Looking for a decent mid range phone!

  1. ikkk but the camera downgrade feels horrible. ik pixel is all about that software but thoda better camera Dene mein woh mar nahi jaate

  2. Frankly I would suggest Moto because of clean android. I have a g5 that my mom now uses. Not a great camera or anything but basic whstaspapp and calling and fb mast chalta hai. Usme dekh le camera kaunsa jamta hai. Also, try posting on

  3. thank you for this sub recommendation! even I'm leaning towards moto because they really give you a bang for your buck!

  4. Thanks for posting. I've been looking to buy in the same range. Pixel 6a and nothing phone 1 were my options. Gotta check moto g60 now. Hmm. Lmk what you bought

  5. Don't even think about nothing....the only thing which is reason for its popularity is that they introduced it as a iPhones replacement... and everyone started comparing it with iPhone even though its a Android device.....if you compare others Android devices on same price range u will understand how lacking nothing Phone is....but great marketing strategy...

  6. No one is comparing nothing Phone with iphone, you cannot compare 30k phone to 70k above iphones, everyone saying that nothing Phone's body looks like iphone 12/13 and for stock Android experience only three companies are there (nothing, pixel and moto) other phone brands comes with bloatwares.

  7. Moto G71 instead of G60. It has amoled, good battery life and 13 bands 5G. Other options are edge 20 fusion and edge 30.

  8. Based on your requirements, Oneplus Nord 2T is the only correct option. Motorola phones don't have as good camera and Pixel is out of your budget.

  9. I've used it in the past and they get slow imo. I'm not a fan of the UI. Although mine was a pretty low end one/mid range one, I've seen my parents use good Samsung's and it just doesn't feel good. very blocky experience. but your review is really great! I'll check out this particular model

  10. I was curious too. I am using Galaxy A50 for 3 and half years. It works perfectly. I don't think I will change before a year. I had bought for 20K at that time.

  11. how's your battery? I'm really considering OP Nord too but I've seen the image processing on my friends phone and it just over corrects everything, i wasn't a fan of that.

  12. I would suggest to wait for some 5- 6 months. All Phones have become overpriced due to chip shortage and these companies are trying to earn profits by increasing prices of phones to balance out losses in pandemic. Also demand for smartphones has also gone down if you check news on google, that means people are not buying phones that frequently as they were before. I have used my current phone 3+ years and was looking for mid range phone for now but decided to postpone it.

  13. I am using Moto Edge 20 as a transition device as the screen of the iPhone cracked. Performance is smooth. Love stock android but software support is slow and cameras are average.

  14. Irony is that you dont like no.1 smartphone brand Samsung, and very reputed brands like Oppo , Redmi, oh by the way 1+ phones also are made by Oppo so you can understand why i wrote reputed word there. And over all of this you're ready to pay 30k+ for a diwali phone brand thats few days old lol

  15. I get to differ, redmi isn't reputable, they do have customer service n all, but introducing bloatware to slowdown a device isn't reputable.

  16. honestly it looks great but after using multiple Samsungs. i have decided against it, no matter how many amazing phones they release.

  17. Honestly, i use Redmi. It looks beautiful and has a sturdy body, specs and a good pricing. About bloatware, you can disable everything now-a-days from inbuilt apps to ads and even system notifications. Personally haven't used stock Android so i don't know much but it was an awesome upgrade from samsung and their forced keyboard and stuff. Current device - Redmi note 11 pro

  18. Go with what you will, but one feature I'll suggest is 60w + charging, you'll never go back. My 4500 mah battery takes 35 mins to full charge and lasts 24 hours. And even when you're travelling of you run out of charge, get 15 mins of charge and you'll be good to go for 12 hours.

  19. Nothing Phone 1 (3years OS update 4yrs security patch update) Samsung A73 (4 years OS update and 5 years security patch update) Pixel 6 (3 years OS update, 5 years security patch update) Also look for Asus Zenphone 9

  20. Samsung galaxy s20 Fe 5g. Only downside is the battery. Excels in every other department. I'm using it currently

  21. I don't know how good is Oneplus brand and it's smartphone is now, But I paid 37k for Oneplus 6T in 2018.. It has been absolutely brilliant. The touchscreen response is still the same, I couldn't make out any difference, the battery still lasts for a day.. and has fast charging. Got a good case and replaced the screen guard couple of times.

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