[Baragona] Enes Kanter to Tucker Carlson on FOX News on Americans criticizing America: "I feel like they should just keep their mouth shut and stop criticizing the greatest nation in the world and they should focus on their freedoms and their human rights and democracy."

  1. It seems to so often be lost on immigrants though, likely because they recognize the privilege they’ve been afforded to get in. A patriot always strives for a more perfect union.

  2. “I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” —James Baldwin

  3. Kanter would have told him (a black and gay man who was middle aged before the Civil Rights Act passed) to shut his mouth and appreciate “the greatest country in the world.” Never mind the fact that Baldwin was treated so badly here that he emigrated to France.

  4. One of the best things about western countries is we can say they fucking suck and there’s nothing anyone can do about it! They don’t suck, but I can say they do without issue

  5. "Coming from a country where I couldn't speak out against the wrongdoings of the government, people should just shut up and not criticize the wrongdoings of the government here because it's less shitty than the one I had back home."

  6. Look, Kanter has always been a grifter. Yea he’s against Turkey’s current government, but he backs another leader that effectively runs a religious cult. He’s just says whatever, whenever, however to push propaganda for the United States because we gave him citizenship.

  7. It was so obvious that he's making plans for his post-NBA career. All the nephews who rabidly upvoted and commented on every LeChina post are the biggest rubes around lol

  8. it’s me. i’m that person. thought he was just standing up against injustice. his politics are clearer now

  9. We were all whataboutist China shills being paid to say that, instead of people with functional eyes and brains!

  10. People are going to freak out about this, but Freedom is a good guy. My husband was able to become a citizen of this great country the same day Freedom did, and he stopped to take pictures with everyone else at the court house. My husband even had a lengthy chat with him in the restroom as Freedom masturbated into a urinal, while watching American hero Hulk Hogan’s sex tape.

  11. I honestly think that this is just the mindset of people who aren't accustomed to real freedom of expression (which is a core part of a full democracy).

  12. When he first started his diatribe I didn't think it end up this way. I was wrong. He has no idea what he's talking about. It was all good criticizing Turkey and playing the victim getting banned from your home country. But yikes at what he became.

  13. It's always been that way, this dude is out here taking photos with pieces of shit like John Bolton and stanning for Turkish terrorists.

  14. I knew this was where it was going. It doesn't matter if China is bad and thats a relevant point. Kanter can't seem to let multiple valid truths be true. And then he takes his schtick to Tucker of all places, who had no problem carrying water for the president that agreed with Xi on internment camps.

  15. I have a random love for Ilyasova bc my MyPlayer got drafted by the Pistons and he literally always got me an assist on my kick-outs. Dude was a sniper.

  16. Shams: Kanter has decided to rescind his pending name change, now changing his name to Enes Kanter State Deparment. More to come.

  17. The last Enes Kanter Freedom political commentary thread??? Salute to our Turkish king for heroically sacrificing his NBA career for our entertainment with heapings of performative activism and a morsel of actually important information.

  18. Just because this country isn’t as bad as others doesn’t mean there aren’t things to criticize about it. His take is brain-dead.

  19. Hmmm you mean that having a prison system designed to put people of color behind bars and make sure when they get out they can't properly integrate back into society, or...Having a police force that routinely targets people of color and minorities...or making people go into extreme amounts of debt to pay for life saving Healthcare treatments isn't worth criticism???

  20. Time and again people use China as bait to criticize people standing up for domestic issues (mainly concerning black people) and time and again this dumb ass sub falls for it.

  21. When Black people who lurk call this place just another form of racism, Enes Kanter rise on this site is an easy go to reminder

  22. I really liked how he would just go down the list of who the Celtics were playing next and find someone to criticize there, definitely organic and not opportunistic at all

  23. I’m starting to believe the theories that he’s a CIA asset. I mean he either ignores or straight up praises USA ally nations who commit equal if not worse human right violations than the countries he targets

  24. he (fox) literally won a slander case by saying viewers shouldn’t believe the words that are coming outta his mouth

  25. He's literally a fucking white supremacist and he has a platform on national tv. Your country is a nightmare.

  26. VERY similar to "NBA Star" Jonathan Isaac in that the title is a big stretch coming from these right-wing sources.

  27. There was a thread that hit the top of popular that was talking about how Kanter, NBA star, was criticizing LeBron for his silence about China. The idea of calling Kanter an NBA star was hilarious lol. You could tell the guy who made the post doesn't follow the NBA at all and just saw China and LeBron and got a boner

  28. Ok multi millionaire who plays basketball for a living, I’ll keep my mouth shut about our “amazing” country where 13% of the country lives below the poverty line, military spending is through the roof, and education levels are plummeting while teachers and other essential workers struggle to make ends meet.

  29. They just did! Check the pinned comment looks like this is gonna be the last Kanter post that isn't explicitly linked to the NBA

  30. This is you anti-LeBron people's guy. You guys hoed for this because you hate LeBron. You could dislike LeBron and his stance on China and still see this guy was cornball asset supreme from a mile away.

