Every team currently in the playoffs gets on player from the teams they've beat, who's winning it all?

  1. Yeah even if the defence gets worse the offence gets so monumentally better that no team has the firepower to keep up. Having said that Celtics with Gannis is also nasty af

  2. Jaren or Bane on this warriors squad will be more OP. Morant provides a lot of rim pressure, but he takes away a lot of touches

  3. GS wold benefit the most. Every other team already has a person that fulfills a role they'd get from teams they've beaten. GS literally has no real center and its their biggest weakest. They'd go from having no one in that role to having the best player possible right now in that role. Their biggest weakest would morph into their greatest strength and would significantly amplify what they already do best and how they like to play.

  4. Smart, Brown, Tatum, KD, Giannis "small ball lineup" is big AF still lol and probably the most versatile defensive small ball lineup ever, Giannis has all the room in the world to get down hill and they can't pack the paint because the other 4 guys are good to elite 3pt threats.

  5. Not sure how much am injured Embiid helps compared to the players Boston and GSW would add. And Spo ain't playing No D Trae.

  6. Celtics easy. People are really underestimating what KD & Giannis would bring to this Celtics Team. Adding that length would transform this already filthy defense. GS would be better offensively. Boston can exploit Jokic and Steph in the pick and roll or iso game. Would you want either of those guys 1 on 1 with KD or Giannis? How would you defend KD or Taum as the Ball Handler with Giannis as the roll man?

  7. For clarification: if the Suns were to have taken Brandon Ingram off the Pels (since Zion was out), could the Mavs then take him again?

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