Seagull Swallows A Whole Rabbit.

  1. I was just gonna ask: how the eff do you fly after that? I can barely walk my ass to the couch after eating a burrito.

  2. Back when I was a kid someone had a bucket of fish and started feeding a seagull. Now, seagulls being seagulls don't know when to stop eating, so it was gulping down every fish that was thrown to it.

  3. Did it kill the rabbit or does the rabbit just accept it's fate half way down it's throat like this could be warm and nice

  4. Rabbits dead, beginning of the video the gull grabs it by its neck and shakes it to break its neck and kill it, so it doesn't kick and fight the way down.

  5. I hope the rabbit is dead before the swallow, otherwise the options seem like suffocation or slow decomposition

  6. So a few questions here did it just kill itself by eating more than it should’ve? How long will that go without food after eating that? Is it gonna shit that out in one sitting?

  7. Here in NY, the gulls will kill pigeons and rats very easily. Some have learned to bait them with food into oncoming traffic for an even easier meal.

  8. Seagulls really aren't that stupid. I've seen them knock squirrels off of power lines just to dive bomb them into the ground to finish them off then gobble them whole. And most still manage to fly away with that kind of meal on their stomachs. Seagulls play dumb, but they're violent and intelligent little fuckers.

  9. I am by no means an expert, but I know many animals do this and they’re totally fine. Lots of animals can also breathe while swallowing, their airways are separate from their esophagus. Probably one of the many flaws in human design.

  10. The bones would be my concern. Bird poop/pee is liquid. So I'm not sure how their digestive system will handle the relatively large bones going through it.

  11. Serious yet likely dumb question, can the seagull fly after eating such a large animal. My assumption is yes due to adaptations making in aerodynamic but that seems like quite a bit of weight to add on.

  12. I'm on the west coast of the USA, gulls are like rodents here. Most natives of the area hate them. I've seen them take big meals like this, and they definitely struggle to fly.

  13. Even more so than adaptations in aerodynamics, are the adaptations to even allow flight in the first place. Remember than birds bones are hollow, allowing them to shed a lot of unnecessary weight to be able to fly. So most birds actually weight way less than what a typical mammal of their same size would. And despite this, they generally have the strength to carry extra weight so that they can feed themselves and still be able to fly back home.

  14. How!? I know nothing of a Seagulls digestive system but I imagine it is shore based as that is where those bougie pigeon MFs reside. Also, how is that bird supposed to function when it just ingested such a large percentage of its weight. A pigeon weighs a max of 3.8Lbs. A dwarf rabbit is in the ballpark of 4Lbs full grown. Assuming that rabbit was a baby dwarf rabbit it is still probably 25-50% of the Seagulls weight. How is that bird supposed to fly/function with 25% of its mass lodged in its stomach? I struggle with Thanksgiving turkey hitting 1/100th of my weight.

  15. How the hell is he gonna shit that out!? No, seriously, I need a follow up video on that. Watching this on replay is making me want to shit, and I don’t need to shit.

  16. one time I was watching the sea gulls by the tables the fisherman use to clean fish and I saw one seagull start to eat the intestines of a big fish. midway through another seagull came up, grabbed the end of the intestines that were still on the ground, and pulled the intestines slowly back out of the first seagull. then it ate them.

  17. I remember hearing the sentence “seagulls have one emotion and it is hubris” once, and this… yeah this confirms it for me

  18. Thankyou for using NSFW even though we're in nature is metal. I wish other people would be so kind. Have an award.

  19. Horrid little cunts. There was a story here a while ago (UK) about some Seagull carrying away someone's Chihuahua. I really don't care for Chihuahuas, so it doesn't bother me too much, but imagine having a family pet get carried off and eaten by a fucking Seagull??? Monstrous little fuckers

  20. I watched a seagull eating a pigeon. It hadn't yet committed like this one, it walked around with the still-alive pigeon dying in its beak.

  21. Once on a school trip everyone was bought Cornish pasties and some poor kid watched on in abject horror as a seagull swallowed his whole pasty in this same fashion.

  22. Reminds me of the komodo dragon gobbling a 20-second-old fawn whole whilst in the middle of eating its mother.

  23. I saw a seagull eat a pigeon in the city centre of where I live and people were all just stood there in horror as it gulped this pigeon down whole

  24. How quick do eaten animals die once inside? Surely the frantic kicking and scratching is doing damage internally?

  25. I used to think it was crazy that birds descended from dinosaurs, but after half a dozen videos of birds swallowing animals whole, I can see it now.

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