  31. It's almost like everyone who tries to do the "all lives matter" move when talking about BLM turns out the same way.

  32. This dude got so much play on this sub just because he loves to call out LeBron and acted as if he was the pinnacle of human rights activism. Glad to see he’s being exposed, but also sad that it took people this long to see what he’s really about. The amount of people who will blindly upvote any post in which someone says something anti-LeBron is disheartening.

  33. Is the irony not lost on Mr. Freedumb a little bit that the ability to criticize your own country/government is what creates a good democracy? does he want North Korea?

  34. I like how he got literally exiled from his home country for criticizing the government and now he’s trying to say that we can’t criticize our country

  35. A dedicated Gulenist and probably CIA asset for sure doesnt want a democracy. No irony here for him to recognize, just planned hypocricy

  36. Hey we all have freedom of speech. I respect his to criticize China and he should respect American’s free speech to criticize America

  37. He's an ideological agent associated with a terrorist organization supported by the CIA. The message he sent (American supremacy in the world) on FOX News is just part of a program, it's an agenda. He's not an individual.

  38. Hoenslty all anyone had to do was talk to Turkish people and they'd tell you about him. He was a cultist who's cult was aligned with Erdogan for a long time. His cult lost tho and he had to flee. If he had his way Turkey would've been ruled by Gulen anyways. But most people don't care about politics outside the US. And the "fled dictator to be a basketball player and fight for freedom" was such a easy narrative for him to push.

  39. “GET OFFICIAL TUCKER CARLSON MERCHANDISE” lol. Just a bunch of grifters. Feels like Kanter is pulling a grift too.

  40. It's fucking hilarious that this sub was pretty much jerking this dude off a month ago. Y'all hate LeBron so much you thought Enes Kanter was one of the good guys lmao.

  41. Almost everything he said was an All Lives Matter dog whistle. People on this sub ate it up bc they are secretly Team All Lives Matter too.

  42. My respect for Jokic has done a 180 since I watched him pull at Kanter’s separated shoulder against the blazers in 2019 playoffs. He should win MVP again.

  43. At least now you can see how fucking stupid he is. Just hating China and Erdogan doesn't mean your politics are good. What a clown. Ironic he loves freedom but doesn't want you to have the freedom to criticize your country.

  44. Kanter did all that shit talking about LeBron publicly and when he seen LeBron in person he didn't say anything to him.

  45. It's been so fucking annoying commenting on all these threads arguing with people about this lol. mfs are you here screaming genocide/Holocaust and the moment you press them for a source to the genocide claim, they'll link something citing Adrian Zenz or ASPI and call you a CCP shillbot lmfao.

  46. You guys should check his Twitter right now, he's retweeting and getting comments from many Republicans, including Mike Pompeo. His comments about China got me interested at first but now he's showing he just wanna be a political puppet from Trumpists.

  47. shut up and don’t dribble please for the love of god don’t dribble just catch the ball in the low post and body people do not dribble the ball fuck

  48. I feel like people don't really know the history of Kanter, there's a reason many anti-Erdogan Turkish people think hes a piece of shit. He's a cultist, who's cult leader lost and fled to the US to be used as a CIA asset. So I already saw through his "freedom fighter" bullshit for a few years. But his history isn't really known unless you dig a bit. Most people just hear "Kanter fled dictator and now fights for freedom" which while true he did flee a dictator, hed be perfectly fine if Gulen was the Turkish dictator (even tried to have his name be Enes Gulen at a time). So his "I fight for freedom and justice" has always been lame af. His gift has been starting for a few years, with his pro-israel propaganda and hanging out with US generals but now he's just gone head first into it.

  49. They have to pay for healthcare and you think it’s greatest country? Another rich clown that has no clue on how normal people live

  50. A country where poor people beg not to have the ambulance called when they get into an accident. Great country btw.

  51. It ends up with him getting fat checks from right wing media companies and have a lucrative media career, which is exactly as intended.

  52. Replace lebron with kanter and replace America with China and everyone would go insane, calling him a mouthpiece for the CCP.

  53. One of the best parts about America is that we're allowed to criticize our country without any repercussions. Brain dead take from Kanter

  54. TBH, a lot of ultra-nationalists make a living providing a megaphone to small-time people on the internet, amplifying the craziest people, and then propping them up as srtawmen.

  55. I honestly think the “some countries have it worse” is the worst argument you can make. If you are the greatest country in the world, why would you lower the bar? And why do you have such low standards for the greatest country in the world? Can they not take a shred of criticism? I’ve seen 1st graders held to higher standards.

  56. it’s been so fucking obvious kanter has been pandering to the right wing but this sub was just ignoring it cuz he was going after lebron and china. the clown is pro israel and pro bombing the middle east, he doesn’t actually care about human rights.

  57. He is such a grifter. It's obvious he just wants a gig as a conversative broadcaster after his ass is out of the league

  58. Enes will always be a two-faced clown who preaches freedom while avidly supporting people who are openly against it, like the Gülen Movement.

  59. Lol @ everyone supporting Kanter these passed couple of years. Even his hatred for Turkey has a questionable basis. He’s weird as fuck, Erdogan did a lot for Turkey even if Turkey has done some weird shit, Kanter has been railing against China because Americans are so stupid and love to listen to Chinese hate.

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