What is your favorite mode?

  1. Bluesy with a major 6th, what's not to love? You can throw in the minor 6th as a passing tone when you want to go full minor.

  2. Mixolydian b6, that lowered sixth degree gives all those minor feels over technically a major type of scale. The dichotomy is great!

  3. I like to play it over a suspended dominant 9th with a flat 13th then resolve the suspension to the whole tone scale then it can be used to modulate anywhere.

  4. You are my people. My “floating in space in a sea of tranquil stars while looking upon our pale blue dot trying to find the ruins of ancient civilizations” kind of people.

  5. Easily Dorian. I love it for the type of music I create. I actually mistook playing Dorian for Natural Minor for the longest time when I was first learning piano lol

  6. Currently? Phrygian. Love that bold darkness it’s got, nothing too melancholic, just raw dark energy. Strong pull to itself too when you don’t veer far from the i and bII. I love to interpolate it with other minor modes. As does my friend, Kristeen Young. :)

  7. Why do you like this one the most? Are there specifics songs or sections of a song that use it? I don't usually find much information about this one anywhere.

  8. I play a lot of folk songs, often the same song but in a different key or modality for different versions. Most Dorian banjo songs can easily be moved to mixolydian and vice versa.

  9. Phrygian when I discovered Slayer in 1989, and Phrygian Dominant recently from jamming over the entire first Return To Forever album.

  10. Lydian dom b2 (or sometimes #2)= phrygian dom #5 Dorian b2 (= phrygian #6) These are subscales of octatonic scale (7 of 8 degrees)

  11. probably lydian, lydian b7, and lydian #9 because of the thirteenth note division and the chord-scale system. i find it one of the most elegant concepts in all of music theory. it also marked the jumping-off point from diatonic theory for me, basically underpinning everything i know and love now, so i have a lot of sentimentality towards it and attribute pretty everything i've written recently to that shift in understanding.

  12. This sounds interesting, but I don't get it. Could you link to some info or give me a good keyword to search?

  13. Thanks to this thread i tried to combine lydian and dorian and discovered dorian #4 for myself which seems to work over m7, maj7 and dom7 chords at least in my ear. :D

  14. 7th mode of melodic minor, also called altered scale. You have both minor and major 3rd (enharmonically) and elements of a whole tone scale.

  15. I love Dorian mode. I love just picking out melodies on a guitar in Dorian and making little Medieval sounding tunes. Phrygian, Lydian, and Mixolydian are runners up for the same reason.

  16. Dorian and Phrygian dominant. I play banjo and they both work so well on it. I can noodle all day in those modes.

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