[Highlight] Donovan Mitchell makes sure a fan gets Evan Mobley's autograph

  1. I always thought it'd be fun to do this sort of stuff in full uniform. It's one of my biggest regrets about choosing to not become an NBA megastar. I liked the idea of running into someone like Shane Battier in a Safeway or Meijer and he's got his No. 31 Grizzlies jersey tucked into his shorts with a pair of Huraches laced up, leaning on his grocery cart while inspecting the nutrition facts on a box of Cap'n Crunch.

  2. I’ve posted before but my buddy was suite mates with him at Brewster Acad. and he is legit the kindest dude I’ve ever met. Gave my buddy a McDonald’s All American Jersey and still hits us up seeing if we are trying to make any games.

  3. Sometimes you forget that there are a lot of genuinely down to earth and nice players when all you hear about is the bullshit drama

  4. I think that many people actually are decent humans. Even ones I used to feel, let's say apathy, towards turn out to not be so bad (e.g. Marcus Smart's charity work).

  5. From day one, Don's motto has been "stay humble" and he really seems to be keeping that up. Complete opposite attitude of Ben Simmons.

  6. His rookie year I was living in Los Angeles and had a job as a caterer. I worked the ESPY's awards that year and his mom and sister were in my section. I told them I was from Utah and a jazz fan and gave them restaurant suggestions for when they visit Utah. When I left to get them a drink his mom pointed me out to Mitchell and he came over and gave me a huge hug and we talked for a second. I told him how excited I was and how I thought they were gonna win a championship. He was really cool and down to earth. I miss him on the Jazz but I'll always be a fan of his. He's a legitimately good dude

  7. I love this guy. I miss having him on the Jazz, but I'm glad he's doing awesome things in Cleveland.

  8. the kid looked more proud than happy even in the video when holdign up the jersey. bet hes actually a fan of the sport and not just a parent bringing him there because they are the fan. thats awesome.

  9. Man as a warriors fan I really have nothing to hate about this Cavs time like we've had a few years back. They're so talented and wholesome

  10. I remember getting to a Rockets game early and getting a bag signed by Ron Artest (before his enlightenment). Really wanted Yao or T Mac’s signature, but Ron Artest is cool too lol

  11. As much as I can't stand this subs collective rabid obsession with finding a way to circle back to either Kyrie or Ben Simmons regardless of topic, this comment did actually make me think for a minute; imagine you have a job where it's this fuckin' easy to just cruise around, making peoples day with almost zero effort, and instead you spend that time doing whatever the fuck it is Kyrie Irving has been playing at the last ~3 years of his life.

  12. Mitchell grew up with a professional athlete as a father. He understands the job as well as anyone in the NBA.

  13. That’s got to be such a cool experience as a pro athlete, literally you taking 2 minutes out of your day can make a kids entire year. Probably will keep that jersey for the rest of his life. I’m sure it gets frustrating but imagine being able to do almost nothing and meaning so much for someone. Pretty neat.

  14. I'm both sad and happy that we traded Mitchell, it was time to shake things up, but I'll miss Mitchell, he was a hell of a player and good people. At the same time I'm happy to see him striving in Cleveland.

  15. Is it that hard to do this kind of shit on the regular ? I feel like if I was a basketball player and in a position to make some 8 year old kid smile from ear to ear and give them something they can remember for a lifetime I’d be doing his all the time . That could be me just saying that of course because I don’t know anything about that life style but just my 2 cents. 99% of those guys end up being massive dickheads

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