Zion, Anthony Davis, and LeBron are #2, #3, and #4 in FG attempts at the rim (restricted area), but somehow only #15, #12, and #43 respectively in free throw attempts. Giannis and Ja Morant are #1 and #5 for both, rounding out the top 5 in rim FGA.

  1. Idk if he ever really got superstar calls tbh. Even when he was getting calls when he was younger, he had to flop for them to notice the contact.

  2. He doesn’t sell contact. Despite some old hatorade YouTube compilations that might tell you otherwise. He isn’t even in the same league as today’s stars in terms of embellishing to get to the line. Sadly, that stuff matters more than anything to refs.

  3. This is where being slower hurts for foul calls tho…in many ways Lebron is even and finishing through a defender, while Giannis is ahead or going OVER a defender.

  4. Zion, Ja morant, and Lebron are not fair. AD is about right. He typically avoids contacts. Giannis I’m torn. He’s fair but playing defense against him is unfair. He causes a lot of contact so I feel they should be no calls cause he’s so physical, you have to be physical back at him but by being physical their fouls.

  5. Bron should be attempting a few more FTs per game, but he actually shies away from contact a bit too. So, as always, answer lies somewhere in the middle.

  6. It’s always been really bad with him but this year it feels particularly egregious. Dudes are just hanging off him when he’s trying to do a simple lay up and the refs are looking at him like you want that record you’re gonna earn it the hard way

  7. It's wild but it's also an old story. Has been years since when refs stopped calling Lebron fairly. And there's nothing he can do to change it.

  8. Zion gets an absolutely unbelievably bad whistle. It's improved the last 3 games so hopefully refs are correcting that going forward.

  9. Zion had a game a few weeks ago where he scored 23 points on 11/18 shooting. Basically all from the paint yet attempted 1 free throw

  10. I mean, I see Zion as Shaq Jr. - I’m not standing in front of him or any other bull dozer in attempt to block a shot

  11. I think Zion is gonna deal with the same foul call issues that shaq did. He’s so strong that guys just bounce off of him, and that hurts his chances on foul calls. Shaq got fouled basically every time he got the ball so it might not be quite as bad for Zion, but it’s going to be something to consider when observing these stats for him.

  12. LeBron hasn't averaged 8 FTA a game over a season in a decade. With how much he drives and how much contact his body absorbs, that just doesn't feel right.

  13. We're seeing the same thing with Zion. He just doesn't react to contact and so the refs don't call anything. The game against OKC was especially egregious. SGA shot 18 FT, while Zion had 1... on 17 shots in the paint.

  14. I admit I don't watch a ton of Lebron games, but when I catch him in the regular season or see him in the playoffs he is almost always the one initiating contact when driving to the basket.

  15. The LeBron thing bums me out, but it follows the familiar path of players getting fewer attempts as they age. LeBron finishes around rather than through contact more than he used to, but he still seems to get officiated like a guy who's too strong to get the whistle. To me, that argument should go away if the dude is 38. Just a take from a biased LeBron fan.

  16. He isn't getting past people like he used to. Before when he was going to the paint he was so fast the defense was clearly scrambling and fouls were more obvious. Now when he creates contact at the rim the defense was there just as fast as he was. That extra tenth of a second difference is the difference between clear fouls and a no-call.

  17. It's crazy how the league doesn't tell refs something. Lebron, their biggest financial incentive by far, is getting fucking demolished every time he gets to the rim and they never call shit. Like, even if they don't care about fairness at all, you'd think they'd still do it just because of money, but no.

  18. Eh I doubt Bron is actually getting unfair calls, more likely he doesn’t sell contact bc he’s not a great ft shooter. Makes more sense for him to try and avoid the contact and score. Also probably doesn’t want to go directly into ppl like the young guys will, man is 38 and probably wants to keep his body in good shape

  19. Bron would crush the scoring records and his numbers would be even more boosted (and that’s on his already insane numbers for year 19) if he got the FTs he deserved. Guess the refs still think that old man is a locomotive train lmao

  20. You know how this sub was clowning on LeBron when he said he needs to learn how to flop? I think that LeLiar was finally telling the truth. We’ve reached that level of insanity.

  21. This whole thread is trash. Giannis is a trash FT shooter and gets wrapped up a lot. LeBron is an average FT shooter, players don’t intentionally foul him

  22. We’re definitely at a generation crossroads of superstar respect. I would prefer if it wasn’t so inconsistent. Lebron deserves way more calls at this stage just a respect thing.

  23. Would be pretty hard for them to be consistent about calling carries on Ja tbh, given that he carries nearly every possession. Would be pretty great if they’re just saving up for the playoffs tho and every time he touches the ball there’s basically an instant whistle

  24. I saw one last month, it was a weird and superfast behind the back that was just clearly illegal even if you didn't actually see what he did.

