Bought Antiquities Pack

  1. The only thing you fell for was not knowing what you were buying, and that's not the seller's fault; the pack was probably searched 20 years and seven owners ago. You buy a loose pack on eBay because you want to own the sealed pack itself, not because you want to gamble on opening it. Which would be a stupid thing to do even with an unsearched pack. If 750 CAD isn't meaningless chump change to you then be smarter with your money next time and research before you buy.

  2. When I was a kid you could run a hot iron over the edge of these plastic packs for 5 seconds to seal them and make them look 100% new. Figured it out when I was 13. There's a reason why NO ONE pulled a single good rare card from the packs at the local swindlers card shop. This was in 1994. When packs were $3...

  3. Recently got 5 FBB german boosters for a very good price and sold them for about 450 each.... they haf a great wine and opended them to find out the best thing were a wheel and a serra angel ... never trust old packs XD

  4. No one mentioned it but the creases from the top and bottom of the pack look like wear from someone pushing the individual cards up and down to search the pack. Especially picture 4/8 on imgur (6 of 8 on phone)

  5. Just one thing to note, we have seen expensive cards come out of searched packs. I am pretty sure there is a video on Youtube of a Lotus being pulled out of a pack that was searched so hardly you could see in the pack, but for whatever reason they didn't realize it was a lotus so. Either way its a cool MTG pack of a vintage set, it could be searched, it might not be, even it was searched they might not have identified the cards in it accurately.

  6. This pack looks like it may have been resealed, but as far as searched I doubt it, when you crack it open either you'll find glue holding it together or you won't this will be your indicator of a resealed pack or not. I would say judging by the pictures you have a 30percent chance of it being resealed, 70pct chance of it being intact.

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