is this normal behaviour by any stretch?

  1. People are not getting that OP is the person who initially posted that wether he should or should not smash his married colleague who is totally flirting with him and is superhot. Now he is trying to claim moral high ground because he found a bigger weirdo than him .

  2. I'm not trying to claim moral high ground at all, you're just assuming things and making things up like a psychopath Rashmi. Get a grip.

  3. I think it would be better if both the OP and the person PMing him are reported and muted from the server. They are bringing unnecessary and unjustified attention to the character of the woman in question. Both seem like incels.

  4. Both idiots are the creeps here, one is asking for pics taken without consent of the woman here, the other is putting up made up stories about the woman here.

  5. Surely the other guy is a creep but hitting on a married person is nothing to be proud about. You are going around town telling people how hot she is and that you have her pics - are you sure YOU are doing okay up top?

  6. Are you dumb or mentally handicapped? I've never hit on anyone and I don't have pictures of anyone. Keep your stupid opinions to yourself loser.

  7. Lol I'm not trying to be a saint and besides that, even if I do hook up with the married woman, I'm not in a relationship, it's not my job to be loyal to anyone, it's her job and if she doesn't want to be loyal to her husband then that's completely on her, it's got nothing at all to do with me. I couldn't care less about the guy or their relationship.

  8. Op is simply flexing in the post about his married colleague because here in the comments also he is just flexing about his life and saying shit to others life no logical arguments

  9. even though the guy is a fucking creep.. the 'to be homewrecker' part got me... also can we not corner the OP saying that he is the one who's wrong? ITS THE FUCKING WIFE.. also OP pls do not make things even more hard for the husband, he might be clueless about his wife and that makes it so sad

  10. Lol while the other guy is a creep, OP should stop with the holier-than-thou attitude. OP was literally considering having an affair with a married woman knowingly (without knowing if her relationship is Open).

  11. Looks like you're the one with holier than thou attitude buddy. The other guy was being a literal creep and asking for something illegal.

  12. Having thoughts is normal. Acting out is bad. Of the two only one has acted on their thoughts. OP hasn't even done anything lmao. You're literally condemning for having a thought. You are being holier than thou not OP

  13. I mean, based off what the guy said, you're absolutely gutter scum yourself. No wonder you associate with other sad excuses for men.

  14. Hahaha your wife cheated on you? Is that why you're bitter? Is that why you waste your life away playing video games like a child? 😅

  15. That guy is a creep but don't act like you've a moral high ground when you're thinking about banging a married person tbh

  16. What is with this whole "moral high ground" thing? I honestly don't get it. I got a bunch of random incels giving me the same exact shit and I'm like dude I am not even trying to claim moral high ground lol....

  17. Depends. There's entire subreddits and websites dedicated to the sharing of pics of women taken without them knowing. Heard of

  18. Being a woman is tough fr, idk the context, but i don't think i would like being talked about like that, reddit anonymity has given too much power to many creeps

  19. Comment section is spicy lmao. OP and his misplaced sense of self righteousness vs some fuckall creep. Unnecessarily dragged out too.

  20. God I love reddit. The complexity and sheer amount of content you can dig up from a random post (or even it's comments) beats a thousand TV serials. I don't even live in Mumbai, and this goldmine of a post just popped up in my feed and I've never laughed harder.

  21. Well what was the post that made him tempt. Why would the guy put a post like that saying his colleaulgue is hot. What is difference between both then

  22. Both op and other person are wrong here imho. Even if she is inviting you, you should know that you probably going to ruin someone's life. This other person is a creep definitely but you are doing the exact same damage or maybe more.

  23. After going through the comments I strongly believe that OP is not only a stupid, senseless hypocrite but also an asshole of the highest degree. Calling people who called him out as psychopaths and incels, you need to get a grip on your pathetic life.


  25. i swear both op and the person who sent the text have the same intentions. if he needs a psychotherapist, so you do. a married woman is to be respected. and not described as a college girl. 2 incels detected.

  26. Uncalled for question asked to OP, but unnecessary of OP to continue the conversation so long advising about mental help.

  27. Dude even I got dm in reddit asking for ig IDs of milfs in my building. Somehow dude deducted my general place of living in Mumbai and asked if I'd share it. I politely told him to fuck off. But should have confronted him on it.

  28. Not normal but sadly common. Insta , Facebook, twitter even here on Reddit as women we get many such texts , messages. Even linkedin isn’t safe. The reason why many women keep their accounts private is also this. Good you called the guy out , as a man keep doing that please.

  29. That's sad to hear, honestly as guys I feel like we don't even know a modicum of the shit you lot go through.

  30. Reddit is full of such creeps. You just have to mention you're a woman and they'll be all in your dms asking creepy questions. It's downright disgusting when you're being clear that you don't want to talk about anything NSFW and they'll still try to find a way to start NSFW topics.

  31. Ye roz ka hai..not in just texts, sometimes we see this kind of behaviour when we're going somewhere, job places and even doing something minimal like shopping.

  32. Lol they're just bitter, sad and lonely. Everyone trying to bash has some strange gamer type post history or some Thanos type fucking name. These people live in movies and video games where there's good and evil and no room for nuance.

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