Take one current team and replace their best player with Luka. Which team is best?

  1. i'm pretty sure if anyone comes with a trade deal for Luka, Mark just comes out the house with the sawed off lookin mad as fuck

  2. This is probably it. I can't think of another team with piece that fit better that swapping Luka with Kat. Rudy as a lob threat and d, Ant is Ant, DLo will have to be a shooter, but that might work. They would actually be a really good team.

  3. I'm biased but Twolves were the first to come to mind for me as well. They're in the sweet spot of having a lot of top end talent where the gap between their #1 and their other best players is relatively small. I think Raptors could also be another good answer.

  4. Not weird at all - taking away kat helps with their problems in the paint, Gobert just has to be a defensive anchor and catch passes from an elite PG, and Anthony Edwards gets more space to work b/c of Lukas gravity. DLo gets traded for a couple role players

  5. Actually see this as well… I said Jazz in my post but this may be the right answer considered both the offensive and defensive talent that would surround him.

  6. Dlo has been so awful for the timberwolves. I feel like it’s 100% the wolves. Kat gobert ant and jmac are all even great individual pairings with luka

  7. Mavs. Just have Luka start playing like shit on purpose so that the best player is Dinwiddie or someone. Then pull the trigger on this scenario and boom, two Lukas!

  8. toronto raptors are what I've settled on. they are a fast-break team, with great defenders but poor half-court creation, which is what Luka thrives at. bring in Luka for Siakam, and potentially play a lineup of Luka-FVV-Scottie-OG- Koloko. I can see that team losing in six to Celtics/bucks in the playoffs semis, maybe even seven.

  9. As much potential as I think Koloko has, you're gonna have serious problems if an uncoordinated rookie who averages 4 ppg is your starting center.

  10. I feel like Luka-Smart-Brown-Grant-Horford would be much better. You have Brogdon/White/Robert to throw in there as well.

  11. Don’t think so, we’re suddenly cooked on D and also the whole identity of the team is Jimmy.

  12. Clippers. Luka, Powell, PG, Morris, Zubac. Gives Luka a clear #2 and a bunch of long 3&D guys.

  13. Yet if you replace Ant or Gobert it doesn't improve them nearly as much. Is KAT really their best player in that case?

  14. Hawks is a reasonable answer but it's gotta hurt their fans to think they're one of the only teams who directly chose their current fate over getting Luka. I'm not a Suns fan with delusional copium pretending Ayton is a "better fit", it's insane when Suns or Hawks fans pretend they didn't fuck up that draft.

  15. I was just thinking about this the other day, it's got to be the Raptors. The length, athleticism, shooting and defense, and back-up ball handling. It would be insane fun as well.

  16. Thought of them too. The upgrade isnt that huge but the team is in a great spot but if you replace Mitchell with Luka its unstoppable because they now have size with Garland and not just 2 small guys

  17. Wolves = a good answer. I think dropping KAT and adding Luka would help both Ant and Gobert too. Not anything against KAT, the roster is just a weird fit right now.

  18. If you put Luka on the Celtics, as much as I love Tatum, it would give a little variation since Tatum/Brown play such a similar game.

  19. Not sure I agree, the Celtics offense is very un-heliocentric ball. Luka would have to play off-ball a ton, which doesn't maximize his skillset.

  20. it's an interesting thought. they're already putting up the most pts/100 possessions ever so does adding Luka move that needle enough to make up for the hit their defense would take? I think you get a bump in O and drop in D for a net zero which I guess would still keep them at the top of the NBA right now

  21. Tbh surprised at the lack of Suns here. Booker is amazing, but the three best teams in the league are the Celtics, Bucks, and Suns, and the Suns are the only ones to clearly upgrade with this swap. It would make so much sense too.

  22. Booker is too vital to the team. They would be good but I think there are better fits with better overall talent. It would be an upgrade but not a big one, especially since cp3 when healthy is our floor general. He wouldn't be very useful off ball

  23. I think it's the Pelicans. Not sure if Zion or BI is their consensus best player, but the rest of their team has shooting, length, defense, and crafty scoring guards that can take some of the load like Brunson did. They would be title contenders without a doubt.

  24. Minny right? No matter if you're considering ANT or KAT their top guy, move either one and you solve considerable problems that team has by turning them into Luka.

  25. The Celtics are probably the best team in the league right now and Luka is better than Tatum. Luka with the amount of shooting the Celtics have would be absurd.

  26. Jaylen Brown is the most ideal #2 to Luka other than maybe a healthy Middleton. I mean a true #2 and not an elite #1 big like Embiid or Giannis

  27. Something that might spoil that is how much Boston relies on Tatum being such a beast at both ends of the floor. Luka's better offensively, but he's a huge downgrade from Tatum on defense.

  28. I think that Luka is the better player but also this team already has a bunch of guards so I think Tatum fits better.

