What Team Would Ben Simmons Shine Most On?

  1. What are the odds KD, Kyrie and Ben can all figure their shit out at the same time, in the same season together? That's like walking into Arkham Asylum as the new warden, and expecting all the inmates to be rehabilitated in your first year.

  2. Probably the Hawks? He probably covers some of Trae's defensive liabilities, and they can surround him with shooting in Young, Collins and Hunter

  3. Same just don’t want to get rid of Maxy future star man. Harden Embid durant and maxy would be fucking over powered let’s go!

  4. Ironically, the answer is in your post. Simmons will fit perfectly with the currently built nets. The nets want defense and shot creating and he can provide that.

  5. I came here to say Charlotte. They have awesome spacing and he wouldn’t have to be the primary facilitator. His defense would also be super valuable for them.

  6. I think he would’ve been perfect for Minnesota before they got Gobert. I think he could be terrific in the draymond Green role in Golden State.

  7. I’ve never understood why he can’t be a small ball center. It just didn’t work in Philly because Embiid is one of the best basketball players on the planet.

  8. The Harlem Globetrotters. I'm serious, he clearly is too mentally weak to play in the NBA anymore because everyone around the league saw him quit on 2 teams

  9. He already fits well with Brooklyn but I think Simmons would be a good fit for the Bucks. And because Simmons value is low, they can get a good defender for not much.

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