[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers (8-12) defeat the Portland Trail Blazers (11-11), 128-109.

  1. LeBron’s looking like he’s back in his rhythm, his playmaking looked like it was back to normal this game. Last few games he hasn’t been getting his usual assist numbers, today he was throwing dimes

  2. Until his next bad game, where father time has finally caught up with him. And then until his next good game, where he hits his next prime etc etc

  3. I think when he’s hitting shots it opens the game up for him. To start the season he was shooting extremely poorly and I think defenders were able to play off him a bit.

  4. He definitely has his games that look like old Nurk and I get excited again, but he's just never been consistent since his injury. More just meh games overall lately.

  5. Part of it is he's being forced to take a defensive role (helping up high on screens) that he simply doesn't have the foot speed for. He performs a lot better in drop coverage. That's on the coach for misusing him.

  6. His play has declined since the injury but his shit talk has not. Dude talks some of the most shit in the league. Used to hate it but now I almost respect it because he doesn’t care if he’s losing, individually playing like shit, getting blown out, blowing a team out, etc. Nurk talks a chronic amount of shit. Top 10, maybe top 5, instigator in the league right now.

  7. I was upset and felt he had such a quiet game because he barely had any touches, and checked the stat sheet to see 27 and 12 lol.

  8. I think it's fair to say they're playing as good as any of the .500 teams out there, they just didn't start the season that way so they're playing catch-up record-wise.

  9. Sorry, I understand what you’re getting at, but the jump from a replacement to rotation player isn’t worth 2-3 wins in 20 games

  10. one adjustment LeBron has to make is less post ups, it's just too crowded most of the time, more pnrs, which he did do more this game

  11. The amount of post ups is fine, the problem is that for some reason off ball movement just completely stops when Lebron posts up, people need to start cutting and moving off ball.

  12. Wasn't everyone saying he needs to let AD be the #1 guy and force feed him? Because that's still true. Lebron isn't going to shoot this well from 3 regularly and AD either gets a great look inside or goes to the line.

  13. Yeah... I'm hoping getting healthy and the scheduling getting easier helps. Otherwise we're looking at a rough rest of the season.

  14. We blew out the Spurs two games ago and we were up by 17 last game. Last game it was on the coach, if you go look at that fourth quarter it was about his rotation and not stopping the bleeding while trusting Lebron too much after he twisted his ankle.

  15. What if I told you there seems to be a correlation between not having Westbrook on the floor in crunch time moments and us winning games?

  16. This game is basically what the Lakers should have done a night ago against Indiana. As great as LeBron is, run almost everything through Davis in crunch time.

  17. I didn’t really see them run it through AD this game, I think Ham just saw that his team had the lead and stayed with the lineup that got them that lead in the first place, which is what they should’ve done against Indiana instead of him pulling players that were hot at the moment.

  18. Russ isn't effective enough without the ball in his hands when Lebron is on the floor. Lebron is the better half court passer whereas Russ is better in transition. When you have a sizable lead, it's in your team's best interest to slow the game down.

  19. As a Laker fan...I'm honestly thinking we may as well keep Russ. He's settling into his role and playing not bad frankly. We could spin him and picks into Buddy and Myles, but does that really make us a contender this season? I don't think so, tbh.

  20. When the Lakers get a lead bigger than 10, you can just hear the panic in their commentary voices. It's honestly pretty hilarious.

  21. Austin Reaves is better than Caruso offensively and defensively while not as great is still decent enough given he's a guard. I think the Lakers cannot be forgiven if they dont give him a good contract.

  22. Caruso defensive impact is much higher than reaves, though reaves is better on offense. Reaves is never making an all defensive team, which Caruso got votes for last year and probably would’ve made if he didn’t get injured. Caruso is one of the top guard defenders in the league and him and lonzo combined were the engine of a top 3 defense when they played last year.

  23. Pat Bev and Schroder just kill the spacing. But Bev brings the defensive intensity to the whole unit, and Schroder actually burns clock with set plays. This roster construction unfortunately can only pay one-way players other than lebron ad Westbrook, that lineup is so flawed but idk if Ham has much better options with this roster

  24. They obviously still have talent issues, but it is nice to see they've fixed the worst problems they had last year. Just putting younger and athletic guys around the duo is important. I have no idea what they were thinking last year with the retirement squad

  25. I know we'll come back eventually as Lillard and others come back but this is rough right now. Not very fun to watch us fall off a cliff

  26. Russ with 2 of 6 from the 3 and both buzzer beaters... Maybe he should only take last/late shots? Just saying...

  27. Blazers are missing 4 rotation guys. Ran into a bit of a buzz saw Laker team that has found their step. Blazers played a lot of young guys and their +/- was super bad. These minutes hurt now, but will pay dividends down the stretch. A lot of people forgot and absolutely under estimate how much GP3 will help this team.

  28. I still can’t believe Beverley has not made more than 2 FGs in any game this season. Dude is cursed or something.

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