What would be the repercussions of the Nets basically ending Durant’s career by sitting him for 4 years?

  1. People were calling on the league to force us to play Wall and the 76ers to play Simmons even tho both of those players didn't want to play and Wall was getting paid not too

  2. What could they do though? Durant doesn’t want to play for the Nets and the Nets are fine with him not playing in this scenario. So can the league force him to another team?

  3. The Nets don't need to bench him to enforce the contract, they just have to say we're not trading you and we expect you to play. Then the burden shifts to KD to either suit up or sit out. What can the League do then? They're not going to make the Nets trade him I don't think.

  4. Honestly the Nets get a pretty bad ramification as well. Who the hell would want to sign there if they actually go through with it.

  5. Joe Tsai doesn’t need to sit him. He can still let him play, just don’t trade him to a different team for bad value and stop listening to his petty demands.

  6. I’d be cool with it, players have been pains with 1-2 years left on their contract but 4? This is a dangerous precedent if Durant successfully forces his way out for less than perceived market value and will probably lead to a lockout. It’s clear players are signing these contracts to get paid with the knowledge that they can force their way out later. Not sure where the league stands on this but it’s a major business issue and in my opinion does contribute to ruining the perception of this league. Then again the NBA panders to casuals who probably don’t care so who knows…

  7. I think people are overreacting by saying no one wants to play for us. We literally bent over backwards to accommodate these two, and the rest of the roster (including the famously mercurial Simmons) seem fine.

  8. No shit they’re overreacting. It’s New York players will come. The clippers legit traded Blake after signing him to a massive deal in a scummy move. Kawhi and Paul George didn’t give a shit

  9. That's bs too. The players had a wide stance on being opposed to the snake shit Boston did to I.T., and saying cryptic shit like "the players remember". Yet in the 2019 offseason Kemba Walker still wanted to play there.

  10. If I were Tsai I wouldn’t sit him. I would make him play to honor his contract, and if he refuses then you can fine him or he has to fake an injury or he can sandbag for 4 years. Whatever way he wants to go, the ball will be in KDs court to play seriously or he can waste the final years of his career.

  11. It’s kind of on Durant. If he wants to play, he’ll play. If he’s refusing to play for the Nets though, that’s on him.

  12. I would love to see this. It would never go on for four years, but if the Nets could hold strong for even a year it would send a strong message.

  13. So a guy who bought an NBA team for profit and prestige is going to let his team suffer with a $45 million hole in its payroll for four years, be dogged by media/fans, and become a pariah to free agents because he wants to be petty?

  14. because fans want him to be petty. likely stemming from jealousy or tribalism, ie how dare a millionaire refuse to play out his contract / do this to the nets.

  15. If 45 million is too little for a player to bother playing you think 45 million means a lot to a billionaire??? If both play the waiting game, Tsai wins out.

  16. A team cannot just not allow a player to play for no reason, and even if they tried he could file a grievance alongside the players union.

  17. Why would the Nets lose the salary space? It's like handicapping your team. Nobody would want to sign with them. This would be a self-destructive vendetta.

  18. Players wouldn't want to sign with the nets. Although I honestly feel like at this point most stars won't be looking to the nets already at this point, even if they kicked out Steve Nash and Sean Marks out. And if they do that, then coaches and GM won't be as interested in joining the nets.

  19. Why do you think that? I’m curious because to me the Nets showed they will do almost anything to accommodate these star players, including sacrificing a young nucleus that was starting to figure out how to win. Why wouldn’t stars come if they know the Nets are big pushovers?

  20. I guess I have a different mindset. I see all this and think teams are going to be less likely to ant Durant, not players less likely to want to go to Brooklyn.

  21. KD is one of the faces of the league, I truly think they league would step in behind the scenes to try and force some kind of compromise.

  22. The Nets don't have their draft picks, so sucking and being bad would make other teams better. It's like the opposite of tanking, just being shit.

  23. If KD said "I want to play" and the Nets held him out to keep him from being injured while they worked on a trade, the league would probably step in like they did with AD in New Orleans. If KD said "I'll never play another game for you" or he played but dogged it in obvious ways and the Nets suspended him without pay, it would definitely go to a grievance between the NBPA and the Nets (similar to the Simmons/Philly situation now). KD not playing and not being traded for >1 year would be completely unprecedented, because even if the team suspended him without pay, his salary still counts for cap/luxury tax purposes. Rich guys don't get rich by spending $100M+ (KD's luxury tax even if he's not paid salary) on a worthless asset, eventually getting 40% return is better than nothing and KD moves on.

  24. The Nets want KD to play, it's really up to KD whether or not he wants to play on the Nets. Maybe he plays on the Nets this year with a healthy Kyrie & Simmons while winning a ton of games, and all of this gets forgotten (kind of like Kobe with the Lakers).

