MPC 1k Boom Bap

  1. Really nice, perhaps an stupid question, I see a lot of mpc users also use the sp404sx, what exactly does it do in your setup?

  2. Great question! It seems like a lot of people have it too lol. I love having multiple samplers to be able to bounce audio back and forth to chop or and textures. The 404 has great fx and the MPC 1k doesn’t have fx readily available like the newer MPCs. I also love the 404 compressor. I basically run that on every beat from the MPC. I hope this answers questions! Feel free to ask more if you have any. I also have a lot more videos and things on Instagram. Thanks!!

  3. I'm also curious about this. I've been wanting to get an sp404 to compliment my Live II but I'm not sure what it brings to the table other than the effects (which are obviously awesome, and is most of the reason why I want one).

  4. I have a 404sx, from the MPC out you go to the 404 and from the 404 out to the speakers, this way you can play anything you have on your MPC i.e. a pre recorded track on your MPC and add effects built into the reverb and vynil noise and such, so what I am saying is ~ you can use this set up for live DJing implications, as a performance basically, you also do have 12 more pads you might need to use with fx sounds for example again.... I just felt like answering the question even though it's not my post

  5. Loved the beat. Quick question: When you do the effects on the SP, do you then resample those parts with the SP effects back into the MPC?

  6. Sometimes I will run the raw sample in to the 404, add some fx and then sample in to the MPC. Sometimes I do the opposite. It depends on what I think the sample needs and if I am brave enough to commit the fx to the audio forever.

  7. Yo very nicely done, a great sample, yes a really awesome sample for many reasons and an interesting drum pattern played live, at least from what I saw....

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