[Jaylen Brown] Says he thought the group outside Barclay's was omega psi phi

  1. Honestly, i thought that’s who it was until i read what was said by them. Looked just like typical Q Dawgs - loud, obnoxious, in the way, ruining a good time, annoying as hell, dressed in purple & gold and always ready to fight. Unless you’ve seen them in action on/off campus, You wouldn’t understand.

  2. I mean when I saw the video that was my first thought too. It looked like fraternity alumni all turned up at once

  3. We skipped the 'I was hacked' phase. Which tbh more people in damage control should be trying now that Twitter's a massive shitshow.

  4. LMAO it was prb those "12 tribe" flyers and posters they always holding up down in the city. I always laugh like crazy when I see Mexicans as one of Jacob's lost tribes... they just trying to get anyone signed up into this bullshit.

  5. How crazy one’s mind has to be to not only claim someone else’s culture but then also claim you’re the real one? All because Jews have a deep history and are the chosen people in their own lores. Chinese called themselves the Middle Kingdom, any cult up to claiming to be the real Chinese?

  6. There are a bunch of black celebrities supporting this shit online, knowing what it is, which is the only reason it’s hard to believe what Jaylen Brown is saying here.

  7. It sucks so much man... he's the only guy that made me want to go to Cal games in the last 20 years. And then him being drafted to my favorite team in the East just made it that much sweeter.

  8. Well majority of athletes are bigoted dumbasses. Just keep that in mind whenever you’re watching and being marveled by athletic talents.

  9. Man was so fun to watch that I forget he’s a Celtic sometimes, plus he always sounded like such a level headed guy coming out of Cal…and then this year happened.

  10. “yeah I’ve vocally supported Kyrie’s bs but I’m just gonna pull a sneaky here and things will be aight”

  11. Jaylen likes to put just enough info out there to make his stances clear without explicitly taking a side, same reason he was vague as hell about his vaccine status. He never goes one way or another because he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else but does so more with “do your own research” esque statements or deafening silence

  12. Most of them live and act like they never left college mentally. I don't think they get stood up to a lot also.

  13. I mean I don’t think it’s fair to make a blanket statement that NBA players are dumb. Unfortunately a huge amount of people in this country have a hard time separating out misinformation and propaganda. NBA players as a whole I think are extremely smart at basketball, moving in from there it’s probably a toss up. I also think the collective trauma of black peoples plays a large roll in this specific set of beliefs taking hold for some people, and in that sense I don’t think it can just be blamed on stupidity. Which is a large part of what makes the level of privilege held by guys like Kyrie and JB in spreading these ideas so frustrating and sad. It is part of the tragic legacy of racism that marginalized groups end up attacking each other.

  14. Will be interesting to see if he specifically gets asked that now that he does know who was in the tweet, how does he feel about them?

  15. Honestly this wild, completely unbelievable, and obvious lie is all he needs to do. That's all Kyrie had to do, just tell me a lie that I want to believe and most will just move on. What you can't do is double down.

  16. These guys treating the fans like we are total dummies is one thing that really annoys me. What an epic gaslight attempt this is.

  17. I think the issue is that Brown has been associated with this issue already. Even if it was a mistake, it sure doesn’t look like a mistake and everyone knows that.

  18. Yea the jackets looked similar but like you can pause it and clearly see "Israelites." It's not like Atomic Dog was blasting lol. A quick glance you could plausibly mistake it but given the context it's an odd thing to assume especially when you've been under fire over it. This dude didn't think "Why are the Que's there?" but just went to hell yea lemme retweet this lmao

  19. I’m a white guy from Boston that went to a crappy state college. If not for the outrage in the comments telling me who the group was, I assumed it was a fraternity based on the dress and call. It’s not hard to believe

  20. Yeah. I'm from Baltimore and usually the black Israelites are like.. decked out in all black robes with silver star of Davids.

  21. Yeah this is a subgroup (a more extreme one according to ADL). I do believe a mistake is possible, but the lack of any distancing or criticism of these guys when he found out who they really were would help a lot.

