VI-VII-I is the best chord progression change my mind.

  1. Oh yeah, that VI-VII-I thing is just the Mario Cadence and yeah it's pretty dang common in various kinds of music. If you're curious about why it sounds the way it does, here's a video that talks about it:

  2. If the final chord really does sound like the tonic though, it's better considered i than vi. Besides, it does occur in the major mode too, in the modally-mixed form of bVI - bVII - I!

  3. It’s a nice progression, but not the best imo. You said this chord progression is out of your scope... what genres/chord progressions do you usually tend to listen to?

  4. guys, i read the incomplete notification and i asummed it was in a major key, all major chords and dang, it sounds more lydian than lydian, or something. it's dreamy and overly bright and sweet and i love it. I'm playing C A B C and i love it it's great.

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