Do you think it will help James Wiseman if he goes to a different team or can he still find a role in GS?

  1. His issues are exaggerated by the fact he doesn’t fit the system well. It would definitely help his development if he was on another team like the Spurs

  2. Pop would lose his fucking mind with wiseman out there playing zero defense, asking for post ups every possession, and slipping every screen

  3. Agreed, GP2 is expensive but it was either him or the youngsters and it looks right now like they made the wrong choice

  4. Ok hindsight is 20/20 because when’s the last time a team has given up that early on a #2 overall pick? It just doesn’t happen that often

  5. its insane how bad I got downvoted for sang he didnt move as wel as I thought and he was so so so bad in PnR coverage, I get he doesnt have the def "nab iq" but neither did mobley coming out of USC where he only played zone. wiseman is so fuckign dumb on defense, never positions well and seems sluggish to move into position especially in rotation or pnr. also offensively, some games he screens hard, other games, he just avoids making contact lmao

  6. Never seen such a big man play so SOFT. Like he actually makes Damian Jones look like he has good hands. Trade him for a bag of chips and be done with it

  7. Bad hands, plays soft, doesn't play big like he should. Going to be tough sledding for any team he plays for. You can say he doesn't fit the system, but these are just basic basketball fundamentals that a big has to have. He has no feel for the game at this point and it's very hard to develop that at this level

  8. The kid is not a NBA player, he has a fundamental lack of understanding of how to play basketball. Another classic example of someone going in the early lottery due to being big and fast

  9. He has basketball fundamentals, he doesn’t have center fundamentals. Penny Hardaway and his trainers taught him like a guard / KD type of player

  10. No. The only reason Jordan Poole and Wiggins were as successful as they were this season was because of the environment around them. If Wiseman sucks there, he'll suck everywhere else

  11. Wiggins’s skill set translates well to most teams imo, Poole less so but still a good player just having a touch stretch now

  12. He’s definitely in the wrong system so it’s hard to say. But at the same time he was always a project and projects just bust sometimes. So we will see.

  13. Yeah it would help a lot. People underestimate the value in playing consistent minutes and being allowed to make mistakes. I do think in time he could carve out a role but I don't think GS has time to wait

  14. Needs to be on a different team - he has to practice the fundamentals and I don't think that'll happen on a team that's trying to compete now like GSW.

  15. He's got the worst hands I've seen from a Center since Kwame Brown.. I legit looked up his draft measurable just to check n see if his hands were big enough to palm a ball, cuz that's how bad they were..

  16. Either might be true--there are too many unknowns to give a definite answer. What if the rest of the bench weren't also sucking at the moment, especially on defense? What are the coaches and other players seeing in practice that's leading them to stay so high on him--or is that all bullshit to keep fans hopeful and his trading value high? He's basically playing his rookie season, it's too early to draw any conclusions.

  17. I wish they could loan out the young guys to like OKC or something. Either the g league needs to get better or they need to start a lesser league to develop young talent better

  18. I'm not sure he has it, but it feels like the bridge is burned and a change of scenery would do him and the Warriors good. Maybe the Warriors could swap him for a project from another team

  19. I don't think he would play well in another team, but yeah, it wouldn't matter on a bad team and people would be like "dude averages 20/12, shooting 60%, of course he's great, the team is just bad and that's the only problem". But there are always guys like that and they sometimes even score a big extension.

  20. Joe Lacob will never give up on his project, he doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake with the 2nd overall pick and wants to show he made the right decision, but the reality is that the only potential Wiseman has is his athleticism, he’s such a liability on defense and just doesn’t fit the Warriors system

  21. Wiseman is a Jahlil-Okafor-level bust. He's a no. 2 pick playing on a team full of All Stars. If he weren't on the Warriors, the media would be clowning him rn.

  22. James Wiseman has a very high upside, unfortunately he is not well suited for the Warriors system. He needs a fresh start and a new environment.

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