[Highlight] LeBron throws it down over Kevin Love!

  1. Agreed. Is that initial view available anywhere? Looked like a nice angle and the cut away was to the standard side view.

  2. Especially when you look at the Westbrook shot to send it to OT earlier this week. Horrible clip, didn’t show any replays or his steal despite putting “steal” in the title

  3. Thanks for pointing that out, I swiped away after the initial play being so used to shitty highlights never knowing the replays

  4. It’s like the kind of dunk I would fantasize about when I was a kid on the court pretending I was in the NBA

  5. No like for real…? It’s not like he is 37 years old but sat out for most of the games in his career, this man went for championships after championships, and he is still capable of doing this, I seriously respect LeBron now

  6. Just the way Vogel drew it up. "Austin, wait for LeBron to pop a sheild cell then get a running start. Hit him with the assist while he deploys his tactical".

  7. Kinda seems like Klove went for a charge, realized he couldn’t get there in time but by then it was too late

  8. Kevin has drawn 23 charges this season (tied for 3rd), he definitely was trying to. You could argue he was a little late, but I dunno, it's pretty damn close.

  9. Bruh watch it in slow mo, he uses his knee as leverage to get higher when he makes contact with Love’s arm 🤯

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  11. This is the only man who can make plays so good that the home audience hypes up like it's a play from their own team

  12. UP UP and AWAY!! SUPER HIGH Ain’t He??!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷🏾‍♂️. Always take the high road! The air up there is a tad bit different. LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE #striveforgreatness🚀 #thekidfromakron👑 #jamesgang👑

  13. Yeah GOAT stands for greatest of ALL time. It's not "greatest of 3 years with a break and another 3 years" playing on a stacked team of home grown talents and HOF Coach"

  14. Remember 10 years ago when we all said in 5 years lebrons going to have to change his game, he just can’t keep dunking forever

  15. Meanwhile, I played pickup for 5 hours on Saturday and my knees are still letting me hear about it. I’m in my late twenties.

  16. After the game, LeBron goes into the locker room, takes his shower, dresses and goes to a secret back room. There, on a bed, connected to a life support device is what appears to be the shrivelled up remains of a human, face gaunt and muscles atrophied, skin stretched tight over bones. LeBron approaches the figure, in the darkness, illuminating himself as he steps under the fading light of the room. He looks at the corpse who's lips struggled to form words... he says "I didn't sign up for this, LeBron". LeBron chuckles as he connects a wire to a socket under his armband and the machine keeping this husk of a body alive spins up... fluids begin to flow into LeBron as he smiles, feeling the energy flow inside of him.

  17. I am 100% dead serious when i say I think there is at least a 50% chance that lebron is a genetically modified human being and in turn, has no father.

  18. There is always one guy that comes off the bench with his arms out pushing everyone back while he walks forward looking hype.

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