  29. I guess this shows a lot of fans don’t see the Clippers as a threat, but just think about swapping Kawhi/PG for Luka on that team. Their Achilles heel has been not having someone to really orchestrate the offense efficiently since pairing Kawhi and PG. Luka would work well with either of them and they are a very deep team with all types of roleplayers.

  30. Its probably the Celtics just because they have been so far above the pack. Luka might not make them better than they currently are but they still would probably be better than any other team with luka replacing the best player

  31. I think it depends on how they play. Luka doesn’t fit into the Celtics offense at all the way Tatum does, plus they’re a team that likes to run. Not saying that luka is better (hard to say), but luka can’t do what Tatum does on defense or off the ball

  32. Celtics are probably the answer. Too much shooting and defense around him for anyone to hang. Plus he fills their biggest hole (playmaking)

  33. yo this is a stupid take, celtics domt have a weakness at playmaking, they share the ball well and are top 5 in the league in assists, meanwhile luka ball has made the mavs dead last in assists. the celtics get worse if the swap tatum for luka straight up

  34. He plays real slow so it has to be a team like when harden was with houston a team of shooters that r rdy to shoot when they get the ball and thinking about it he prlly wont win a chip like this just like harden he doesnt make his teammates better chuck was right about he has to play faster and more off the ball

  35. Bulls? Lavine is a mile and a half behind luka and since it’s hypothetical we can assume lonzo is back. Lonzo, Luka, Demar, P will, Vuc is something I’d love to see.

  36. Okc. Luka needs young guys who are energetic, can dribble, hustle, dive, attack the rim, shoot for him. If he doesnt have those then whichever team he is on will just end up being what the mavs are now

  37. It’s crazy that I can only think of 2 teams (maybe 3) that get worse. Bucks, Celtics, maybe Nuggets? The crazier thing is that the answer to the question is still the Celtics either way, because even if they get slightly worse because of the loss on D, they would still be the best team in the league.

  38. The whole replacing Tatum with Luka take is ridiculous (not just the answers in this thread but the general mindset); they’re two totally different players, and Luka wouldn’t be utilized the same way on the Celtics. The lack of defense would be an issue as well. Furthermore strange take to replace one elite talent with another on a team that’s already in first and has a finals appearance…

  39. They’d still be the best team in this scenario. The question isn’t what team would improve the most, it’s what team would be the best.

  40. Yeah agreed. It's weird because I think they are better offensively with Luka but Tatum brings defense, like... a lot of defense. The Celtics need a 2 way superstar like Tatum more than they need Luka.

  41. Love the downvotes lol. Sure replace Tatum for Luka on a team that’s already dominant, makes a ton of sense especially in a system where Luka wouldn’t have the ball in hands 100% of the time and Tatum’s defensive impact is highly valued.

  42. Cleveland, Atlanta, New Orleans, or Memphis. Teams where the star is not a nearly as huge of a star and would remain sound defensively.

  43. I don’t think he would make any team the best if you swapped their best player. He is pretty good but all the top teams would be worse with Luka. If you swapped with 76ers, Warriors, Celtics or Bucks they would all be worse with Luka.

  44. Hornets when healthy and not in jail is an interesting choice Miles makes a good running mate for Luka Terry and Hayward become elite 3-4th options And a bunch of scoring wings off the bench.

  45. Y'all are high af right now lol. Tatum for Luka is at best a sideways move. The C's league history best offense does not need any help and Luka would be mercilessly hunted on defense here. Swapping team ball for 40% usage Luka ball would piss off everyone, especially Jaylen.

  46. Yeah, individually I think Luka is better than Tatum but Tatum is a better fit for the Celtics with his off ball play and elite defense.

  47. I disagree, the Celtics offense is already awesome, so Luka doesn't help their offense much, and Tatum is a much better defender than Luka. Swapping Luka for Tatum is a at best a marginal offensive upgrade and a clear defensive decline. The Celtics are one of the few teams that get worse by swapping Luka for their best player.

  48. It is hard to imagine a Curry-less Warriors, but damn, you put Luka in that system with Klay and Poole shooting, Dray and Wiggins defending, that team is a problem.

  49. Celtics are better than everyone and replacing Tatum with Luka keeps them at the same strength. So they’d still be the best. This is a pretty dumb question tbh. The actual question should be who benefits the most. Celtics would not benefit that much at all. Bucks would be a negative. Jazz or Wolves are a massive positive.

  50. Yeah don’t get this take… I understand ranking Luka above Tatum as an individual player but the play style is so different and the Celtics have already proven to win with Tatum as the lead. I don’t think Luka over Tatum changes that much; if anything they’d probably be similar.

  51. The Celtics offense is already awesome, so there isn't much they can do to improve on that end by swapping Luka for Tatum while that trade is a clear defensive downgrade.

  52. I'm surprised no one has said Phoenix. They have great defense and shooting, Ayton would be great in the p&r with Luka, and we've always wanted to see an nba dad play on the same team as their kids.

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