  25. The stats here def help, but it’s also why watching games is important lol. On another note, Zion is getting done pretty dirty as well

  26. Yeah. For all the talk about how “refs rig it for the Lakers”…still waiting to see this conspiracy take shape. Hasn’t been a thing since the early 2000s🤷‍♂️

  27. Giannis is shooting 61% free throws. How much of it is just defenders wrapping him up or fouling him hard to put a poor free throw shooter on the line instead of giving up an easy bucket? And with Ja, he is second in drives per game. Shai (#1 in drives) and Luka (#3) are both in the top 5 in free throws per game too. More drives usually leads to more contact.

  28. I have watched almost every Bucks games this season. It seems like he gets at least four FTs a game from "intentional" fouls where defenders are trying to stop him from shooting.

  29. Zion and lebron really gets no calls it’s kinda gross too some times he’ll just get hit on the arm or hand with no call. it’s especially bad for lebron no clue why he has to get tackled out the air or elbowed in the face for a whistle lol

  30. Lebron is straight up disrespected, we all watch the games and he just doesn't get calls on obvious shit

  31. LeBron is getting way less calls than he should. The number of times I see him get hit in the head and face and get no calls is startling.

  32. of course its true that the laker games are rigged, it happened in that one game 20 years ago, it must be true

  33. I mean I doubt that refs are actually reffing Bron unfairly, that just doesn’t make any sense. More likely he doesn’t sell contact bc he’s not a great ft shooter and would rather go around contact for a bucket than go into it for a foul. And he’s old, another good reason to avoid contact

  34. Giannis deserves every single one of those FTAs. Yeah some of the calls are a bit soft but fouls nonetheless. It’s Zion and LeBron who are getting reffed unfairly. Would be nice if they were reffed the way Giannis is reffed.

  35. More Muscles means it's harder to be moved means it's harder for refs to see fouls. Skinny guys are easily moved

  36. Lebron actually gets zero calls, I really don’t understand why. And it really hurts us because regularly he gets hacked, goes down, and the other team gets a quick bucket in transition

  37. NBA refs probably sent memos to Refs who are superstars and face of the league. Lebron has not been on memo for last few years.

  38. It's pretty easy to explain. Giannis and Ja are fast as fuck, the most common way you get free throws in the paint is a collision of two players when the defender is trying to move sideways and stay in front of the offensive player, ja and Giannis are always trying to step or euro around people.

  39. Giannis and Ja make sense, Giannis always initiates contact and his strides are big enough he can often avoid it being a charge even though he forces a call to be made. Ja is just small and athletic so it’s much easier to see fouls called on him, additionally he’s a crafty flopper.

  40. Wouldn’t some of the difference here be explained by driving to the basket? I have no stats to back up, but I’d wager Giannis/Ja drive much more, and more quickly, than the other 3.

  41. No one ever talks about Game 5 Grizz vs Wolves. That was a very important game wouldve decided the series. Grizz down like 7-8 with 2 minutes left. Ja morant just runs full speed into the paint over and over again and gets so many free throw calls leading to them winning. Refs love ja

  42. not sure. Even during Heat days he didnt rlly get the foul calls than he did during his cavs days.

  43. mfs really love to pretend they don’t understand why players with more muscle mass don’t get the same whistle

  44. This has been his greatest slight, even beyond his being robbed of the defensive player of the year award. If he had the same calls Jordan, Giannis, and others of their ilk had, he would have easily passed Kareem's record by now. What makes him the GOAT is scoring isn't even his greatest strength.

  45. You even glance at Giannis he's going to the line. Watching that big dude slam into people and grey rewarded for it with FT's made me respect Steph Curry that much more considering his height and lack of calls going his way. Truly inspirational.

  46. Some sell contact and others don’t, also Bron isn’t a great ft shooter, he’s probably trying to get around contact and score instead of go into the contact and get to the line. Might be tryin to protect his body too, dude is 38

  47. Do you realize that if someone is shooting and it gets called a foul and he misses, it doesn't count as an attempt?

  48. I would take a look at this and say well, as bigger stronger guys Zion, AD, and Bron aren't gonna get some calls that less built players will cause it takes more to bump them enough to notice. Giannis being on there kind of ruins the argument.

  49. Its mostly because giannis except for physical is also crazy fast for his size so he can react to defenders by eurostep around them and force contact when the defender moves to re position , for me i wish they were non calls but the rules are what they are

  50. Guys who age and are always hurt, seek contact less. It's about the aggressive Actions towards the defenders not JUST attempts at the rim. You can have soft attempts at the rim and intentionally avoid context. James is in year 20, of course he's seeking less contact. And AD is always looking for an excuse not to bang down low.

  51. If you don’t watch Lakers games please shut the fuck up. Lebron gets tackled… Doesn’t have shit to do with euro steps. Lmao

  52. AD and Bron fade away a lot. Zion has usually bulled his way there and initiated contact, and he has shortish arms so he doesn't get hacked and grabbed as much. Giannis bulls his way there too but he's so impossibly long that he gets a ton of arm contact.

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