[Zach Lowe] Jaylen Brown, Kevin Durant and everything you need to know about this potentially massive trade

  1. The article added to two beliefs i already held. Zach Lowe is a better nba analyst that 99.9 % of all nba pundits. And the Nets should not trade Durant.

  2. Here's the issue with flex. He absolutely has a source that gives solid scoops about players. That's why he was a month earlier on the KD stuff, a week earlier on the CP3 stuff, and has better info on player injury stuff for the Suns.

  3. I still think this trade leak was the Nets trying to drive KD's price higher, and not a legitimate trade that the Celtics are considering.

  4. I’m pretty sure both things are true. It seems like there was a legitimate offer that the Nets declined. My guess is it probably happened before the Brogdon deal was completed and the C’s sent out a FRP they could have used in a Durant trade. Once it became clear that was the best offer the Nets got, they leaked it to drum up better bids. But, I think at this point the Celtics roster is pretty much set and the time for this deal has probably passed.

  5. It also could be the Nets trying to ruin the relationship the Celtics have with Jaylen Brown, making them feel more willing to deal him

  6. The only semi-plausible motivation the C's brass might have had is Brown leaving in two years. We now know this is false, with multiple insiders stating that he loves it in Boston and wants to stay. Lowe's article admits that the team doesn't think he'll leave. Things change quick in the NBA, but all evidence points to Brown resigning for the max in free agency.

  7. Flex said this was actually at least a few months old and leaked to entice Suns to offer up Mikal Bridges. According to Flex, Nets really want Mikal and will take less picks if he's the centerpiece.

  8. Does anyone remember the summer of the Dwightmare? This feels similar to that. The entire summer was so boring because all the teams were waiting for that shoe to drop and it never did until mid-August.

  9. Nets should’ve taken the deal the KD era is over imo and they won’t accomplish anything. I think the bridges are burned and Kyrie will be salty about not getting the extension.

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