeps things moving along. If you didn’t like the movie, I do t think you should be reviewing movies, or at least movies of that type.

  17. Without A Paddle (14% RT) - It doesn’t age all that well, I’ll admit. But it’s actually pretty funny and has a ton of heart. Plus an amazing soundtrack!

  18. At one point on my life, I thought Rachel Bilson is the cutest person in the world. For me, Jumper is like a music video. It's fast-paced and not much story, with beautiful people. I actually love movies that are like music video.

  19. I actually really enjoyed the 3rd entry as well, "Riddick". Took things back to a really small scale, I enjoyed the sequences of him learning the hazards on the planet

  20. Escape From Butcher Bay was amazing, probably the best video game based on a movie that I can think of - even if it's not strictly based on the movies storyline.

  21. People didn't know what to do with the tone. IMO they couldn't see the pathos or the darkness for what they were, they wanted a more straightforward satire or "dark side of children's TV" exploration.

  22. Fear and Loathing is way better than the 49% it has from critics, but I have a personal bias toward it and can see why many wouldn't care for the film. Still, at least the audience score is on the opposite end at 89%

  23. Fear and Loathing is a masterpiece. One of the few films that not only does justice to the book but I think it actually expands on it and becomes a perfect companion to it. Most of Gilliam's films have mediocre reviews as they are definitely not for everybody but man that fucker is talented.

  24. True story: years ago at a bar trivia night the question was “what Steven Spielberg directed movie has the lowest RT score”. I insisted it was Hook but my team put down Jaws 4. Idiots

  25. I remember when it came out. Several critics saidnit missed the mark as a kids film and a few adults at the time i knew didnt like it.... every single kid i knew loved it.

  26. This one seems to be generational. A lot of critics hated it when it came out. But kids who saw it fucking loved it. Now that all those kids are adults, he movie’s reputation is much much better.

  27. Jennifer's Body. I can understand 46% critics score—horror rarely fares well among critics, but 35% audience score???

  28. This is because they marketed the movie to young guys from Transformers audience as “Megan Fox is hot”. It ended up not the movie they promoted, and people got upset about it.

  29. Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit has a 19% on the tomatometer, which is all the proof you need to know that this site ain't it

  30. Speed Racer. Saw it in theaters and I absolutely loved it! Made the cartoon come to life in an entirely new way. I do understand why it is not everyone's cup of tea though.

  31. I was so thrown when I looked up that movie on RT one day and saw the score because I remember my local paper gave it an A when it came out

  32. somehow, it was cartoonier than the cartoon. i mean, car-fu. If you cant have a good time watching a movie with car-fu, you have too much sadness in your life.

  33. Top three favorite movies. Did not get the respect is deserved when it came out. I think it’s getting a solid cult following.

  34. A Life Less Ordinary (1997) - 41/59. Silly romcom that hits the mark for me. Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz play well together, with fabulous support from Holly Hunter, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci and Dan Hedaya. A 41 critic rating is criminal imho. Clearly audiences more broadly enjoyed it, but it's a 10 in my book, not a 6.

  35. I always loved Inspector Gadget as a kid. Watched it again with my kid recently, and its pretty cringe. But the kid inside me still loves it.

  36. I saw cobra recently and loved it. Very dumb trope filled movie but it’s a ton of fun. And so many weird choices like Stallone eating pizza with scissors

  37. MacGruber (2010) 47/35. Hilarious and I don't care what anyone says. The scene where MacGruber is telling the story of how he and Kunth were college friends is absolutely brilliant. Glad they made the TV show too, although it probably could have just been "MacGruber 2."

  38. She as carrying his child at the time. I insisted we terminate it so we could have a fresh start and she agreed.

  39. The scene where Macgruber is fucking the ghost of his dead wife on her tombstone, and it cuts to him standing there alone, naked, just humping air and grunting is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  40. How he starts out with I have no idea and casually says he stole the love of his life after naming him his best man hahaha

  41. Brothers Solomon. Directed by Bob Odenkirk, Will Arnett and Will Forte are the eponymous brothers. It has a great cast and it's really funny, just the opening credits alone make me crack up, I don't know why it has a 16% on rotten tomatoes. I saw it in the theatres twice and both times me and my friends were the only ones there. Comedy is subjective I guess.

  42. So many of the funniest movies have bad RT scores. Dirty Work is 14%. Wet Hot American Sumner has 38%. Tommy Boy is 41%. Not a genre that reviews well.

  43. The A Team (2010). I thought it was stupid fun and would love to have seen a sequel. I had never seen the show so didn’t have an attachment to the source material, I just thought it was a fun action flick

  44. I’m a kid from the 80s (or old man). Big fan of the tv series and thought the film hit all the right notes. It knows what it is and doesn’t try to be what it isn’t.

  45. Kung Pow: Enter the fist has a 13% rating yet is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen and is a movie I quote regularly even if a lot of people don't get the reference.

  46. The RT score for Dude, Where's My Car is like actually criminal to me, I don't think I've seen a funnier movie

  47. I like Wild Wild West. I think its a fun, cheesy, crappy 60s TV throwback. It is what it is and, no it'll never enter my top.10 but it entertains harmlessly enough for 90 minutes. That and Kenneth Branagh is great as always.

  48. CONSTANTINE with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz. Such a fun, compelling supernatural thriller with really cool worldbuilding and visuals. Peter Stormare also plays my favourite version of the devil and there are some great performances from awesome character actors like Tilda Swinton and Djimon Honsou. It only has a 46% on RT which really boggles my mind/

  49. Miami Vice (2006), 47% on RT. I think it suffered from critics seeing the name and expecting the cool pastel tinged neon buddy cop style of the original show without taking into account that it wasn't the 80s anymore and that it was still a movie directed by Michael Mann. Plus the fact that about half of it isn't set in Miami.

  50. I thought that it was a good movie with really beautiful digital cinematography, but as you pointed out, they changed so much that I wish they just dropped the Miami Vice name altogether and made the film its own thing instead, rather than setting up false expectations.

  51. Little Nicky has a special creative spot in my heart, granted I do love heaven/hell concepts in movies but I will die on this hill!

  52. I initially hated it, because the original Chuck Jones animated Grinch is my all-time favorite Christmas movie, but it's since grown on me. Jim Carrey absolutely gives it his all, and it has some great quotable lines:

  53. Alex Cross….there i said it. Matthew Fox got rid of probably 97% body fat and replaced it with pure muscle. I’m a HUGE fan of Lost so maybe that had something to do with my decision.

  54. Meteor (1979). I watched it as a kid and it made me love disaster movies. Its rated at 5% but I love it. Sean Connery brings it to life.

  55. Hudson Hawk. 1991 film with Bruce Willis. It has a terrible score, but for some reason I love that movie. I think it's the music, plus the fact that I love horses.

  56. Across the Universe is a super fun and creative musical, genuinely a favorite of mind. It’s rotten on RT and lots of people hate it, I don’t understand why

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