  22. What would even be the point in asking that lmao. You expect him to be like “it was so cool” on a public broadcasted platform wtf is this comment.😂😂😂 Whether you disagree with him doing this, Jaylen Brown trying to give Kyrie support, someone he is friends with and doesn’t think is racist ≠ “I’m pro Holocaust”. Y’all are crazy🤦‍♂️

  23. ngl, I initially thought they were Qs as well. showed it to the wife (who's a Delta), and she assumed the same... didn't take long after hitting play to realize what was going on tho lol

  24. Knowing Divine Nine colors as a Black Person, especially one whoever stepped foot on an University Campus, its like going to Dave Matthew's Band, Kenny Chesney or Radiohead Concert for White People. Pay attention to NFL or NBA players with Greek Omega Letters as tats or brands (MJ has 3). Stuff is serious.

  25. “Unification of our people”?? Like seriously....? Words with that much weight just for Kyrie and his bullshit?

  26. I'll be honest with y'all. I had no idea the stranglehold that hotep and black israelite beliefs had on certain black elites. I knew it was there, of course, but not to this extent.

  27. Exactly, by saying that he’s doing this as some sort of excuse and he’s not genuine in what he’s saying, you’re giving him more credit than he deserves.

  28. Not only are Kyrie, Jaylen, and their supporters absolute morons, but it’s clear they are also very insecure. It’s sad

  29. In fairness to him, my first thought is that it was a bunch of fraternity brothers showing out. Have known several Omega Psi Phi members and they are very proud of their lineage and wear purple everywhere.

  30. If you know what Ques wear, it’s not crazy to believe. Nonetheless, he didn’t condemn them so it really doesn’t matter who he thought they were

  31. The comments on Twitter are exactly the opposite of you guys here. It's the first time ever I've seen something like this. Different platforms are indeed for different people wow.

  32. Like I just said in the other thread - at least Kyrie, scumbag that he is, has the balls to own his views.

  33. What are you saying about my post cheering for the George Floyd murderers? BRO!!! You didn't understand shit, i wasn't aware of what they did, i was just cheering our proud cops arresting a criminal!

  34. In honesty, I first time I saw it I thought it was the fraternity as well. Had sound off so not sure if they were chanting anything

  35. High key I thought it was the Ques at first too, especially since they just had their Founder’s Day

  36. Honestly thought the same thing at first glance, never seen Hebrew Isrealites dressed or acting like this more NOI or frat. From what i remember, they were semi counter to NOI just based on strict adherence to rules and militant style Like this. So I could understand the confusion unless your an expert or think in terms of that Dave Chappell snl monolog joke

  37. This dude keeps showing his real self, seeing the rightful backlash, and backstepping on every decision. Kyrie and kanye are POS’ but at least they had stubborn conviction. Jaylen Brown is a useless coward and a waste of air

  38. To be fair, i thought it was the Q’s as well. You see mainly purple with a bit of gold shirts, thats the first thing that comes to mind

  39. Translation : Brown's agent gave him a call and told him to cool it. Especially now that it seems we are over the Kyrie israelite hill now that he's apologised and is back playing.

  40. it actually makes sense, they are wearing the omega psi phi colors and they usually pop out at events like that. but yall not tryna hear that. literally anyone with any knowledge of hbcus and divine 9 woulda thought it was them at a first look. but im not expecting this sub of all places to know that

  41. That's true, but I'm familiar with both groups, and the unification here immediately made me think BHIs and the Ques didn't even cross my mind. I saw them gather like this in NYC all the time (BHIs).

  42. So he realizes it was a mistake, So he took the original tweet down right? No? Its still up? Lmao. Come on

  43. black fraternity that wears these colors and does the same stepping dance/performance. cant speak for the african american community but from what I can tell it seems to be very well known about/ingrained in their culture, being a college student myself i’ve seen them around campus many times

  44. https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2012/06/12/leader-black-hebrew-sect-pleads-guilty-killing-4-year-old

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