How do you come up with an interesting chord progressions?

  1. Stealing is a great way to get new ideas, and once you've stolen enough, you can pick and choose those ideas and create something that might sound original to you (though true originality is next to impossible to achieve)

  2. Stop thinking vertically and start thinking horizontally. Where are you at? Where do you want to do? How could you get there?

  3. Honestly, the best way I’ve found to spice up boring progressions is with mode changes and inversions. An extreme example, we have a 12-bar blues 1-chord song that’s in F. But we start at the ‘lowest’ mode (Aeolian, we skipped Lochrian) and as the song progresses it goes through the modes until it ends with the brightest, Ionian. Combine that with first and second inversions for movement, and there’s a song. We did it as an experiment, so it was never going to be a hit. But it shows that just screwing around can sometimes yield something interesting you can use down the road.

  4. So yea chord progressions can definitely be stolen without a problem. But a song is not just made of chords, it's like saying "can I steal this drum groove", sure but it doesn't really make the song.

  5. I'll focus on a voice of the harmony at a time. Where do I hear this one voice going, and how can the others harmonize it? This can be like "I want this voice to be a major chord's #11," and if the line in the one voice makes sense, it'll tie the whole thing together.

  6. I usually start with a simple, diatonic, functional progression, like Cmaj-Fmaj-Gmaj-Cmaj or Cmaj-Dmin-Gmaj-Cmaj. Then, I repeatably apply three tools, in any order, until I am satisfied.

  7. There are some progressions that have been used alot and in different arrangements.. Look at a standard Blues progression yet depending on the style used to play the progression it can sound different like delta blues sounds different from Texas bounce blues or different from Chicago shuffle blues. Now imagine if after each turn around you shifted to a different style playing the same exact notes but in a different style each time. Now imagine doing this but when the next style comes up you shift the progression up to start on the fourth of the previous progression and the next time you shift it again up to the fifth to start on of the original progression. Like going A D E then up to the fourth D G A and again starting on the fifth E A B. and the reason it works is the listener gets the pattern and it becomes known even with the turn around that a shift in the song is coming but will follow the same 1 4 5

  8. Creep is not in C Ionian. I’m pretty sure it’s G Ionian if I remember correctly. Sorry, I had to correct it, cause I was confused as I read C Ionian.

  9. Diminished chords lol whenever I start feeling bored with a progression I used diminished chords and resolve to a 7th chord or also augmented chords can be fun to noodle with .

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