[Post Game Thread] The Sacramento Kings take down the Los Angeles Lakers 105-75

  1. They were targeting Fox defensively early, and he was a turnstile. He seemed to bring a little more in the 2nd quarter, but the first was rough. Other wise can’t disagree with your Kings list. Keegan real good at getting that dang ball in that dang basket, makes you wonder why other players don’t do that more…

  2. UC Davis legend Chima Moneke! For real though, it's exciting to see him playing in the NBA. He was super fun to watch in our (very brief) NCAA miracle run in 2017.

  3. I'm holding out hope for the Kings to be good this year. I want to see all the haters eat crow for slandering Sabonis and Fox for the past 8 months.

  4. The Kings honestly have some decent depth, and Mike Brown's defense is looking good. That was where the game was won, once all the starters sat, and the end of the bench guys on the Lakers couldn't do anything.

  5. I been telling people on here how much better the kings will be this year and have been getting shat on. Just waiting for the day I can celebrate my vindication. Receipts of the disrespect have been saved!!! And I got my money on 35+ wins and 40+ wins already so it’s personal lol.

  6. Haven't watched the game... what does their defense looked like? I'm amazed they were able to play good defense with Sabonis at the 5 spot. It's not like they are filled with POA and wing defenders.

  7. Keegan Murray ROTY! So damn impressed with the entire squad! The Kings will have to cut legitimate NBA talent. I can't remember the last time we've had this problem in training camp.

  8. I bet on it soon after the draft as I could. Some of the criticism I was seeing before the draft was “he can shoot but he’s boring” as if that matters

  9. Far too early but I'd love to be wrong (in a good way) on my assessment of Murray as a complementary piece. If he can be TJ Warren without the injuries that would be great.

  10. keep in mind that the kings starters did not play much either, so the lakers first 8 bench guys (+nunn and jones) were getting their asses beat by the kings 15 "bench" guys. first 5 of those guys played 15-21 minutes, then the other 10 all played 7-9min each. they're all positive for +/-.

  11. I mean the bench got blown out but the starters only played the first half and it was only like a 5 point game at the time, which is nothing at half time lol

  12. It’s what we pay him for. Excited to see his game flourish under the new take foul rule, hopefully he can unleash in the open court

  13. Lakers now have a bench that can play halfway decent defense, but they just cant fucking score, lmao, traded one problem for another

  14. Mike brown doesn’t get enough love as a coach. Hope he helps the kings finally get over that hump. The Phillies and mariners and hell to some degree my padres ended the drought! I’m sure the kings can too

  15. Kings looked really bad in the first half. The score isn't representative of the game at all, at least the game that mattered since no starters played in the second half.

  16. That second half roster featured heavy doses of Max Christie, Cole Swider and Scottie Pippen Jr — none of whom project to see regular minutes, and they contributed heavily to how awful the bench looked. However, I was really unimpressed with Damien Jones and Thomas Bryant even in the first half. JTA was not very good. I’ll give Austin Reaves and Kendrick Nunn a pass given the garbage time aspect of it all. Nunn looked decent with the starters.

  17. I wouldn’t say really bad, we kept it fairly close even though we were behind. Helped that the lakers weren’t playing great either

  18. If there’s anything Mike Brown will do is it’s that he will improve the defense. Can he make this Kings team into an average or slightly below average defense? That would be amazing considering how long they’ve been bad on that side of the ball.

  19. If we can be like 18th in points per possession defensively and like 8th offensively? That would be great. I think it's possible

  20. Yes, but not as much as this game suggested. Schroeder will lead the bench unit and Bron and AD won’t be playing 15 minutes/game.

  21. Wenyen Gabriel is for sure an NBA player. I'm still worried about how shallow the team seems, but Gabriel looking comfortable and confident helps that.

  22. I don’t think we watched the same game if you think Nunn was an actual NBA player tonight . Dude May as well still have been out, he was worse than non existent

  23. Lakers looked good with the starteds looked to b in control even with lebron not doing well. Looks promising if they stay healthy. After the starters stopped playing it go ugly. I would get as much playing time as i could for the others to find some guys.

  24. First half gave me some hope for how the team will do for the season. The bench unit comprised of: Pat Bev, Austin, JTA, Wenyen, and Thomas Bryant did a good job keeping up with the Kings starters in the latter half of the 2nd quarter. Defense looks good at least for now, offense needs work.

  25. I distinctly remember last preseason when the Lakers looked completely dysfunctional and everyone said

  26. This is THE LAKESHOW baby, we don’t care ‘bout no pre season drama cuz we gon’ grind for the regular season and playoffs W 🔥🔥😂😂🚬

  27. Lakers are going to be the dumpster fire to watch all season. This will be a better drama than anything on TV or streaming!

  28. I'm just so happy I got to hear Billy and Stu again. First half was fun even though the offense sucked. Second half was all Kings. Feels like any ex-Laker shoots well when not wearing the Purple & Gold (Banana Yellow) lmao

  29. gah, do ya'll also hate their banana yellow jerseys? I feel like Nike missed on a number of colors for different NBA teams.

  30. Gonna be honest. After playing with this Laker team in 2k I can confirm they're wack af without a better point b guard. Rotations are garbage too. The Russ/Bev/Nunn minutes are just a chore if AD and Bron are not on their A game.

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