I am Rat’s father. I just found out a drunk guy ate my child.

  1. Sir, my name is Pradyuman from CID. We currently looking into this crime, we have concluded it was a protein related crime. We have asked for an individual to handover your rat son's friend rat. We must now ask you to come in to the bureau in byculla for testimony since you are a rat too.

  2. Pradyuman lavde.. Dr.Salunkhe here. Pehle forensic report aanedo..Shitposters se jyada Ghai tuze lagi he case solve karneki

  3. Aap ye kyu bol rahe hai, humko nahi samajh raha. Kisi ki maut hui hai yaha, koi baap apne bacche ki maut ka maatam mana raha hai aur aap lumfaao-shumfaao kar rahe ho.

  4. sir this is a dangerous sub, a rat is found dead at.... I mean it wasn't found, it was devoured. many people have been disturbed by this incident. i would warn you to not search for the term "rat" at this sub. thank me later

  5. Yeah, I am the crow who chased him into that house, my deepest apologies Mr Rat Senior, I grieve this moment with you...

  6. As you’re a chashmadid gawah, please get in touch with ACP from Chuha Investigation Dept and let the team know address of the killer. Aabhar.

  7. Sir, my child is dead. And you’re here searching for typos? Go help Pradyuman from Chuha Investment Department to put the killer behind pinjra. Be useful for once.

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