Dune (2021)

  1. I mean... if you see her in the trailer you would naturally assume she’s actually in the movie. Shouldn’t have to search the cast to make sure you’re not being bamboozled.

  2. Idk how they arrived at this number, but they are looking for $5 million lol. It’s class action, so that is supposedly on behalf of all consumers.

  3. It was because they didn’t want to create a love triangle with Lily James’ character, even though the main character didn’t even care about her until the last 30 minutes of the film

  4. Trailers are supposed to give glimpse of what's in the movie, if she ain't in the movie then it's misleading advertising at best. There is a case here.

  5. Well no, not really. She's only in the trailer for a few seconds and it's in the context of the main character performing on the James Corden show while she's sitting next to him on the guest couch listening to him sing.

  6. If that was the case, then people would be rich off the marvel trailers. It seems ridiculous that once a trailer were to include something, it can’t be cut later in development.

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