#99 is retired league-wide in the NHL for Wayne Gretzky; why hasn't the same been done for Micheal Jordan?

  1. I'm canadian so most of us know Gretzky up here, but I feel like a lot of non-hockey fans don't so I'll give a Gretzky fact. Gretzky essentially has Wilt Chaberlain records but they happened in the Jordan era (79-99). Hockey has a point system where you get points from goals and assists. He has the point record on assists ALONE. But thats not the crazy part, on top of that, he also has THE MOST GOALS EVER. The man is FAR above the rest career wise.

  2. His team literally won the championship the year they traded him. Could never happen with Jordan.

  3. And Serena Williams is a better tennis player than Gretzky was a hockey player. The difference comes down to Competition. Womens competition and Hockey competition isn’t close to what Jordan faced. Which is why an insignificant few consider Wilt Chamberlain in the top 5 greatest of all time. Don’t disrespect the Goat MJ

  4. I hear this so often. Kind of makes me want to get into Hockey. I remember when the Stars won the cups so many years back, but at the same time , did not know anybody on the team.

  5. I think the NBA is going the Jackie Robinson route of “amazing player and inspired positive social change beyond the sport” rather than the Wayne Gretzky route of “nobody will ever be this good again.”

  6. Leagues shouldn't always take cues from one another, unless the precedents are similar. The NHL chose to retire Gretzky's number because of his skill and reputation as a player. This doesn't mean the NBA had to retire Jordan's on the same basis, especially when the "greatest of" argument is far more debatable with Jordan than it is with Gretzky, who held a legitimately to-this-day unheard of percentage of NHL records and achievements.

  7. In team sports in the world, only player I can think of that are on Gretzky's level of GOAT is Don Bradman (Cricket). No one else is close imo.

  8. He doesn't have the notoriety that he should because no one cares about mens softball, but Eddie Feigner is another who should be in the conversation of GOAT-est of GOAT's.

  9. Sebastian Loeb won the World Rally Championship 9 years in a row I think? That’s pretty top tier when it comes to GOATs.

  10. Because Gretzky has a much tighter hold of the GOAT label than MJ has. And by much tighter I mean that it isn’t even close. It was hardly a decade after MJ’s last retirement before it looked like someone would actually be able to dethrone him. Lebron was on pace to reach MJs title count back in 2016 before the KD Warriors happened. No one’s coming close to Gretzky’s level, likely ever.

  11. My guess is the NBA is going more the Jackie Robinson route of “he did more than just play the sport, he inspired positive social change” than the Wayne Gretzky, “nobody will ever be this good at the sport again” route.

  12. Not hard no Hockey player will probably ever compare to Gretzky he is the GOAT not debate. MJ literally is already being debated as the best ever with LeBron.

  13. Only people who never saw Jordan debate that LeBron in better, and most who only saw LeBron still say MJ was better.

  14. I don’t know much about hockey but even I know it’s because Wayne Gretzky was just that fucking good at hockey. MJ is the undisputed GOAT of the sport (idc what LeBron fans say, he has the chance to be the GOAT but he’s not the GOAT as it currently stands) but he never maintained the level of sheer and total dominance that Gretzky had.

  15. The biggest thing is that there is NO argument in hockey. Like it or not, everyone agrees Gretzky is the greatest.

  16. How can something be undisputed when something is questioned 24/7? Jordan is not head and shoulders above every other all time great like Gretzky is.

  17. Question about Gretzky’s legacy: is there no concern that, despite his overwhelming statistical dominance, he only won 4 championships? Seems like there are several stars who won more (even double the) championships in NHL history. Why aren’t any of those stars in the NHL GOAT conversation?

  18. Because the amount of impact a player can have in hockey pails in comparison to basketball. The best players can (at max) play up to 1/3 of a game just because it’s so exhausting, whereas you can play an entire game (even more) in basketball.

  19. I've often thought this myself. I mean the heat retired it out of respect for him. Which is weird cuz I've never heard of a team retiring a number of a player who never played for em. But yeah it needs to b done and should of been done years ago. No one before or since jordan has impacted the nba the way he did. And I wouldn't b surprised if eventually the nba changes its logo from the jerry west silhouette to the the jump man logo. He's already on the pistons jerseys which no doubt makes his day on a regular basis lol But still the nba should retire his number league wide and put the goat argument to rest. Not that there's really an argument to begin with but still.

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