  25. It would be tricky because the league would almost certainly step in, but the team also has the player under contract (players are actual employees to the team and not independent contractors or NBA employees) and could go after the league in court if they really wanted to fight back. I'm not sure how the process with arbitration vs actual court would work with the NBA since they probably have a process defined, but it would turn into a pissing match for certain.

  26. I dont think its about the Nets sitting KD. KD wants a trade of Nash/Marks fired. If neither happens and Nets call his play, it will be KD choosing not to play, which they can fine him for.

  27. No star would ever want to play for the current Brooklyn management again. Probably not worth shooting your own foot

  28. If the Nets sat Durant for 4 years, fan reaction would slowly scale to a Durant face turn crescendoing when he is "freed" allowing him to have a washed season with another team.

  29. If I were the owner I would not trade KD unless there is a truly fair return. ... If not and he doesn't want to be there, I would still not trade him. Pay him but make him show up to every required practice/event per the CBA. Tell the coach to bench him (DNP coaches decision) until he actually wants to play and is all in with the team again... Joe Tsai has enough money to not care and he is also probably pissed off about the demands from KD. Others argue that top tier free agents won't go to Brooklyn in the future. May be true for some but not all. ... I was also thinking the same thing for the James harden rockets situation... The owner has all the leverage against a guy who is trying build on their legacy.

  30. The Nets should just play him for 30 seconds. A game. Completely ruin his stats. The League can't tell them how or how much to play him.

  31. Tsai and the front office make the first decision. They either trade him, inform him they are keeping him and expect him to play or work out some agreement to keep him away from the team. If they ask him to play, the ball shifts to KD's court and he has to decide to suit up or stay home, and in the latter case, he will likely be fined by the team.

  32. I hope the nba and the nets fine KD for sitting lmao. The owner has literally done everything the player wants expect for talking to him about an assistant coach. Even moved harden when the deal made sense. Kd just salty Draymond might go down with a better legacy then him when its all said and done.

  33. You can't not play a guy if you wants to play. We saw this with AD on the Pelicans. KD would cave. There's no scenario where KD and the Nets both agree to him not playing for the duration of his contract. Idk how long KD will hold out by not playing but there's a 0% it's four years lol.

  34. Didn’t this happen with Carson Palmer, he requested a trade and they said no so he just waited out his contract

  35. You forgot the most important aspect: the Nets don’t gave up most of their draft picks, so regardless of any possible contract valuations, they simply can’t afford to sit him.

  36. He would just retire if he thought that was going to happen. Then sue to get out of his contract citing the first year he forced him to sit as grounds for nullification of the contract. Then Un retire.

  37. Well for one, the Nets lose out on a very large haul for Durant. Weren't the Celtics already willing to offer Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, Grant Williams and a bunch of picks for him?

  38. I think most of us would love this outcome but unfortunately for nets the rockets have access to basically all their picks so this would be disastrous

  39. Put him in the starting lineup every night , and if he is visibly dogging it, yank his ass and bury him on the end of the bench for the rest of the game. If he refuses to play , suspend without pay . Wash, rinse , repeat until he decides this can’t be his legacy. The league can’t force an owner to make a trade he doesn’t want to make and if I’m a billionaire, I would whisper in Durants ear that I can and will do this for four years if you think you have more power than I do. It would be a good learning moment for the entire league and shape the new bargaining agreement. The players greed is about to catch up with them and it’s going to cost them a chunk of the rights they have fought decades to acquire and that’s going to be Durants legacy if he doesn’t just stfu and play.

  40. Why would they sit him? If they cant trade him, make him play. If KD doesn't wanna play then he should be fined for every game missed, just like Simmons.

  41. The repercussions are the Nets don’t get Durant on the court and they don’t get anything in return. Which is a very hard pill to swallow for the owner and the fans. It’s like buying a ribeye steak and never cooking it to spite yourself. It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

  42. Pay him for the entirely to do nothing on principle. I respect the strategy but even getting a lone second rounder back is worth more than paying him boatloads to do nothing

  43. I don't see this as a possible outcome and OP framed it like it would be the Nets decision for him not to play. The Nets would never not let him play. It would/will be on KD to decide if he wants to hold out for a trade or play thru until it arrives. If KD holds out, then the Nets don't have to pay him (or more accurately fine him his game wage for not playing). The CBA is already heading towards major upheaval in the power structure. But if it lasted 4 years, the Nets would probably be labeled as petty for not accepting realistic offers and holding KD.

  44. They would have Durant's money on the books while not being able to actually tank because they don't have their own picks.

  45. If Durant was willing to play and the Nets were sitting him against his wishes the league would step in and make him play, because at that point Tsai isn't just screwing Durant but all 29 other owners (by making the product worse).

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